segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Hellboy Riverbend/Burchfield north loop (hiking)922 ft4 ft45029572Lansing
2Quick to the Crick Riverbend/Burchfield north loop (hiking)346 ft13 ft43727823Lansing
3DH 2 from east Riverbend/Burchfield north loop (hiking)235 ft24 ft43028512Lansing
4The new DH 2015 Kentaro's Monster486 ft21 ft39725602Lansing
5Mc start Riverbend/Burchfield north loop (hiking)1,149 ft12 ft389245410Lansing
6Logan's Run The Bob Supremancy2,404 ft14 ft38623107Lansing
7Hanson's Be Bop Riverbend/Burchfield north loop (hiking)771 ft14 ft38620534Lansing
8Peaks and Troughs Frank's Stein (Maze 2 blue)972 ft22 ft38519604Lansing
9Dragon Ball Riverbend/Burchfield north loop (hiking)1,419 ft10 ft37920135Lansing
10Fabulous Looman's Run1,244 ft17 ft35216741Lansing
11Ragged Edge Red Loop1,638 ft19 ft33325827Lansing
12Fabulous Thunderbird Looman's Run3,927 ft29 ft32915814Lansing
13Anderson Park - Switchbacks Green Green Loop1,216 ft28 ft32630066Lansing
14DO THE TABLE TOP!!!!! Red Loop1,021 ft19 ft32431377Lansing
15Anderson Park - Green Loop South Green Loop1 mile35 ft322292517Lansing
16Climb out of South Green Loop Green Loop1,333 ft27 ft32228674Lansing
17Moment Um Rose Lake Trail1,744 ft31 ft311778515Lansing
18Rose Lake South counterclockwise Rose Lake Trail1 mile44 ft309756212Lansing
19Anderson Park - Green Loop North Green Loop1,624 ft7 ft309250710Lansing
20Thunderbird Looman's Run2,501 ft16 ft30613651Lansing
21Rose's S-curve Climb Rose Lake Trail931 ft32 ft304676919Lansing
22Pin it 2 Win it Rose Lake Trail1,509 ft50 ft301797112Lansing
23Anderson - Red East Red Loop1 mile32 ft300223814Lansing
24Second segment: Main trail thru North to Ridge trail Rose Lake Trail1 mile255385310Lansing
25Down Dirty Blue Loop424 ft28 ft24517515Lansing
26Green to Red Wardell Rd Access905 ft29 ft22813092Lansing
27Anderson Park - Blue Loop Blue Loop4,742 ft28 ft224160112Lansing
28Serenity Serenity1,987 ft13 ft2196531Lansing
29Anderson Park Full Green Loop Green Loop1 mile37 ft20711094Lansing
30Marker 2 To 3 SHSP #2 - #32,200 ft25 ft19412285Lansing
31Road to OH Man Road to Oh Man4,470 ft17 ft18825236Lansing
32Marker 15 To 2 SHSP #15 - #24,247 ft26 ft18713094Lansing
33Marker 4 To 5 SHSP #4 - #51 mile43 ft18310303Lansing
34DH2 Anne's Playhouse160 ft7 ft1834673Lansing
35Billy Goat Climbs CCW Rose Lake Trail1,477 ft37 ft181192911Lansing
36Road From OH MAN!!! Road to Oh Man4,271 ft25 ft17720312Lansing
37Marker 9 To 10 SHSP #9 - #101,061 ft9 ft17610295Lansing
38That Dam Switchback SHSP #7 - #91,737 ft16 ft17510265Lansing
39Marker 5 To 7 SHSP #5 - #73,070 ft33 ft1659254Lansing
40Joe's Hill SHSP #11 - #121,359 ft37 ft1618611Lansing
41Marker 10 To 11 SHSP #10 - #112 miles42 ft1446964Lansing
42Along Mud Creek Mud Creek1,045 ft11 ft823122Mason
43Down Farm Lane Farm Lane1,506 ft43 ft651733Mason
44The Hawley Flats Hawley Flats2,703 ft13 ft651602Mason
45Boulder fields and flow Boulders and Flow3,782 ft22 ft631622Mason
46Past the old DNR pheasant gates Pheasant Gates2,391 ft29 ft621632Mason
47Thru the maples and grass tilled rows Maple Rows2,647 ft25 ft601492Mason
48Sleepy Hollow North Loop CW hill SHSP #3 - #4373 ft31 ft561234Lansing
49Sleepy Hollow South CW first climb SHSP #11 - #121,460 ft47 ft531313Lansing
50Bennett Park - The North Shore Northshore2,348 ft14 ft411271Lansing
51Skunk Valley Climb Gladwin Loop (West)1,764 ft50 ft27541Gladwin
52Skunk Valley Decent Gladwin Loop (West)2,366 ft64 ft27573Gladwin
53Frolicking Fawn Gladwin Loop (West)2,948 ft28 ft24532Gladwin
54Swampy Heaven Gladwin Loop (West)3,442 ft17 ft23442Gladwin
55Skunk Valley Marker 1 Gladwin Loop (West)3,759 ft50 ft21431Gladwin
56Cedar river technical section Gladwin Loop (West)1,230 ft20261Gladwin
57Slippery Acorn Gladwin Loop (West)2,137 ft31 ft18352Gladwin
58Climb out of flood lands Gladwin Loop (West)2,078 ft12 ft15220Gladwin
59Short, Sweet and to the point 2 Gladwin Loop (West)3,233 ft38 ft14202Gladwin
60Six Sleepy Islands CW Island Loop5 miles21 ft12181Lansing
61Six Sleepy Islands CCW Island Loop5 miles23 ft11200Lansing
62Gladwin Recreation Area Lap Gladwin Loop (West)7 miles87 ft671Gladwin
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