segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Descent to Tunnel Lenape North2,994 ft73 ft26891430823
2BOMB IT Possum Hollow Loop1,133 ft89 ft19241089821
3Race to new bridge Tri Valley - Snow Goose1,113 ft9 ft19131276511
4FoxDen2SmiFFMiLLPUNCH Tri Valley - Lenape658 ft30 ft1900108276
5FoxDen to SmithMill Full Tri Valley - Lenape1,406 ft35 ft1896107825
6Earthday DH Earth Day1,568 ft61 ft189176419
7Downhill to Smithmill Tri Valley - Lenape1,536 ft59 ft18881186613
8bigringdh Tri Valley - Snow Goose1,146 ft68 ft18821233615
9Not quite a full loop Possum Hollow Loop1 mile140 ft1872106156
10catch me if you can Tri Valley - Snow Goose1,429 ft65 ft18411206612
11going down Snow Goose783 ft79 ft1814817413
12Down Corkscrew Corkscrew389 ft59 ft1717658611
13Down church hill from trail sign to bulletin board Snow Goose1,020 ft48 ft1710786311
14Down to jimmys Tri Valley - Snow Goose2,477 ft135 ft1704973421
15up from Jimmys Tri Valley - Snow Goose1,722 ft86 ft167773914
16Up From Jimmy's Tri Valley - Snow Goose1,595 ft89 ft165472315
17Snow Goose down pass green tower Tri Valley - Snow Goose4,284 ft159 ft1620908310
18Tonto's last stand Double Horseshoe Trail1,137 ft84 ft161966817
19Church downhill, Snow Goose to Bridge Snow Goose2,111 ft114 ft1491569012
20Lower Snow Goose from Bridge Snow Goose2,977 ft79 ft1365547711
21Possum Hollow Road to Bird Lot Lenape South2,084 ft49 ft129243705
22White knuckle roots - Chanterelle Double Horseshoe Trail2,962 ft86 ft1280483812
23All the way up Tri Valley - Snow Goose3,197 ft154 ft125043365
24out & back "back" Polly Drummond Out-n-Back4,311 ft47 ft1184944116
25out & back "out" Polly Drummond Out-n-Back4,316 ft45 ft1152869113
26Frog Pond DH Possum Hollow Loop3,098 ft99 ft100840365
27up to scottys skinny Possum Hollow Loop2,126 ft99 ft99838405
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