Mountain Bike
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3 Shot WillowIron Mountain
1,542 ft-368 ft
98Iron Mountain
2 miles-1,270 ft2 ft
Asp TrailKane Valley Trails
3,514 ft-140 ft16 ft
Aspen TrailKane Valley Trails
3,583 ft-80 ft139 ft
Back DoorSugarloaf
2 miles-159 ft347 ft
Bench Access to TLTSwakum Mountain
3,041 ft-3 ft138 ft
BermsIron Mountain
4,970 ft-830 ft
Big LakeSugarloaf
6 miles-836 ft969 ft
Burn and Windy CanyonCoutlee Plateau
1 mile-1,132 ft3 ft
Carlito's WayCoutlee Plateau
3,246 ft-120 ft155 ft
Choke WhistleIron Mountain
1,542 ft-437 ft
Chrispy'sIron Mountain
3,888 ft-769 ft
Chute TrailKane Valley Trails
2,142 ft-37 ft85 ft
Coco BonkSugarloaf
2 miles-588 ft209 ft
Connector TrailKane Valley Trails
2,024 ft-88 ft
Cow TrailCoutlee Plateau
3 miles-466 ft838 ft
Cowshit N SticksIron Mountain
1,680 ft-178 ft
CrosscutCoutlee Plateau
1 mile-118 ft302 ft
CrossoverKane Valley Trails
3,855 ft-150 ft6 ft
DangleSwakum Mountain
1 mile-923 ft162 ft
Deer HunterIron Mountain
2,966 ft-410 ft
Deja VuSugarloaf
1 mile-316 ft20 ft
Ed's WayCoutlee Plateau
3,185 ft-86 ft294 ft
EZ RyderIron Mountain
2,024 ft-345 ft
FloJoCoutlee Plateau
3 miles-1,045 ft137 ft
GodeyIron Mountain
1 mile-701 ft
Godey SteepsIron Mountain
2,117 ft-593 ft12 ft
Godey Steeps ConnectorIron Mountain
280 ft-34 ft5 ft
Gulch TrailKane Valley Trails
1 mile-252 ft41 ft
Harmon CutoffKane Valley Trails
1,493 ft-57 ft
Harmon TrailKane Valley Trails
4 miles-393 ft716 ft
Hill's Homestead LoopKane Valley Trails
4 miles-302 ft547 ft
Hog's BackSugarloaf
2,367 ft-14 ft76 ft
HornetIron Mountain
1,184 ft-71 ft28 ft
Inside PassageCoutlee Plateau
2 miles-115 ft769 ft
2 miles-799 ft47 ft
James JoyrideMerritt
1 mile-869 ft15 ft
JP CoolCoutlee Plateau
1 mile-621 ft79 ft
Kane Connector TrailKane Valley Trails
1,004 ft-3 ft30 ft
Kane TrailKane Valley Trails
3 miles-216 ft130 ft
Lone PineIron Mountain
1 mile-283 ft319 ft
Lower CocoBonkSugarloaf
2,306 ft100 ft
Lower Godey TraverseIron Mountain
1,638 ft-69 ft55 ft
Lower JP CoolCoutlee Plateau
1 mile-321 ft89 ft
Lower ScenicSwakum Mountain
1,620 ft-32 ft115 ft
Lynx TrailKane Valley Trails
1 mile-205 ft19 ft
Matthew's LoopKane Valley Trails
3 miles-173 ft189 ft
Menzies TrailKane Valley Trails
4,111 ft-44 ft45 ft
Mid RevivalIron Mountain
1,329 ft-346 ft
Mock & RossIron Mountain
3,343 ft-645 ft10 ft
Mock and Ross AltIron Mountain
1,867 ft-416 ft
Neil's ValleyKane Valley Trails
2,451 ft-43 ft34 ft
NotchCoutlee Plateau
1,767 ft-175 ft2 ft
Ol' GoatIron Mountain
4,094 ft-704 ft
Overeasy TrailKane Valley Trails
2 miles-271 ft17 ft
Pete's New TrailSugarloaf
3 miles-264 ft557 ft
Pete's New TrailSugarloaf
3 miles-508 ft624 ft
Pond ScumCoutlee Plateau
1 mile-97 ft532 ft
Porter's Bypass TrailKane Valley Trails
2,064 ft-136 ft
Raven's RidgeKane Valley Trails
2 miles-245 ft52 ft
Ravine TrailKane Valley Trails
4,616 ft-13 ft257 ft
RidgeIron Mountain
5,095 ft-733 ft
Ridge AccessIron Mountain
915 ft-20 ft88 ft
Rock & RollCoutlee Plateau
3,514 ft-384 ft179 ft
SanchezCoutlee Plateau
1 mile-249 ft290 ft
SantanaIron Mountain
1,457 ft-193 ft
SkedangSwakum Mountain
1 mile-649 ft3 ft
SkiddaderSwakum Mountain
3,735 ft-746 ft112 ft
Skyhigh TrailKane Valley Trails
3,009 ft221 ft
Sundown TrailKane Valley Trails
3,875 ft-68 ft31 ft
SupraSwakum Mountain
1 mile-302 ft451 ft
SwitchbacksIron Mountain
898 ft-129 ft15 ft
Tent LakeSugarloaf
1 mile-90 ft100 ft
The TyrantIron Mountain
2,142 ft-595 ft7 ft
Tillicum TrailKane Valley Trails
2,871 ft-107 ft
TMI Alt DescentIron Mountain
2,920 ft-169 ft44 ft
Tolko TrailKane Valley Trails
5,194 ft-79 ft141 ft
Tom Lacey Memorial TrailSwakum Mountain
3 miles-495 ft813 ft
Too Much InfoIron Mountain
2 miles-166 ft963 ft
TreatsIron Mountain
2 miles-1,835 ft7 ft
Upper EZ RyderIron Mountain
1,404 ft-270 ft
Upper GodeyIron Mountain
3,445 ft-390 ft
Upper Godey TraverseIron Mountain
4,071 ft-265 ft103 ft
Upper RevivalIron Mountain
2,011 ft-407 ft
Upper RidgeIron Mountain
3,215 ft-443 ft36 ft
Upper Ridge AccessIron Mountain
1,739 ft-40 ft120 ft
Upper ScenicSwakum Mountain
3 miles-258 ft1,062 ft
Ursa MajorIron Mountain
3,009 ft-461 ft
Vale TrailKane Valley Trails
1 mile-359 ft25 ft
Waterhole #9Coutlee Plateau
1 mile-628 ft373 ft
Wayne's WorldSwakum Mountain
2,602 ft-256 ft
Wounded KneeSugarloaf
5 miles-578 ft558 ft
Wounded Knee AccessSugarloaf
2,059 ft-75 ft21 ft
ZiggyCoutlee Plateau
5,026 ft-395 ft
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