segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Skate or Die! Reagan Park Trail742 ft48 ft68450403
2Flow not slow Reagan Park Trail2,169 ft34 ft50728671
3Flow not slow Reagan Park Trail2,169 ft34 ft50728660
4Reagan Park Path to Road Reagan Park Trail963 ft26 ft39720930
5This. Is. Badger ™ Badger937 ft53 ft2349570
6Don't Tread On Badger ™ Badger1,484 ft21 ft2297390
7Down For Real Badger ™ Badger1,952 ft41 ft2287171
8Woody Wet Badger ™ Badger1,589 ft15 ft2277380
9Climb Badger Climb ™ Badger903 ft29 ft2247300
10Badger Now Dizzy ™ Badger3,292 ft43 ft2247100
11Homeward Badger ™ Badger1,469 ft5 ft2218420
12Hobo Badger ™ Badger1,635 ft33 ft2076870
13Badger Drive Highway ™ Badger1,500 ft22 ft2076790
14Austin Badger Full Loop CW Badger3 miles86 ft1835556
15Blue Heron Dragway Hockenheimring2,330 ft30 ft752931
16pain and pleasure Pain and Pleasure1 mile109 ft632271
17Hockenheimring Hockenheimring2,883 ft39 ft532471
18Can you hold your speed through the last turn? Pain and Pleasure1,655 ft36 ft533482
19I Swear I am Going Nuts Back Here! Pain and Pleasure2,017 ft82 ft533431
20This Used to Be a Golf Course?!?! Pain and Pleasure1,858 ft73 ft523471
21Pain and Pleasure CCW Pain and Pleasure1 mile107 ft391951
22Head for the Hills (North) Back Loop693 ft17 ft24800
23Head for the Hills (South) Back Loop728 ft17 ft23701
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