Mountain Bike
36 Curve Trail
1,942 ft-542 ft
4 Comuni Trail
2 miles-108 ft773 ft
Affaccio Trail
3,589 ft-609 ft45 ft
Ai Pisciarelli
1,749 ft193 ft
Alfi Line
3,937 ft-882 ft22 ft
Ariola Trail
4,465 ft-266 ft92 ft
Aritello Trail
3,173 ft-33 ft230 ft
Arito Trail
4,298 ft-484 ft2 ft
Arito Uphill
3,356 ft-52 ft113 ft
Bocca delle Fosse UPHILL
4,488 ft-3 ft426 ft
Boschetto Trail
4,465 ft-994 ft16 ft
Campitello Matese - Capo d'Acqua - Del Caprio
2 miles-11 ft1,302 ft
Campo Figliolo
5,033 ft-154 ft27 ft
Campo Rotondo
3,924 ft-384 ft72 ft
Camporuccio Trail
3 miles-356 ft468 ft
Capo d'Acqua Trail
4,334 ft-597 ft32 ft
Carnevaliegliu Trail
1 mile-1,174 ft25 ft
Cavuto Trail
2 miles-1,490 ft216 ft
Cerasiello Trail
4,180 ft-348 ft84 ft
Ciorlano - Capriati
1 mile-503 ft24 ft
Ciorlano Trail
1 mile-539 ft6 ft
Corvo Trail
4,590 ft-543 ft
Costa Cinghiali
3,848 ft-324 ft
Cuppetelle Trail variante
1,942 ft-176 ft
Cuppetelle Trail
1 mile-473 ft46 ft
DH San Potito M.E.
1 mile-1,701 ft
Discesa Sugliaturo
2,251 ft-180 ft
Escape Pinetti/Vallone
4,409 ft-438 ft23 ft
Esule Trail
2 miles-39 ft955 ft
Falconara Trail
4,728 ft-764 ft4 ft
Fogliastre Trail
1 mile-621 ft64 ft
Fontana Valle
5,108 ft-248 ft135 ft
1 mile-342 ft143 ft
Fosso San Marco
4,419 ft-535 ft6 ft
La Condotta
2,982 ft-748 ft2 ft
La Croix Trail
3,583 ft-525 ft31 ft
La Guardiatora
4,098 ft-415 ft11 ft
La Pineta Trail
1 mile-562 ft35 ft
Le Neviere
3 miles-1,065 ft313 ft
Macchia Strinata Trail
2 miles-1,290 ft310 ft
4 miles-829 ft769 ft
Masseria a Selva
3 miles-414 ft301 ft
Melo Trail
3,537 ft-468 ft
Miletto DH
3,015 ft-690 ft
Mille Scalini
1 mile-1,003 ft51 ft
Miralago Trail
2,267 ft-40 ft77 ft
Monaci Trail
3,304 ft-650 ft23 ft
Montagnoli Trail
1,965 ft-213 ft6 ft
Monte Acuto Trail
3 miles-2,709 ft326 ft
Monte Porco Trail
2 miles-481 ft400 ft
Monte Stufo Trail
4,629 ft-175 ft88 ft
Monticello Trail
4,849 ft-684 ft40 ft
Mura Megalitiche
4,829 ft-337 ft31 ft
Pecora Morta
1,624 ft-91 ft56 ft
Perrone Trail
1 mile-332 ft245 ft
Pesche trail
2 miles-1,621 ft
Piana delle Sogliette
3,412 ft-326 ft59 ft
Piana Vallatari
4,560 ft-101 ft260 ft
Pietra Spaccata Trail
1 mile-22 ft349 ft
Pineta Rupecanina
4,656 ft-425 ft38 ft
Pinetti Trail
2,582 ft-294 ft11 ft
Pisciarelli Trail
1 mile-957 ft3 ft
2 miles-180 ft334 ft
PS1 - San Potito M.E.
2 miles-2,161 ft38 ft
PS2 Alta - San Potito M.E.
3,720 ft-753 ft
PS2 Bassa - San Potito M.E.
5,125 ft-943 ft65 ft
Quattro Vie Trail
3,904 ft-828 ft10 ft
Rena Bianca Trail
2 miles-1,601 ft29 ft
Rifugio S. Maria - Pianellone - Belvedere
2 miles-486 ft272 ft
San Donato
1,375 ft-119 ft3 ft
San Michele Trail
1 mile-1,230 ft152 ft
Sant'Angiolillo - Calvisi
2 miles-2,218 ft58 ft
Sant'Angiolillo Trail
1 mile-30 ft506 ft
Santa Croce Trail
1,453 ft-179 ft10 ft
Santa Lucia Trail
1 mile-621 ft128 ft
Scassato Trail
2,188 ft-419 ft24 ft
Scorpeto Urban Trail
2,431 ft-362 ft3 ft
Selva up and down
2 miles-565 ft210 ft
Sentiero delle Fate
2 miles-1,061 ft240 ft
Serra della Fava Trail
3,136 ft-44 ft60 ft
Serra delle Mele Trail
2 miles-776 ft190 ft
Serrone Trail
3 miles-979 ft1,025 ft
Spina Trail
2 miles-631 ft150 ft
Stincone Trail
3,701 ft-769 ft3 ft
Strada del Diavolo
1 mile-1,255 ft52 ft
Sugliaturo - Fontana del Campo
3 miles-785 ft344 ft
Sugliaturo Trail
2 miles-341 ft160 ft
Tagliaferro - Tassitello DH
1,522 ft-297 ft
Tagliaferro Trail
2 miles-713 ft177 ft
Taglio Torellone
1,549 ft-19 ft101 ft
Tassitello Trail
1 mile-308 ft198 ft
4,304 ft-161 ft103 ft
Trail delle Castagne
1,942 ft-204 ft
Vacca Trail
3,186 ft-546 ft
Valle Cupa Trail
4,318 ft-313 ft20 ft
Valle dei Ladri Trail
1 mile-26 ft634 ft
Valle Janara
2 miles-794 ft1,150 ft
Valle Santa Maria - Cul di Bove
3,855 ft-191 ft117 ft
Valle Sprecata Trail
3,117 ft-461 ft29 ft
Vallone Cusanaro
3 miles-1,142 ft83 ft
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