Mountain Bike
Acton Road Track South3 miles-161 ft120 ft-0.352.3
Avoid the Steep Bastard961 ft-9 ft114 ft10.971296.314
Back O' Belbins Climb3,476 ft-35 ft322 ft8.238380.342
Back O' Belbins Descent2,454 ft-428 ft-17.498378.8
Back of the Ridge3,535 ft-86 ft319 ft6.59243.633
Belbins Link2,924 ft-110 ft20 ft-3.067156.325
Belbins Lower Climb2,563 ft-74 ft82 ft0.306128.883
Bill's Back Door1,410 ft-92 ft25 ft0126.991
Birthday Loop1 miles-185 ft185 ft0.013306.203
C4643 ft-47 ft15 ft-4.993117.498
C51,178 ft-69 ft51 ft-1.551120.92
Clarence Top DH1,561 ft-273 ft2 ft-17.312229.737
Clarence XC Descent3,026 ft-402 ft77 ft-10.741189.644
Clarence XC Lower2,151 ft-183 ft9 ft-8.083152.546
Clark Kent2,361 ft-29 ft220 ft8.087233.209
Clifftop3,240 ft-141 ft194 ft1.646278.449
Copperhead Road2,936 ft-36 ft198 ft5.516294.577
Corkscrew1,620 ft-175 ft2 ft-10.691242.526
Death Log1,283 ft-98 ft15 ft0193.775
Dino Rumble1,761 ft-242 ft5 ft-13.448151.4
Flagstaff Hill Lower1,119 ft-5 ft136 ft11.625337.076
Flagstaff Hill Upper764 ft-13 ft55 ft5.558362.474
Flow descent731 ft-73 ft-9.97101.4
Fun Time4,742 ft-185 ft28 ft-3.311155.614
Golden Hill4,950 ft-141 ft143 ft0.047254.722
Green Core Climb4,399 ft-310 ft549 ft5.429169.638
High line1,258 ft-47 ft22 ft-1.92695.572
I Can't Believe It's Not Smooth As Butter1,147 ft-12 ft10 ft-0.05763.3
In the wild1,194 ft-49 ft-4.1306.3
Jumps line767 ft-32 ft3 ft-3.76569.8
K's choice4,399 ft-55 ft354 ft6.794248.3
Leave the Birthday Early601 ft-35 ft5 ft-4.943270.88
Log Rollers1,278 ft-84 ft0306.182
MacKillop Track1,267 ft-61 ft21 ft-3.13788.849
My Way or the Highway3,871 ft-235 ft59 ft0156.459
New Friends Track4,099 ft-78 ft115 ft0.87295.6
Nutella2,700 ft-48 ft280 ft8.6383.2
Pump track334 ft0.29561.2
Quarry Climb4,388 ft-70 ft254 ft4.199180.675
Roller Coaster2,214 ft-75 ft105 ft1.33143.58
Rollercoaster Link1,072 ft-35 ft58 ft2.117145.529
Sidewinder1,577 ft-62 ft90 ft1.792113.781
Smooth as Butter3,082 ft-77 ft74 ft-0.09679.2
Squatters Run3,667 ft-517 ft12 ft-13.768241
Stringy Bark Creek Descent2,501 ft-244 ft37 ft-8.265264.21
Stringy Bark Gully1 miles-51 ft290 ft3.134169.7
Tail whip486 ft-11 ft-2.22863.4
The Reach Around1 miles-348 ft204 ft-2.351298.8
The Tedious Bit1,294 ft-9 ft159 ft11.565294.385
Up Down Moar Energy708 ft-28 ft43 ft2.13146.877
Warren1,486 ft-11 ft165 ft10.397294.698
Wedge Rock3,940 ft-515 ft18 ft-12.612292.31
XC Loop (upper)1 miles-149 ft390 ft3.69153.679
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