segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Green Trail Lake Loop3 miles61 ft50253746714Charlotte
2Lake Short Lake Loop3 miles72 ft5020403627Charlotte
3USNWC Point Climb North Main1,791 ft77 ft49983739215Charlotte
4WWC green Lake Loop3 miles79 ft46082968112Charlotte
5Point Climb East North Main1,952 ft93 ft4584338953Charlotte
6USNWC Goat Hill Climb Goat Hill754 ft91 ft3414234977Charlotte
7Interstate 85 Climb South Main2,324 ft283 ft3317120798Charlotte
8Harder then it looks final climb South Main599 ft57 ft3185243356Charlotte
9Woods @ tower 92 to bridge DH South Main959 ft65 ft3158252315Charlotte
10harder then it looks South Main1,229 ft70 ft3156234669Charlotte
11Point Climb North Main1,507 ft66 ft3054239193Charlotte
12North Main Short Climb North Main439 ft31 ft3053271341Charlotte
13Lower side by side North Main1,277 ft27 ft3046242295Charlotte
14WWC Oyster Bed South Main1,608 ft69 ft3040232869Charlotte
15lake loop climb fire road only Lake Loop1,283 ft49 ft3027233935Charlotte
16Lake Loop Climb Lake Loop2,141 ft67 ft30192327512Charlotte
17USNWC Toilet Bowl Toilet Bowl4,035 ft91 ft3013166944Charlotte
18Entrance North Main779 ft34 ft29852776615Charlotte
19Singletrack Flow Lake Loop1,592 ft2955225470Charlotte
20Lake Loop Lake Loop3 miles68 ft28562159244Charlotte
21Side by side. North Main739 ft10 ft2787254782Charlotte
22Small Intestine - North Main North Main1,906 ft26 ft2543157852Charlotte
23Berm sections Main Loop668 ft31 ft25233661420Charlotte
24Large Intestine - North Main North Main1,896 ft49 ft2520155471Charlotte
25Sherman New Beginning to beginning of RC Main Loop4,052 ft57 ft25032204813Charlotte
26The Runway Main Loop963 ft26 ft24792177410Charlotte
27Sherman Branch Beginning Main Loop967 ft19 ft2452220509Charlotte
28Finishing Climb (from the last bridge) Main Loop3,088 ft80 ft24362078233Charlotte
29carpet trail climb Carpet1,948 ft78 ft23991794510Charlotte
30New North Connector North Main2,862 ft51 ft2390189597Charlotte
31USNWC Carpet Loop Carpet4,784 ft77 ft23511730320Charlotte
32USNWC Weigh Station Weigh Station2,761 ft41 ft23471224316Charlotte
33Blue Toilet South Main1,171 ft30 ft2332122004Charlotte
34USNWC Carpet Descent Carpet1,371 ft60 ft2265162059Charlotte
35Between Power lines Wedge1,975 ft43 ft2243170426Charlotte
36Goat Hill Climb Goat Hill1,888 ft85 ft21361536519Charlotte
37Toilet Bowl Toilet Bowl4,302 ft100 ft20141174217Charlotte
38Roller Coaster Loop Roller Coaster Loop1 miles63 ft20001379838Charlotte
39Lake Loop (from road xing to road xing) Big Lake Trail1 miles39 ft1983147877Charlotte
40USNWC Goat Descent Goat Hill1,308 ft112 ft1955117946Charlotte
41Lake Loop (Full) Big Lake Trail2 miles47 ft19471459533Charlotte
42Charlie Hipp Road Climb East Main1,596 ft322 ft186299247Charlotte
43Flow Zone end of East East Main2,753 ft79 ft184798701Charlotte
44WWC East Main- second half East Main1 miles77 ft1844979910Charlotte
45Sherman Main RC intersection to beginning of LL Main Loop4 miles62 ft18131212316Charlotte
46BYT shorty super D Back Yard Trails876 ft52 ft17832103618Charlotte
47. State Park Rd1,270 ft51 ft177557787Troutman
48Rocks Jumps Drops Downhill Back Yard Trails (Perimeter)3,923 ft94 ft17611117424Charlotte
49dash....the other way! Little Suger Creek Greenway4,216 ft15 ft1687107409Charlotte
50Slalom Section South Main823 ft37 ft162389214Charlotte
51Tributary Up to Belmeade Tributary1,353 ft51 ft155362135Charlotte
52Climb into Tributary Tributary1,259 ft60 ft154562211Charlotte
53Power Line Loop Goat Hill1,528 ft72 ft152376361Charlotte
54Parkway to East Main Tributary2 miles87 ft146560500Charlotte
55Like getting donut rolled off a log pile Monbo Loop1,109 ft55 ft146268735Troutman
56Outtro, BMX style! Monbo Loop3,348 ft68 ft143367986Troutman
57Freedom Park Dash Little Suger Creek Greenway3,939 ft25 ft143070389Charlotte
58Droppin in Monbo Loop593 ft64 ft140165731Troutman
59Monbo Whooper Monbo Loop2,071 ft55 ft139965791Troutman
60Monbo climb Monbo Loop2,912 ft103 ft139465112Troutman
61Intro Climb Monbo Loop4,131 ft90 ft137763712Troutman
62LKN Monbo Monbo Loop3 miles105 ft137663374Troutman
63Wild Laurel Loop1 miles80 ft136655711Troutman
64Killing me out of the Gate (Laurel CW) Laurel Loop4,753 ft109 ft136557573Troutman
65Short track - Dirt road and Parking lot Short Track Connection1,760 ft42 ft1347286627Charlotte
66in the pines Laurel Loop2 miles88 ft134153741Troutman
67Humpity Bumpity cw4 Laurel Loop1 miles55 ft134050332Troutman
68Brown Recluse Web Unknown Section2,372 ft14 ft13381136913Charlotte
69Jeepers Creepers cw3 Laurel Loop1 miles52 ft133750152Troutman
702nd Half Laurel Loop Laurel Loop3 miles80 ft132849253Troutman
71BYT Poo Tracks Back Yard Trails1,172 ft14 ft130958289Charlotte
72Single track Short Track Connection1,959 ft61 ft1298302258Charlotte
73Renaissance Connector Trail Tennis Court Loop4,213 ft82 ft125556613Charlotte
74death hill North Mecklenburg Park Trail632 ft37 ft12352197812Davidson
75Push to the Top North Mecklenburg Park Trail2,573 ft43 ft1228215387Davidson
76Crank It Up! North Mecklenburg Park Trail946 ft12 ft1226220293Davidson
77Down We Go! North Mecklenburg Park Trail1,307 ft35 ft1225215604Davidson
78Plessis Place Climb North Mecklenburg Park Trail1,259 ft264 ft1224219043Davidson
79North Meck - Sector 1 North Mecklenburg Park Trail4,236 ft45 ft1217216415Davidson
80NM "Downhill" North Mecklenburg Park Trail1,010 ft36 ft1211201906Davidson
81LNSP Monbo Loop Counter Clockwise Monbo Loop5 miles107 ft1205479325Troutman
82New Section First Climb East Main (North Ext)794 ft94 ft120239253Charlotte
83First Half North Mecklenburg Park Trail2 miles49 ft1195208415Davidson
84Old school laurel start odd Laurel Loop3 miles74 ft119346523Troutman
85North Meck full loop North Mecklenburg Park Trail2 miles56 ft11892064855Davidson
86Sunrise Strip East Main (North Ext)1,868 ft65 ft116438613Charlotte
87Barking tires and squealing brakes Monbo Loop1,680 ft64 ft115944781Troutman
88Short Track mtb loop Short Track Connection4,639 ft75 ft1152333126Charlotte
89East Main Extension Extension East Main (North Ext)2 miles104 ft114437858Charlotte
90Flowmaster General Approved segment. Monbo Loop1 miles79 ft113241871Troutman
91Drizzle Reverse Wildlife Loop1 miles54 ft111751442Troutman
92might as well make this a segment too! Wildlife Loop3 miles99 ft111250794Troutman
93Renaissance Tennis Court w/ Gulley Loop Tennis Court Loop2 miles59 ft108449684Charlotte
94Mach 1 Wildlife Loop568 ft31 ft107964842Troutman
95Passed Tyvola Tennis Court Loop2,783 ft68 ft107346932Charlotte
96Norwood Creek Loop Clockwise Norwood Loop2 miles76 ft105441266Troutman
97Old Farmhouse Loop Smokey3,391 ft54 ft105030004Charlotte
98Off to a fast start Hawk Loop2,707 ft64 ft103841131Troutman
99Panda Panda4,319 ft17 ft103429975Charlotte
100Hicks Creek Loop Clockwise Hicks Creek Loop4,558 ft86 ft103433094Troutman
101Fallstown Fallstown Loop5,002 ft57 ft1019456312Troutman
102A Brief Place of DH Fallstown Loop1,686 ft49 ft101845753Troutman
103Renaissance Park Tennis Court Loop3 miles85 ft1016448810Charlotte
104Smokey Smokey3,373 ft49 ft101230024Charlotte
105Falcon 9 Fox Loop705 ft43 ft99744372Troutman
106Colossus Cranker Fox Loop1,872 ft60 ft99544382Troutman
107LNSP - Fox Loop Fox Loop2 miles73 ft994442311Troutman
108Pandamonium Panda1 miles15 ft99227318Charlotte
109Tunnel Fox Loop556 ft35 ft98743864Troutman
110Academy Power Line Climb Academy Loop782 ft62 ft97936476Charlotte
111CTT crossing to Hawfield Academy Loop4,761 ft111 ft97736093Charlotte
112Climb Out Main Loop768 ft36 ft97583185Davidson
113East Loop( minus fire road) East Main2 miles94 ft96936775Charlotte
114Stage2 Main Loop1,851 ft27 ft95976823Davidson
115Gravel Main Loop1,081 ft7 ft94974084Davidson
116Bridge Up to Rock Hill Hairpin Main Loop406 ft11 ft94682003Davidson
117Fisher - Lower Loop Main Loop1 miles28 ft91569594Davidson
118Dropping In Main Loop1,397 ft77 ft90971186Davidson
119Academy 2016 - 1st Leg (to CTT) Academy Loop2 miles97 ft90833658Charlotte
120Blair Witch Project Wildlife Loop5,252 ft39 ft90532152Troutman
121Rippers Run Norwood Loop1,066 ft20 ft89430100Troutman
122Laurel (CW) from Wildlife Rd Laurel Loop5 miles104 ft87026703Troutman
123Lightfoot Loop Old Blue1,568 ft39 ft86763463Davidson
124East Elysium Tributary3 miles116 ft861282510Charlotte
125Tributary East Main Green Tributary3 miles99 ft85624329Charlotte
126No Name Hill Rocky River Trail906 ft92 ft85590363Concord
127BYT Updated Final Section 12.27.14 Back Yard Trails (NW)2 miles49 ft848391018Charlotte
128Run in 2 Ski Run Rocky River Trail1,984 ft41 ft83290587Concord
129Gorge Climb Rocky River Trail1,121 ft112 ft81652429Concord
130Fisher Switch Climb Thunder Road509 ft42 ft79560333Davidson
131No Name Climb Rocky River Trail3,187 ft127 ft78644006Concord
132Sullivan's Waltz Loop Main Loop848 ft23 ft78558312Davidson
133LKNSP-Hawk Loop Hawk Loop2 miles94 ft78319195Troutman
134Blue Option with Switchbacks (w/out black) Thunder Road1 miles72 ft76256085Davidson
135River Climb Rocky River Trail2,591 ft147 ft75145414Concord
136Downhill 2 River Rocky River Trail2,360 ft144 ft73941734Concord
137Sidebar Main Loop826 ft21 ft73949052Davidson
138LNSP-Fallstown Loop, CCW Fallstown Loop4,982 ft54 ft72525202Troutman
139LNSP Complete Laurel Loop Laurel Loop7 miles108 ft720183310Troutman
140Kahmikaze Downhill Rocky River Trail743 ft82 ft72041325Concord
141BYT FB New Section Pt 2 BYT Tech Loop2,538 ft46 ft70833361Charlotte
142LNSP- Fox Loop, CCW Fox Loop2 miles71 ft69122584Troutman
143Needle Needle1,955 ft33 ft63116882Charlotte
144BYT FB New Section Pt 1 BYT Tech Loop1 miles33 ft61928851Charlotte
145Spool Spool3,480 ft32 ft59816061Charlotte
146OG Hawk Run Hawk Loop2 miles91 ft56815962Troutman
147Laurel Ridge Laurel Hill Loop Out1,290 ft66 ft51526650Gastonia
148Lake loop from lot to laurel Lake Loop Out5,268 ft59 ft46822620Gastonia
149Gravel Road to Finish Lake Loop Back1,810 ft37 ft45822001Gastonia
150Big leaf from laurel to spencer Big Leaf Loop Out4,257 ft83 ft45721731Gastonia
151dog park dh Soccer Loop Back839 ft59 ft44623021Gastonia
152Beatty Blue from Entry to Exit point at Tennis Courts Main Loop4 miles83 ft42312623Charlotte
153Sprint Back Yard Trails (NW)5,122 ft43 ft40815832Charlotte
154Soccer hard left to bridge DH Soccer Loop Out988 ft36 ft39018751Gastonia
155hickory green way Geitner Trail1 miles114 ft38820448Hickory
156deja1dh Spencer Mountain639 ft57 ft38228790Gastonia
157Prp north loop Park Road Park3,937 ft44 ft37817925Charlotte
158BYT Segment 3 Back Yard Trails (NW)1 miles44 ft35813372Charlotte
159ROAD TO PARKING LOT Signal Hill983 ft31 ft35336212Statesville
160deja2dh Spencer Mountain989 ft49 ft33515110Gastonia
161Grumpy Cat Spencer Mountain2,358 ft64 ft32214721Gastonia
162Bridgetopia Signal Hill762 ft12 ft31850692Statesville
163can I get some action in the midsection Signal Hill3,031 ft20 ft31531552Statesville
164Wood brigde to wood bridge Flow Loop3,999 ft45 ft31222337Charlotte
165Hey You! In the Van! Down By The River!!! Signal Hill953 ft31228203Statesville
166first mile blaster Signal Hill1 miles77 ft30627996Statesville
167Enchanted Forest - backwards Signal Hill1,495 ft15 ft30537933Statesville
168pounding beers by the pump track ftw Signal Hill1,374 ft22 ft29630943Statesville
169BYT FB Final Section Back Yard Trails (NW)2 miles40 ft29410542Charlotte
170CFB - Blue Green Ride In Main Loop4 miles84 ft2847432Charlotte
171BYT Segment 1 Back Yard Trails2 miles67 ft2214532Charlotte
172Flux Capacitor Loop Flow Loop4,633 ft43 ft21911364Charlotte
173Fisher Black Diamond Main Loop3,210 ft22 ft2194380Davidson
174Full south loop Park Road Park2 miles68 ft2199023Charlotte
175Spencer Mtn bottom to top and back again Spencer Mountain3,900 ft79 ft21611232Gastonia
176WWC PKWY Out & Back Parkway Loop2 miles70 ft1975182Charlotte
177RB North Trail Climb Rocky Branch1,058 ft48 ft19518313Belmont
178North Trail Loop Rocky Branch1,985 ft49 ft19518090Belmont
179Over the bridge Southwest District Trail1,271 ft37 ft1944833Charlotte
180RB North Trail Descent Rocky Branch1,098 ft53 ft19216863Belmont
181Powerline Climb Rocky Branch483 ft56 ft19014852Belmont
182PH Bridge to End Purser-Hulsey Main Loop2,051 ft58 ft18914680Matthews
183Enchanted Forest Exit to bridge Purser-Hulsey Main Loop1,341 ft43 ft18814750Matthews
184trash trail short loop not including circuit city Signal Hill3 miles75 ft18813495Statesville
185Tamale Loop Southwest District Trail1,496 ft34 ft1858883Charlotte
186SWDP CCW 2015 Southwest District Trail2 miles48 ft1828572Charlotte
187Climb to the Top of the Park Rocky Branch1,015 ft55 ft18214462Belmont
188SWDP CCW Lap Southwest District Trail2 miles52 ft1818324Charlotte
189H/2 Hill Harrisburg Trail702 ft47 ft17919060Harrisburg
1902015 TDC Stage 2 - SW District Park Southwest District Trail4,795 ft27 ft1736792Charlotte
191Power Line Climb w SWC Rocky Branch3,928 ft71 ft1719900Belmont
192Scott's Loop Rocky Branch867 ft37 ft17015073Belmont
193SWC Loop wo blk Rocky Branch1,220 ft32 ft17010060Belmont
194Complete Trail 4/19/16 Rocky River Trail13 miles210 ft1705649Concord
195Option Southwest District Trail1,005 ft25 ft1648671Charlotte
196Uncle Walters OG parkway Signal Hill2,611 ft23 ft16412102Statesville
197BDJB&S oh my, what fun Rocky Branch1,170 ft41 ft15912321Belmont
198BE Creek Route Rocky Branch2,857 ft40 ft15711553Belmont
199Heading Down! Harrisburg Trail3,971 ft72 ft1478110Harrisburg
200Last time around Pee Wee's Loop2,856 ft31 ft14510921Lincolnton
201Jetton Outta Here Climb Jetton Park Trail Loop573 ft25 ft13510152Davidson
202SWDP CCW 2018 2.1 Southwest District Trail2 miles52 ft1264100Charlotte
203Full lap Park Rd Park Park Road Park3 miles72 ft1194340Charlotte
204Creek to Garden Purser-Hulsey Main Loop2,159 ft46 ft11610211Matthews
205Garden to Creek Purser-Hulsey Main Loop3,030 ft47 ft11510041Matthews
206Down hill start Denver Trail1,493 ft26 ft11411770Denver
207Heart rate hill Denver Trail1,149 ft28 ft11414890Denver
208P & H First Loop Purser-Hulsey Main Loop1 miles58 ft1148894Matthews
209Jetton Park MTB Loop Jetton Park Trail Loop4,665 ft56 ft1125592Davidson
210Purser Hulsey Park Purser-Hulsey Main Loop1 miles55 ft1117890Matthews
211Denver Short Denver Trail2 miles71 ft11011160Denver
212Denver Bottom Half Denver Trail2 miles46 ft10911334Denver
213Fast track Denver Trail2 miles69 ft10911210Denver
2141 Full Lap Denver Trail2 miles74 ft10911130Denver
215Southwest District Park Southwest District Trail2 miles51 ft931720Charlotte
216PH Bridge to Bridge Backside Loop1 miles37 ft912560Matthews
217PH Extension Out Backside Loop1 miles35 ft852290Matthews
218PH - enchanted forest Enchanted Forest2,242 ft34 ft772332Matthews
219Old Trail (Lot to main loop) Unknown Section1,075 ft34 ft762680Lexington
220Purser-Hulsey Loop Purser-Hulsey Main Loop1 miles60 ft712141Matthews
221Dam Sprint Purple Trail990 ft44 ft703431Waxhaw
222Purple flow East Purple Trail2,207 ft52 ft662950Waxhaw
2232 laps from ye big ole oak tree Purser-Hulsey Main Loop2 miles62 ft652550Matthews
224277 modified 1st loop Field Loop1 miles55 ft631120Charlotte
225Old Lake Trail Unknown Section1,202 ft27 ft615090Lexington
226Purple flow West Purple Trail1,531 ft23 ft592381Waxhaw
227full Denver trail Denver Trail2 miles71 ft584891Denver
228Pee Wee's White Blaze Pee Wee's Loop4 miles77 ft562560Lincolnton
229PH 3 laps of 1st loop Purser-Hulsey Main Loop4 miles57 ft561550Matthews
230DoubleTrack to Park Road Unknown Section1,061 ft23 ft545300Lexington
231Red Loop - Harkey Climb Red Loop North1 miles52 ft522651Waxhaw
232Top Half Red Loop North2 miles55 ft522590Waxhaw
233Belmeade Tributary Tributary3 miles102 ft52671Charlotte
234Cane Creek Red Loop Downhill Run Red Loop North3,050 ft76 ft513631Waxhaw
235Hair Pin -- Fun Flow with Bridges Unknown Section1,248 ft25 ft515330Lexington
236Red Loop CW Lakeside Red Loop North3,414 ft40 ft473180Waxhaw
237Blue Trail - The Wall Blue Trail946 ft86 ft462091Hickory
238Blue Trail Riverbend Park Part 1 Blue Trail3,476 ft117 ft452031Hickory
239Blue Trail Riverbend Park Part 2 Blue Trail2 miles158 ft451620Hickory
240CC Red Loop CCW Climb to Harkey Rd Red Loop North3,117 ft43 ft401180Waxhaw
241Red Loop - Bring it on Home Red Loop North4,310 ft62 ft393181Waxhaw
242Purple Camp Climb Purple Trail1,816 ft48 ft381721Waxhaw
243Green Trail - Last Climb Green Trail1,682 ft120 ft37630Hickory
244Cane Creek Red Loop Downhill Run Red Loop North3,273 ft79 ft362670Waxhaw
245Beaver Lodge Climb Purple Trail2,199 ft54 ft351541Waxhaw
246Bottom Half Red Loop North2 miles61 ft352610Waxhaw
247Green Trail - 0.1 mile wall Green Trail642 ft69 ft34580Hickory
248Riverbend Blue Trail Blue Trail2 miles292 ft341531Hickory
249Red Loop at Park Entrance Red Loop North3 miles84 ft331932Waxhaw
250Group Camp climb Red Loop South1,213 ft59 ft321331Waxhaw
251Rock climb Red Loop South1,215 ft59 ft311331Waxhaw
252South Red DH Run Red Loop South3,257 ft58 ft311350Waxhaw
253Green Loop CW Climb to Road Green Trail1,390 ft32 ft291270Waxhaw
254Purple Camp Downhill Purple Trail1,823 ft52 ft281582Waxhaw
255Purple Trail from Park Entrance Purple Trail3 miles72 ft271080Waxhaw
256backasswards TT Signal Hill3 miles73 ft241550Statesville
257SWDP CW Lap Southwest District Trail1 miles39 ft23371Charlotte
258Crossing the Field Red Loop North992 ft12 ft212120Waxhaw
259Back of the Park Red Loop Red Loop South1 miles78 ft18950Waxhaw
260Lake Climb Broyhill2,383 ft77 ft18371Hickory
261Back of the Park Green Loop Green Trail1 miles39 ft17811Waxhaw
262PH Extension Back Backside Loop1 miles30 ft16370Matthews
263Harrisburg Extension CW Harrisburg Extension2 miles64 ft13430Harrisburg
264LKN Monbo Loop Monbo Loop5 miles109 ft000Troutman
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