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2015 Entire Dh ReturnMemorial Park
356 ft
4,192 ft-5 ft
Access TrailGooseberry Park
3,231 ft-24 ft
Admiral RockbarPiedmont
3,519 ft-251 ft
Amity East TrailLester Park
2.3 miles-364 ft
Amity West TrailLester Park
2.0 miles-539 ft
2,688 ft-66 ft
Beginner Bridge LineSpirit Mountain
299 ft-41 ft
Beginner Flow LineSpirit Mountain
334 ft-38 ft
Beginner LoopCaron Park
1.3 miles-224 ft
Beginner Loop (Green) TrailEagan
3,012 ft-47 ft
Beginner Rock LineSpirit Mountain
165 ft-26 ft
946 ft-42 ft
Bente's BumpMaplelag Resort
1,039 ft-70 ft
Bente's Bump to Lag Enduro 2 ConnectorMaplelag Resort
2,808 ft-68 ft
Big Wheezy HoneybadgerBattle Creek
2,212 ft-116 ft
Black Trail 1Memorial Park
1,415 ft-103 ft
Black Trail 2Memorial Park
230 ft-26 ft
Black Trail 3Memorial Park
77 ft-4 ft
Black Trail 4Memorial Park
4,063 ft-278 ft
Black Trail 5Memorial Park
1,980 ft-59 ft
Black Trail 6Memorial Park
1,800 ft-167 ft
Black Trail 7Memorial Park
2,400 ft-147 ft
Black Trail 8Memorial Park
1,004 ft-20 ft
BlasterSpirit Mountain
909 ft-119 ft
Blue PotsHartley Park
4,090 ft-121 ft
Blue Trail 1Memorial Park
1.0 miles-212 ft
Blue Trail 2Memorial Park
1.9 miles-293 ft
Blue Trail 3Memorial Park
2,715 ft-104 ft
Blue Trail 4Memorial Park
3,382 ft-114 ft
BOB (Bones Of the Beast)Piedmont
987 ft-205 ft
BobsledCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
1.0 miles-141 ft
Boot CampCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
1.1 miles-162 ft
Boss HogSpirit Mountain
456 ft-70 ft
Brownie AccessMinneapolis
4,371 ft-200 ft
Brownie LakeTheodore Wirth Park
1.4 miles-552 ft
4,851 ft-97 ft
Calculated RiskSpirit Mountain
3,218 ft-425 ft
Canadian ShieldPincushion Mountain Bike Trails
1.2 miles-175 ft
CandylandSpirit Mountain
4,607 ft-462 ft
Charlie's PlaygroundElm Creek Park
265 ft-12 ft
Chester Bowl Rim (Duluth Traverse)Duluth
1.0 miles-135 ft
ChuteCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
1,770 ft-100 ft
ConnectorMovil Maze Recreation Area
201 ft
CrosscutBritton Peak
1.8 miles-149 ft
CrusherCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
1,743 ft-56 ft
1,302 ft-48 ft
4,811 ft-154 ft
Demo TrailCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
2,604 ft-84 ft
DH Access TrailMemorial Park
435 ft
DH TrailMemorial Park
2,271 ft-277 ft
1,354 ft-200 ft
Dr. DiabloPiedmont
772 ft-78 ft
Drag LineCrosby
2.1 miles-355 ft
Drag LineCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
1.6 miles-168 ft
DT connectorHartley Park
1,769 ft-86 ft
Duluth TraverseHartley Park
2,598 ft-56 ft
742 ft
East Eastwood ReturnEastwood Park
1,795 ft-22 ft
East Loop (Back)Carver Lake Park
3,942 ft-204 ft
East Loop (Out)Carver Lake Park
1.5 miles-286 ft
East TrailEastwood Park
4,499 ft-60 ft
Easy StreetCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
1.4 miles-213 ft
Endo AlleyCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
206 ft-16 ft
Enger Trail (Duluth Traverse)Piedmont
1.8 miles-410 ft
Expert Jump LineSpirit Mountain
306 ft-35 ft
Express LaneBattle Creek
1,183 ft-106 ft
Extremely Difficult (Red) LoopLebanon Hills
1.7 miles-102 ft
1,129 ft-41 ft
Fern GullyBattle Creek
3,103 ft-121 ft
Ferrous WheelCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
1,513 ft-93 ft
FishermanHartley Park
1,875 ft-27 ft
Fluvial TrailPincushion Mountain Bike Trails
1.1 miles-123 ft
Foxx RocksPiedmont
4,867 ft-211 ft
418 ft
Glenwood LoopTheodore Wirth Park
3,765 ft-286 ft
Goat TrailBattle Creek
2,233 ft-161 ft
Gooseberry Mountain Bike TrailGooseberry Park
3.4 miles-261 ft
Gooseberry Mountain Bike Trail AccessGooseberry Park
272 ft-17 ft
GraveyardReservoir Woods Park
1,340 ft-123 ft
4,894 ft-60 ft
Green Trail 1Memorial Park
1,590 ft-27 ft
Green Trail 2Memorial Park
1,565 ft-19 ft
Green Trail 3Memorial Park
1.1 miles-85 ft
Green Trail 4Memorial Park
595 ft-20 ft
Greenwood ConnectorTheodore Wirth Park
44 ft
Greenwood ConnectorTheodore Wirth Park
52 ft
Grizz to Parking LotElm Creek Park
3.3 miles-523 ft
GrizzlandElm Creek Park
2.4 miles-630 ft
GrizzlyCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
826 ft-34 ft
Grub StakeCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
999 ft-28 ft
Guardrail LoopHartley Park
2.4 miles-287 ft
1,738 ft-77 ft
Happy CamperSpirit Mountain
4,639 ft-415 ft
Hard LoopMurphy-Hanrehan Park
6.1 miles-1,977 ft
Haul RoadCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
1.1 miles-157 ft
Haul RoadCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
1.0 miles-112 ft
Hawk Ridge - Amity West connectorDuluth
275 ft-21 ft
Hawk Ridge Trail (Duluth Traverse)Lester Park
2.7 miles-458 ft
Herb's TrailLookout Mountain
3,612 ft-38 ft
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