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Big Wheezy HoneybadgerBattle Creek
2,212 ft-116 ft
Brownie Lake TrailTheodore Wirth Park
1.5 miles-553 ft
Charlie's PlaygroundElm Creek Park
265 ft-12 ft
East Loop (Back)Carver Lake Park
3,942 ft-204 ft
East Loop (Out)Carver Lake Park
1.5 miles-286 ft
Express LaneBattle Creek
1,183 ft-106 ft
Extremely Difficult (Red) LoopLebanon Hills
1.7 miles-102 ft
Fern GullyBattle Creek
3,103 ft-121 ft
Glenwood LoopTheodore Wirth Park
3,765 ft-286 ft
Goat TrailBattle Creek
2,233 ft-161 ft
Greenwood ConnectorTheodore Wirth Park
52 ft
Greenwood ConnectorTheodore Wirth Park
44 ft
Grizz to Parking LotElm Creek Park
3.3 miles-523 ft
GrizzlandElm Creek Park
2.4 miles-630 ft
Hard LoopMurphy-Hanrehan Park
6.1 miles-1,977 ft
Highest to LowestLake Rebecca
2.5 miles-353 ft
HillsideHillside City Park
5.0 miles-1,213 ft
Intermediate ExitMurphy-Hanrehan Park
3,417 ft-278 ft
Intermediate to Hard trailheadMurphy-Hanrehan Park
3,998 ft-159 ft
Jesus SavesBattle Creek
2,264 ft-57 ft
LakesideLake Rebecca
1.4 miles-324 ft
Lowest to HighestLake Rebecca
3.9 miles-724 ft
Meadow Bonus LoopElm Creek Park
957 ft-34 ft
Meadow Ski ConnectorBattle Creek
861 ft-37 ft
More Difficult (Blue) TrailLebanon Hills
4.8 miles-583 ft
North LoopCarver Lake Park
1.1 miles-340 ft
North Loop (Rock Garden)Carver Lake Park
72 ft
Overgrown RoadBattle Creek
1,123 ft-3 ft
Parking Lot to GrizzElm Creek Park
5.9 miles-956 ft
Paved ConnectorBattle Creek
2,038 ft-5 ft
Pine ClimbBattle Creek
856 ft-4 ft
Point Douglas RoadBattle Creek
2,030 ft-13 ft
Prairie to ExitMurphy-Hanrehan Park
1.0 miles-89 ft
Rebecca 1,2,3Lake Rebecca
4.2 miles-452 ft
Return to GrizzElm Creek Park
446 ft-8 ft
Road to LugeBattle Creek
1,549 ft-42 ft
Robby's RevengeLake Rebecca
2.0 miles-302 ft
S is for Sonia!Lake Rebecca
3,943 ft-83 ft
Short Way BackBattle Creek
1,578 ft-42 ft
Singletrack to Road CrossingBattle Creek
2,384 ft-123 ft
Ski ConnectorBattle Creek
3,595 ft-75 ft
Skyline/DingoTheodore Wirth Park
3,251 ft-168 ft
Skyline/Dingo AccessTheodore Wirth Park
156 ft
Skyline/Dingo AccessTheodore Wirth Park
401 ft-5 ft
Skyline/Dingo AccessTheodore Wirth Park
135 ft
SW LoopTheodore Wirth Park
1.4 miles-393 ft
SW Loop AccessTheodore Wirth Park
450 ft
SW Loop AccessTheodore Wirth Park
217 ft
Switchbacks to Lift StationBattle Creek
2,147 ft-155 ft
The "Last Climb" Very Difficult (Black) TrailLebanon Hills
2,742 ft-81 ft
The LugeBattle Creek
1,590 ft-182 ft
Theo Wirth SingletrackTheodore Wirth Park
2.1 miles-460 ft
To the OverlookBattle Creek
4,444 ft-118 ft
Trailhead to ForestMurphy-Hanrehan Park
1,313 ft-9 ft
Upper Beginner Loop (Green)Lebanon Hills
1.1 miles-62 ft
Very Difficult (Black) TrailLebanon Hills
1.1 miles-46 ft
WarmupBattle Creek
2,096 ft-27 ft
West LoopCarver Lake Park
1.2 miles-296 ft
West Loop (Bonus Loop)Carver Lake Park
204 ft-9 ft
West Loop (Expert Section)Carver Lake Park
333 ft-5 ft
West Loop (Log Ride)Carver Lake Park
130 ft-1 ft
Woods Bonus LoopElm Creek Park
605 ft-21 ft
Woods LoopBattle Creek
1,855 ft-70 ft
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