segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Yani's chute Kal-Haven Trail2,731 ft39 ft116235288Allegan
2kal haven 1A Kal-Haven Trail2 miles42 ft114821308Allegan
3Kal Haven Gobles to Bloomingdale Kal-Haven Trail4 miles79 ft102218861Allegan
4junction to bloomingdale Kal-Haven Trail6 miles80 ft70711361Allegan
5Gun Range - Owasippie Yellow Jacket1,792 ft35 ft643467914Whitehall
6Waterfront Deuces Wild2,635 ft29 ft63645046Whitehall
7Triple Climb Deuces Wild1,977 ft59 ft632445614Whitehall
8Isthmus Goat Path Deuces Wild599 ft59 ft63244307Whitehall
9Last Bridge Out Yellow Jacket2 miles65 ft62644693Whitehall
10The Drop Deuces Wild1,719 ft75 ft623437112Whitehall
11Owas2/4 Deuces Wild3 miles88 ft61942971Whitehall
12North Side Climb CCW Upper Mac Trails629 ft13 ft58135748Holland
13Roller Coaster Mile CCW Upper Mac Trails1 miles53 ft54132384Holland
14Upper Mac - Finish Strong - Last Mile - CCW Upper Mac Trails1 miles51 ft53830287Holland
15North Side North Loop (Section 1)3,297 ft8 ft51845934Grand Haven
16Log Piles South Loop (Section 2)1 miles15 ft50941996Grand Haven
17Upper Mac Speed Zone - CCW Upper Mac Trails3,180 ft26 ft50525257Holland
18Riley Mt Bike Trail - Section 2 Section 22 miles26 ft50163859Holland
19Riley Mt Bike Trail - Section 3 Section 35,053 ft20 ft496697611Holland
20Upper Mac - Speed Zone CW Upper Mac Trails3,252 ft22 ft49524533Holland
21Upper Mac - New Trail - CCW Upper Mac Trails1 miles54 ft48022185Holland
22Riley Mt. Bike Trail - Section 4 Section 41 miles16 ft47461778Holland
23Upper Mac Loops 1,2,3,4 CCW Upper Mac Trails4 miles65 ft468210722Holland
24Upper Mac MTB 1,2,3,4 CW Upper Mac Trails4 miles65 ft468225630Holland
25Final Loop Section 3 Loop2 miles13 ft46030387Grand Haven
26Cleveland Creek Climb Swan Island668 ft72 ft41420096Whitehall
27Upper Mac CW from North end Upper Mac Trails5 miles62 ft1924914Holland
28Upper Mac MTB Loops 1,2,3,4 from North w/ reroute Upper Mac Trails5 miles62 ft1875465Holland
29Get Air Faz Track2,053 ft24 ft1594933Muskegon
30Green Loop CCW Faz Track3 miles26 ft1484575Muskegon
31Thursday Practice Race Intermediate Loop1 miles51 ft1295010Holland
32Thursday Practice Race Intermediate Loop1 miles50 ft1295030Holland
33Flow Faz Track1,266 ft23 ft1062431Muskegon
34Green Loop CW Faz Track3 miles26 ft1052373Muskegon
35Upper Mac - Out 'n Back Macataw River Bike Path4 miles72 ft561090Holland
36North Look - Backward North Loop (Section 1)3,941 ft8 ft43841Grand Haven
37Loop 3 - Backward Section 3 Loop3 miles12 ft31602Grand Haven
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