segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Bearbottom Bearbottom3,656 ft78 ft29917671
2Rootbear Skinny Dusty Downhill to Bearberry Bearberry Bluff1,665 ft109 ft22910922
3"The Rock" to Expert Trail Head Counter Clockwise Fireweed1,959 ft61 ft2127672
4Expert Trail Uphill Counter Clockwise Monk's Hood3,612 ft94 ft1989861
5Expert Trail DH Monk's Hood2,592 ft165 ft19710014
6Silky Johnson Fiddlehead2,896 ft151 ft1764651
7Long Table Uphill Fireweed1,510 ft76 ft16910751
8XY climb X & Y lakes loop5,070 ft145 ft1042690
9XY lake X & Y lakes loop3 miles160 ft782026
10hatcher downhill 16 Mile DH Trail2 miles826 ft712936
11XY lake Clockwise X & Y lakes loop3 miles144 ft37630
12Rusty Trombone Main Vain4,235 ft712 ft690
13Fishhook-Willow Road Climb 16 Mile DH Trail2 miles982 ft220
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