segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Kelso Slalom Snakes and Ladders1,277 ft115 ft2086153967
2Kelso Service Road Ascension (Lower)1,656 ft153 ft1799153609
3Rock Garden Rock Garden1,033 ft13 ft16801206912
4Dump trail (No Fluff) Old Dump Trail1,187 ft15 ft1481952111
5Momentum Momentum Flow920 ft88 ft14701249511
6Dump Trail (Downwards) Old Dump Trail2,043 ft22 ft135078486
7The Bloop Rough Trade748 ft1344773811
8Lora's Run - Northbound from Wizard's Way junction Lora's Run2,197 ft50 ft133889508
9Kelso Deer Run Deer Run858 ft1336648912
10Rock Garden (Reverse) Rock Garden1,063 ft13 ft1303904711
11Lora's Run - Southbound to Wizard's Way junction Lora's Run2,211 ft46 ft129469237
12Port-O-Let UP Darryl's Alley1,205 ft7 ft124574884
13Rocky Road Climb Rocky Road774 ft47 ft122395579
14X-treme Trail - Summit to Skill Park X-treem Trail3,640 ft7 ft121156244
15Wizard's Way - Southbound Wizard's Way1,595 ft27 ft119667119
16WizardsWay North Wizard's Way1,765 ft41 ft116155103
17Rough Trade West (Down) Rough Trade3,344 ft64 ft1160541718
18On Fire after Fire Gateway to Heaven288 ft10 ft112268265
19Rough Trade East (Up) Rough Trade3,303 ft62 ft1122424415
20Connector Trail North Bruce Trail Connector2,290 ft27 ft109860293
21Kelso Extreme Trail (from Summit) X-treem Trail4,919 ft28 ft1031395718
22Bell School Line Bypass Darryl's Alley1,241 ft45 ft102642714
23Upper Rocky Road (down) Rocky Road766 ft17 ft98231254
24Field & Forest - Northbound Field and Forest1,894 ft30 ft92461254
25ApplebyAlley South 2016 Coyote Run1,893 ft9 ft85939793
26Turner Access to Un-Named Trail 5 Turner Tract Access Road1,037 ft11 ft82242734
27Fire Fire1,373 ft119 ft80035988
28Kelso 'Fire' climb Fire1,659 ft155 ft73830991
29Kelso single track climb Digger Downhill766 ft98 ft70819704
30Martins Mayhem Ugly Up449 ft8 ft66628242
31Roller Coaster Lac Trail883 ft20 ft58912993
32Energy to Gravel Energy Damping Field1,442 ft3 ft58019743
33Keslo CX 2016 Gravel Stretch The Base Road1,524 ft12 ft49446050
34Lynx to Hilton Falls Wandering Lynx Backcountry2,253 ft34 ft44913343
35Bat Boxes SB Burnt Out Car820 ft3 ft43716917
36Turner Tract to I Will Allow It Turner Tract Access Road570 ft8 ft43316366
37Westbound Hydro Line to Parking Lot Currie Mahon Access Road1,640 ft73 ft41613874
38Lead in from Mohawk The Boundary Trail A995 ft28 ft41021948
39Hilton Hwy to Lynx DH Wandering Lynx Backcountry2,239 ft33 ft3848702
40Fenceline 2014 North The Boundary Trail A807 ft5 ft37219245
41Westbound No-Flowhawk Kicker Currie Mahon Access Road1,188 ft32 ft37111142
42BC Rocks BC Rocks1,424 ft27 ft35614605
43The Stunt Trail to BC Rocks The Stunt trail1,867 ft11 ft35214435
44Bat Boxes NB Bat Boxes922 ft3 ft34211816
45Drum Line Hammerhead Trail2,205 ft44 ft33912784
46Hammerhead Trail Hammerhead Trail2,273 ft49 ft33912803
47Down Boundary The Boundary Trail A1,010 ft6 ft32612154
48I Will Allow It! Trail - Heading Northeast I Will Allow It1,155 ft323117210
49Lead Out To Mohawk The Boundary Trail A947 ft4 ft32215854
50Currie Access to The Boundary Trail Currie Mahon Access Road348 ft3 ft30810793
51Escarpment Trail Escarpment Trail1 miles75 ft2966633
52Un-Named Trail 4 RnR1,581 ft22 ft29210195
53Rock Gardens to IMBA Fast and Furious1,918 ft8 ft2888133
54Hiltons Highway West Hiltons Hwy2,016 ft4 ft2605381
55Rock Wall The Boundary Trail A635 ft6 ft2538573
56Bruce link No Dab1,623 ft37 ft2437353
57Boundary Trail A From Rock Wall The Boundary Trail A2,632 ft40 ft2439914
58The Den - Loop Only Counter-Clockwise The Den1 miles24 ft2406975
59I Will Allow It! Trail - Heading Southwest I Will Allow It1,117 ft2389443
60IMBA to Un-Named Trail 4 IMBA Trail860 ft27 ft2236384
61Britton Bruce to bent rim No Dab1,645 ft38 ft2146305
62Drumline - West Hammerhead Trail1,981 ft3 ft2135462
63Hiltons Highway East Hiltons Hwy2,071 ft5 ft2044351
64Lost Guy Reverse Robertson Tract Access Road1,009 ft7 ft1993691
65Straight Outta Hilton Hilton Flow3,149 ft9 ft1966405
66Unnamed Trail 1 to Flow Trail Border Run463 ft4 ft1884524
67Let's Get it Started Britton Tract Access Trail P1674 ft23 ft1816291
68Hidden Gem Hidden Gem2,942 ft30 ft1655507
69To the Top of the Pines The Pines (HAFTA)677 ft4 ft1493494
70Wally - East Wally and the Beav2,507 ft16 ft1403112
71Chain Reaction North Chain Reaction3,311 ft6 ft1273722
72Speeder Run The Pines (HAFTA)725 ft3 ft1272481
73Hey Barry Turn Left before the River Nomad Trail1,397 ft24 ft1223091
74The Boundary Trail B The Boundary Trail B1,963 ft10 ft1072091
75Centre hill up Boomerang947 ft181 ft971260
76All Left! Humpty Hump (Pines C)1,292 ft2 ft39660
77All Right! Humpty Hump (Pines C)1,184 ft2 ft36460
78Forward - From the top Chain Reaction3,439 ft32 ft000
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