Mountain Bike
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!RocksLester Park Trails
1,121 ft-23 ft46 ft
.3 Mile SpurNorth Loop (Jail Trail)
1,257 ft-6 ft3 ft
10W to 9WLake Elmo Park Reserve
1,476 ft3 ft
13W to 17WLake Elmo Park Reserve
981 ft-6 ft
14W to 13WLake Elmo Park Reserve
1,309 ft5 ft
15W to 14WLake Elmo Park Reserve
1,450 ft-3 ft3 ft
16W to 15WLake Elmo Park Reserve
2,963 ft-2 ft8 ft
16W to 22W (Raleigh Creek Cut Off)Lake Elmo Park Reserve
2,749 ft-3 ft33 ft
1W to 10WLake Elmo Park Reserve
2,398 ft-5 ft4 ft
2022 Trail AdditionMurphy-Hanrehan Park
1,499 ft
2112Memorial Park
2,480 ft-96 ft59 ft
23W to 28WLake Elmo Park Reserve
390 ft
24W to 23WLake Elmo Park Reserve
2,326 ft-19 ft8 ft
25W to 8WLake Elmo Park Reserve
2,309 ft-76 ft24 ft
28W to 7WLake Elmo Park Reserve
2,073 ft-52 ft
2W to 1W EastLake Elmo Park Reserve
1,050 ft4 ft
2W to 1W WestLake Elmo Park Reserve
1,726 ft-10 ft12 ft
2W to 3WLake Elmo Park Reserve
318 ft
3W to 12WLake Elmo Park Reserve
1,867 ft-8 ft10 ft
3W to 4WLake Elmo Park Reserve
1,191 ft-3 ft
1 mile-246 ft207 ft
45 NorthTheodore Wirth Park
1 mile-93 ft94 ft
4W to 17WLake Elmo Park Reserve
482 ft
5W to 4WLake Elmo Park Reserve
1,939 ft6 ft
6W to 23WLake Elmo Park Reserve
554 ft42 ft
6W to 5WLake Elmo Park Reserve
3,245 ft-25 ft25 ft
7th St LoopBethel
1 mile
7th St. Adv. LoopBethel
935 ft
7W to 5WLake Elmo Park Reserve
846 ft
7W to 6WLake Elmo Park Reserve
1,719 ft-3 ft
8W to 7WLake Elmo Park Reserve
2,743 ft-9 ft12 ft
9W to 8WLake Elmo Park Reserve
2,825 ft-17 ft8 ft
Access TrailHidden Valley Recreation Area
289 ft7 ft
Ace KingLake Brophy County Park
1,493 ft-67 ft
AcerSplit Rock Wilds
3,780 ft-14 ft83 ft
Acey DuecyAmerican Legion Memorial Park
3,212 ft-63 ft64 ft
AcornMovil Maze Recreation Area
1,681 ft-40 ft7 ft
Admiral RockbarPiedmont & Brewer
3,519 ft-251 ft232 ft
Advanced Connector to Intermediate or Lake TrailXcel Energy Mountain Bike Park
213 ft
Advanced Drop LineTrapper's Pond Park
138 ft
Advanced Jump LineTrapper's Pond Park
223 ft-3 ft
Advanced LoopTerrace Oaks
1,147 ft-55 ft15 ft
Advanced Parking Lot LoopHaunted Forest
1,161 ft
All Along The WatchtowerMemorial Park
All Weather Trail - LowerSpirit Mountain Bike Park
1 mile-397 ft4 ft
All Weather Trail - UpperSpirit Mountain Bike Park
2,274 ft-108 ft
Alt linePiedmont & Brewer
288 ft31 ft
72 ft-10 ft
Amity East TrailLester Park Trails
2 miles-93 ft363 ft
Amity West TrailLester Park Trails
2 miles-539 ft394 ft
Andy's Bladder BusterKaplan's Woods Park
4,596 ft-30 ft31 ft
Antenna FarmDuluth
1 mile-116 ft49 ft
AnvilSpirit Mountain Bike Park
2,861 ft-407 ft
AppleWest Lake Marion Park
1,991 ft-12 ft8 ft
Area 36Theodore Wirth Park
2 miles-146 ft145 ft
Area 36 AccessTheodore Wirth Park
98 ft
Around the lotDonald D. Ferguson Demonstration Forest
358 ft3 ft
Ash Winter TrailNorthfield
3 miles-40 ft28 ft
Ashmun HillsAdventure Studio Brainerd
2 miles-89 ft95 ft
Aspen MazeMilaca
1,781 ft-8 ft11 ft
Aspen Maze EastMilaca
771 ft-5 ft
Astonishing Bike PathMission Creek
4,494 ft-79 ft97 ft
AugerCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
611 ft-29 ft32 ft
Avenue N Zap Target #23M Center
823 ft
Back LoopMount Kato
1,158 ft-29 ft21 ft
Back PineMilaca Trails
974 ft-11 ft18 ft
BackcountryCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
5 miles-334 ft332 ft
BackcountryCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
381 ft3 ft
Backcountry ConnectorCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
3,314 ft-38 ft34 ft
Backdoor MazeMilaca Trails
1,529 ft-6 ft6 ft
Backpack 1 Campsite TrailMyre-Big Island State Park
715 ft-8 ft
Balsam TrailLake Bemidji State Park
1,421 ft-17 ft3 ft
Balsam Trail 2Lake Bemidji State Park
2,224 ft-11 ft37 ft
Basswood TrailMyre-Big Island State Park
2,546 ft-9 ft9 ft
BDSAA East TrailBois de Sioux Adventure Area
1,286 ft-3 ft5 ft
BDSAA Easy Way OutBois de Sioux Adventure Area
210 ft
BDSAA Trail HeadBois de Sioux Adventure Area
2,100 ft-6 ft3 ft
Bearcub World CupGunflint Trails
4 miles-178 ft182 ft
Bearcub World CupGunflint Trails
889 ft2 ft
Beaver DamGunflint Trails
4 miles-296 ft331 ft
Beginner LoopLebanon Hills
3,015 ft-31 ft31 ft
Beginner LoopCaron Park
1 mile-224 ft224 ft
Beginner LoopXcel Energy Mountain Bike Park
3,671 ft-13 ft12 ft
Beginner Practice LoopTrapper's Pond Park
1,063 ft-8 ft7 ft
Beginner Skills LoopCuyuna Country State Recreation Area
968 ft-10 ft14 ft
Beginner TrackEagan Bike Park
191 ft-3 ft
Bemidji State University Recreation PathBemidji
1 mile-25 ft26 ft
BenchPiedmont & Brewer
946 ft-42 ft36 ft
Bender TrailAmerican Legion Memorial Park
1,226 ft-16 ft42 ft
Bender TrailAmerican Legion Memorial Park
820 ft-21 ft26 ft
Bente's BumpMaplelag Resort
1,119 ft-52 ft52 ft
Bente's Bump to Lag Enduro 2 ConnectorMaplelag Resort
2,700 ft-58 ft49 ft
BergSplit Rock Wilds
233 ft23 ft
4,213 ft-54 ft66 ft
Berserkr ConnectorRunestone Park
440 ft21 ft
Berserkr DownhillRunestone Park
2,385 ft-66 ft13 ft
Bertram ClockwiseBertram Chain of Lakes
7 miles-280 ft273 ft
Bertram Counter ClockwiseBertram Chain of Lakes
9 miles-446 ft446 ft
BifrostRunestone Park
3,022 ft-31 ft35 ft
Bifrost ConnectorRunestone Park
1,512 ft-24 ft18 ft
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