segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1R & R (Roadkill and Rubbish) My Way or the Highway1,617 ft74 ft1527115144
2XC Short Corners My Way or the Highway362 ft19 ft1502130997
3Connector Trail XC Loop (upper)1,262 ft60 ft1340157316
4Clarence MTB Counter C3 - Clarence Carpark Connector2,354 ft52 ft1275118685
5Fun Time! Short Fun Time3,313 ft107 ft1235118137
6Smooth as butter Smooth as Butter1,239 ft39 ft12301564117
7Fun Time! Fun Time4,137 ft128 ft12251120625
8Bill's Back Door Bill's Back Door1,201 ft93 ft1194811918
9Back of the Ridge Back of the Ridge2,184 ft145 ft1164916510
10High Road - Single track Clarence XC Lower1,243 ft22 ft1101103714
11little grassy blast Stringy Bark Gully911 ft21 ft109960362
12Enduro Link Belbins Ridgeline531 ft49 ft109287021
13Stringy Bark Link up Avoid the Steep Bastard669 ft63 ft107769861
14cliff top Clifftop2,817 ft55 ft1074735812
15New Clarence Switchback DH Clarence XC Descent1,570 ft128 ft103076609
16Birthday short Birthday Loop3,175 ft150 ft102768278
17Clarence Switchback DH Clarence XC Descent1,629 ft149 ft102776176
18All or nothing!! Clarence XC Lower1,893 ft60 ft102184963
19XC Descent XC Loop (upper)2,369 ft177 ft1014867515
20Golden Hill Dash Golden Hill2,150 ft57 ft101272659
21The Grass Track Belbins Lower Climb2,041 ft38 ft100768156
22Golden Hill Golden Hill5,245 ft90 ft990690410
23Quarry Climb Quarry Climb3,891 ft252 ft955618915
24The Tedious Bit 2 Copperhead Road1,340 ft165 ft91163863
25Corkscrew (new/upper) Corkscrew1,526 ft184 ft89145195
26corkscrew Corkscrew1,936 ft216 ft882445311
27(Up) XC Short Corners My Way or the Highway452 ft18 ft87754791
28Full Clarence XC Descent (new) Clarence XC Descent3,158 ft322 ft84646366
29Grassy Valley to top of switchbacks Green Core Climb3,552 ft191 ft83864187
30Clarence XC Switchback Climb XC Loop (upper)2,852 ft135 ft80046624
31Clarence DH - Bottom Section Dino Rumble1,272 ft206 ft72836608
32Birthday loop track Birthday Loop5,032 ft133 ft70436058
33All or nothing pinch My Way or the Highway672 ft102 ft69436714
34Death Log OneWay Stringy Bark Gully1,305 ft52 ft69049156
35Stringy Bark Creek Descent Stringy Bark Creek Descent2,320 ft278 ft609356716
36Steep Bastard Hill Belbins Ridgeline495 ft89 ft58023842
37clarence fun time loop Smooth as Butter2,659 ft48 ft56938656
38Gully Surf DH Roller Coaster554 ft34 ft53937621
39Stringy Bark Creek Climb Challenge Stringy Bark Creek Descent2,420 ft370 ft52920155
40Stringy Bark Creek Ascent (New Alignment) Stringy Bark Creek Descent2,366 ft281 ft52920131
41death log loop Stringy Bark Gully2,572 ft57 ft46923634
42Bill's Front Door Bill's Back Door988 ft85 ft34911291
43Stringy Bark Link down Avoid the Steep Bastard692 ft76 ft33512741
44Cliff Top - reverse direction Clifftop2,903 ft127 ft31511614
45Copperhead Road Copperhead Road3,093 ft155 ft2767082
46New Stringy Bark to Caves Hill The Reach Around3,673 ft172 ft2604982
47New Caves Hill to Stringy Bark Saddle The Reach Around3,671 ft129 ft2576224
48Clark Kent II Clark Kent2,220 ft239 ft2408921
49Wedge Rock with Yosemite Finish Wedge Rock3,817 ft541 ft1795295
50Spinal love Belbins Ridgeline2,896 ft192 ft1624770
51The Reverse Reach Around The Reach Around1 miles262 ft1583684
52Back O' Belbins descent Back O' Belbins Descent2,065 ft482 ft1513334
53A different Death Log Loop Stringy Bark Gully2,228 ft53 ft1142850
54Flagstaff Hill (Reverse) Back O' Belbins Descent2,009 ft454 ft65821
55Reverse Birthday Loop Extension Birthday Loop1 miles150 ft30440
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