segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Short rocky climb from Milesburn Greenwood Road1,127 ft99 ft75622450
2Birch Run Pooper-Scooper North Birch Run Rd.2,281 ft115 ft63621582
3let it rip! Vista1,624 ft135 ft60633969
4Racing with Brian Fults Abigail Trail1 mile73 ft58517033
5Bombing Abby Abigail Trail1 mile388 ft57315735
6Snake pit to road Vista2,088 ft243 ft56827781
7Vista Vista2 miles597 ft532231916
8Birch Run Pooper-Scooper South Birch Run Rd.1,540 ft104 ft5119924
9i dont know what to call it Greenwood Road2,100 ft110 ft50019893
10Log Heaven Valley Traverse Trail3,509 ft87 ft4238242
11Wildcat reroute part 2 Ant Hill Trail2,651 ft214 ft40410594
12Butterfly Trail Yellow Ridge2,704 ft112 ft40111503
13Wildcat reroute part 1 Ant Hill Trail1 mile50 ft40010324
14My Favorite Huck Huckleberry Traverse Trail1 mile375 ft3887994
15forrest hill Lower Lollipop2,426 ft221 ft3809261
16Traverse DH Section Traverse Trail2,266 ft188 ft36912746
17P.O.W. Short Sunset Rocks Trail2,062 ft32 ft36416743
18Community Service Trail Community Service Trail2 miles115 ft29012374
19P.O.W. Short Reverse Sunset Rocks Trail2,087 ft32 ft2578782
20Community Service Community Service Trail2 miles111 ft1995992
21Lolipops Big Brother Lower Lollipop1 mile349 ft1676672
22rippin bong Bong2,776 ft348 ft1275305
23Wigwam hill climb Wigwam Trail1,808 ft267 ft1001400
24hike a bike Wigwam Trail2,529 ft396 ft951260
25Milesburn Rd Climb Astronomy2,912 ft406 ft631381
26Upper Bitch Upper Bitch1,833 ft384 ft603933
27Wildcat reroute part 2 Climb Ant Hill Trail2,841 ft222 ft54690
28Beaver Trail Beaver Dam Trail1 mile33 ft531110
29Steep Rocky powerline Yellow Ridge691 ft55 ft43550
30How Come? Huckleberry Traverse Trail1,832 ft63 ft24470
31Milesburn Road Climb Canada Hollow3,862 ft283 ft12130
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