segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1The Wall Sublett Point Rd556 ft100 ft10410942
2Almost there... Sublett Point Rd1,071 ft68 ft918760
3Deer Walk to cut thru Deer Walk Trail4,450 ft45 ft598094
4Sublett Point Climb Sublett Point Rd4,281 ft466 ft582601
5Waltons Way Walt's Way3,922 ft42 ft579171
6Tucker Trail Tucker Trail4,934 ft100 ft466700
7Lonnie's Loop Indian Tree Marker Trail2,368 ft37 ft406960
8Indian Tree Marker Trail & Lonnie's Loop Indian Tree Marker Trail1 miles58 ft376530
9Dragon Tail Dragon Tail1,935 ft77 ft295321
10Dragon Tail Dragon Tail677 ft61 ft231690
11Rock Garden DH Rock Garden Trail858 ft167 ft201010
12Indian Tree Marker Trail Indian Tree Marker Trail4,213 ft56 ft181071
13Waltons Return Walt's Way3,675 ft17 ft16660
14Sticks and Stones Sticks and Stones2,596 ft121 ft151031
15A Deer Walk in the Park Deer Walk Trail2,637 ft219 ft14301
16Sublett Circle Sublett Circle1,570 ft43 ft143020
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