Mountain Bike
Carousel Park
2 miles-289 ft286 ft
Chapel Hill Spur
586 ft30 ft
613 ft-67 ft12 ft
1,551 ft-37 ft36 ft
Double Horseshoe Trail
1 mile-154 ft145 ft
Earth Day
2,717 ft-87 ft33 ft
Lenape North
1 mile-188 ft164 ft
Lenape South
1 mile-184 ft124 ft
Mill Race
1,568 ft-36 ft62 ft
PH to SG Connector
189 ft-12 ft
Polly Drummond Out-n-Back
1 mile-149 ft160 ft
Possom Hollow Loop to Possum Park Drive
2,067 ft-38 ft66 ft
Possum Hollow Connector
525 ft-33 ft3 ft
Possum Hollow Loop
1 mile-123 ft125 ft
Pump Track
518 ft-5 ft3 ft
Pump Track Connector
799 ft-5 ft27 ft
Snow Goose
2 miles-187 ft90 ft
Snow Goose Cut-Off
2,123 ft-93 ft
Tri Valley - Lenape
5,156 ft-132 ft49 ft
Tri Valley - Snow Goose
4,506 ft-180 ft141 ft
Tri Valley Alternate
1,155 ft82 ft
Tri Valley to Fox Den
1,812 ft-43 ft4 ft
Unnamed Trail
1,814 ft-12 ft31 ft
Unnamed Trail
2,352 ft-47 ft10 ft
Unnamed Trail
2,733 ft-18 ft42 ft
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