segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Riverside Flow Upper Cathedral4,821 ft71 ft70819952
2Upper Cathedral Upper Cathedral2 miles57 ft70219857
3Lower Cathedral Up Lower Cathedral2,572 ft165 ft4817893
4Grunt up Valley East (Duluth Traverse)1,838 ft112 ft42114000
5A Fun Segment of the DT Valley West (Duluth Traverse)3,948 ft182 ft4099323
6Grunt up Complete Mission Creek Pkwy2,679 ft152 ft38712890
7Ninja Beaver - Westbound Ninja Beaver1 miles42 ft3816673
8Powerline trail uphill Valley West (Duluth Traverse)4,284 ft166 ft3488262
9Porcupine Quill Down Porcupine Passage4,064 ft177 ft3118151
10Get Some Chains Cupcake! Valley East (Duluth Traverse)2,718 ft155 ft30610320
11Ninja Beaver - Eastbound Ninja Beaver1 miles46 ft3044861
12Munger to Valley West Mission Creek Pkwy2,430 ft166 ft30010222
13Fly Flow Flee Flung Upper Cathedral3 miles123 ft2556580
14St. Louis River Trail down St. Louis River Trail (Duluth Traverse)2 miles164 ft2494650
15Porcupine Passage to MCP Porcupine Passage2 miles201 ft2496151
16Upper Cathedral Full Upper Cathedral4 miles148 ft2465300
17St Louis River Trail up St. Louis River Trail (Duluth Traverse)2 miles173 ft2334471
18Lawless to Valley West Mission Creek Pkwy4,843 ft82 ft2217120
19Fond duscent Court Indigenous Land5,278 ft223 ft1964403
20Grip it n' rip it St. Louis River Trail (Duluth Traverse)3,147 ft104 ft1693300
21Mission Creek Pkwy - DT to Porcupine Passage Mission Creek Pkwy4,982 ft82 ft1665191
22Porcupine Quill Climb Porcupine Passage4,176 ft176 ft1642802
23Mission Creek up to the Munger Trail Mission Creek Pkwy1 miles209 ft1535781
24State Highway 3 Climb Mission Creek Pkwy4,979 ft265 ft1345491
25Trail intersection to Mission Creek Pkwy East Porcupine Passage1 miles151 ft1091980
26Mission Creek Parkway Climb East Porcupine Passage2,388 ft147 ft1091940
27MCP Climb to 210 Mission Creek Pkwy2,978 ft169 ft1002462
28Oldenberg Munger to Bottom Mission Creek Pkwy1 miles219 ft853691
29Fon Du Lac Climb to SHT Indigenous Land4,768 ft213 ft601262
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