Mountain Bike
Blue Trail
4,748 ft-54 ft54 ft
Green Ridge Trail
1 mile-62 ft63 ft
Hogg Woods Trail
3,995 ft-9 ft9 ft
Orange and Blue Connector
938 ft-14 ft17 ft
Orange Trail
3,997 ft-64 ft73 ft
Purple Trail
1 mile-53 ft53 ft
RC Connector
712 ft
Red Connector
517 ft3 ft
Red Trail
1,835 ft-16 ft11 ft
Roller Coaster East
1,703 ft-39 ft32 ft
Roller Coaster West
2,103 ft-22 ft6 ft
South Connector
3,757 ft-13 ft9 ft
The Triangle
5,198 ft-214 ft235 ft
Triangle Underpass
399 ft-32 ft12 ft
Yellow Trail
3,684 ft-25 ft29 ft
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