segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1CCCX Backside Climb Trail C-55587 ft51 ft2085137691
2CCCX #2 Climb #5 Trail C-58932 ft49 ft2012131371
3Backside Climb Trail C-58577 ft28 ft1790127660
4Mountain Lion Trail Out Trail C-901,910 ft31 ft147746951
5Uphill Board Section Trail C-41957 ft53 ft1474115890
6CCCX Downhill part 1 Trail C-881,502 ft28 ft108861772
7Steep little kicker Trail C-33642 ft67 ft106974110
8Foxhole Trail Out Trail C-891,334 ft5 ft101363420
9CSUMB to FT ORD on Jerry Smith Access Corridor. Jerry Smith Access Corridor3,054 ft71 ft86361183
10In the face Trail 16 East139 ft6 ft28315282
11Catch me if you can SGT Alan MacDonald Corridor2,068 ft99 ft2645331
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