Mountain Bike
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2020 Bikes for Badges Race CourseSouth Campus Recreation Area
9 miles-583 ft573 ft
8 mileTuffburg
778 ft-13 ft16 ft
A ConnectorBonita Lakes Park
360 ft-21 ft
Access TrailBethel trails at Desoto National Forest
2,771 ft-46 ft6 ft
Access TrailResearch Park
559 ft-6 ft11 ft
Access Trail
283 ft-48 ft
Angry PossumBrandon Quarry Park
1,772 ft-6 ft9 ft
Angry Possum to WhirlyBird ConnectorBrandon Quarry Park
748 ft-9 ft
ApolloArea 51 Mountain Bike Trails
3,369 ft-21 ft105 ft
ApplianceRidgeland Trails
1,633 ft-34 ft163 ft
B ConnectorBonita Lakes Park
155 ft27 ft
B LoopMt. Zion
1 mile-94 ft89 ft
Back TrailBonita Lakes Park
1 mile-123 ft120 ft
BackwaterHernando Point Trail System
2 miles-35 ft37 ft
Bailout TrailBethel trails at Desoto National Forest
3,612 ft-24 ft14 ft
Baker'sTrace State Park
3 miles-656 ft615 ft
Bayou LoopOcean Springs
1,861 ft-33 ft33 ft
Bayou PointBayou Point
4 miles-921 ft946 ft
Bayou Point - Bob sled run to big jumpBayou Point
515 ft-27 ft11 ft
Bayou Point - Drop and jump loop with gap jumpBayou Point
1,217 ft-11 ft13 ft
Bayou Point - Jump lineBayou Point
778 ft-27 ft4 ft
Beaver Lodge TrailTombigbee National Forest
2 miles-297 ft260 ft
Beginners LuckRidgeland Trails
1 mile-38 ft51 ft
Berm LoopBayou Point
466 ft-6 ft12 ft
Bethel LoopBethel trails at Desoto National Forest
8 miles-182 ft183 ft
Better off DeadRidgeland Trails
1,824 ft-111 ft
Big Bottom BeginnerSouth Campus Recreation Area
1 mile-116 ft115 ft
BL Access
1,140 ft-147 ft29 ft
BL Connect (East)
173 ft-2 ft5 ft
BL Connect (West)
257 ft-5 ft8 ft
BL Outer Loop
2 miles-298 ft420 ft
Black HoleArea 51 Mountain Bike Trails
1,033 ft-32 ft31 ft
BluePetal River Trail Park
3 miles-15 ft16 ft
Bowl ConnectorBonita Lakes Park
169 ft10 ft
Bowl to GravelBonita Lakes Park
67 ft-2 ft
Brad PitSouth Campus Recreation Area
5,118 ft-83 ft90 ft
Briar PatchBethel trails at Desoto National Forest
2 miles-164 ft126 ft
Brickyard Bayou Casual TrailBiloxi
5,059 ft
Brown's Landing Loop
2 miles-376 ft377 ft
C ConnectorBonita Lakes Park
275 ft7 ft
Cabin Lake TrailMississippi
1,562 ft-168 ft118 ft
Carpet ClimbBonita Lakes Park
1,222 ft-34 ft21 ft
Carpet Climb (Bypass)Bonita Lakes Park
187 ft-13 ft
Cat's MeowBrandon Quarry Park
1,916 ft-2 ft3 ft
Cedar RidgeBrandon Quarry Park
784 ft2 ft
Charlotte's Web (South)Starkville
2 miles-378 ft517 ft
Charlotte's Web TrailTombigbee National Forest
1 mile-310 ft263 ft
Chata TrailTombigbee National Forest
1 mile-362 ft366 ft
Choctaw Lake Lakeside Trail 44-UTombigbee National Forest
2 miles-353 ft353 ft
Clear CreekClear Creek Landing
11 miles-929 ft914 ft
Coldwater Loop (East)North Outlet Channel Recreation Area
2 miles-323 ft237 ft
Coldwater Loop (West)North Outlet Channel Recreation Area
2 miles-487 ft394 ft
ConnectorRidgeland Trails
154 ft
ConnectorTrace State Park
698 ft-40 ft20 ft
Cow PastureTuffburg
3,931 ft-74 ft87 ft
Cross Country TrailBuddy Butts Park
2 miles-207 ft208 ft
Cutover Bowl to ZipperBonita Lakes Park
78 ft-2 ft3 ft
D LoopBonita Lakes Park
560 ft-21 ft13 ft
Dam LoopTuffburg
3,349 ft-116 ft101 ft
Death ValleyTuffburg
3 miles-274 ft268 ft
Death ValleyTuffburg
1,076 ft-20 ft27 ft
Dirt RoadMeridian
1,292 ft37 ft
Dirt RoadBonita Lakes Park
947 ft-43 ft
Dirt RoadBonita Lakes Park
Dirt RoadBonita Lakes Park
248 ft
Dirt Road (Blue section)Bonita Lakes Park
510 ft-6 ft
Dirt Road - from 5 Point to Power Line RoadBonita Lakes Park
882 ft-15 ft17 ft
DollywoodTombigbee State Park
3,100 ft-71 ft37 ft
Drop ZoneBrookhaven
1,572 ft-28 ft28 ft
ElevatorBonita Lakes Park
1,240 ft-35 ft
Elevator BypassBonita Lakes Park
319 ft-71 ft
Family LoopTombigbee State Park
2 miles-273 ft304 ft
Family LoopBonita Lakes Park
1,867 ft-100 ft44 ft
Family Loop 2Bonita Lakes Park
1,479 ft-128 ft
Front Loop LowerTombigbee State Park
5,103 ft-120 ft188 ft
Front Loop UpperTombigbee State Park
4,872 ft-44 ft3 ft
Fruit LoopSouth Campus Recreation Area
2 miles-143 ft66 ft
GatewayBonita Lakes Park
4,247 ft-188 ft313 ft
Gateway (upper)Bonita Lakes Park
775 ft106 ft
Gateway ConnectorBonita Lakes Park
44 ft3 ft
Gateway Connector 2Bonita Lakes Park
79 ft-7 ft
Gateway CutoverBonita Lakes Park
125 ft-13 ft3 ft
GeminiArea 51 Mountain Bike Trails
2,287 ft-74 ft13 ft
Gentry's JumpBayou Point
414 ft-6 ft4 ft
Golden BushSouth Campus Recreation Area
2 miles-284 ft292 ft
Hamburger HillBonita Lakes Park
1,260 ft115 ft
Hamburger Hill CrossoverBonita Lakes Park
66 ft2 ft
Headwaters TrailTombigbee National Forest
2 miles-416 ft387 ft
I-20 PerimeterBrandon Quarry Park
4,416 ft-26 ft3 ft
Kids LoopMt. Zion
4,013 ft-61 ft61 ft
Knob GoblinSouth Campus Recreation Area
1 mile-31 ft111 ft
Lamont JunkyardSouth Campus Recreation Area
3 miles-463 ft500 ft
Log Jump TrailTombigbee National Forest
2 miles-333 ft198 ft
Long Bridge TrailTombigbee National Forest
1 mile-309 ft307 ft
Lost Cemetery Road TrailTombigbee National Forest
3 miles-286 ft473 ft
Lost TrailBethel trails at Desoto National Forest
5 miles-230 ft231 ft
Lush Pun Tubby Natural TrailOlive Branch City Park
1,005 ft-26 ft8 ft
Mall Overlook RoadBonita Lakes Park
2,203 ft-51 ft11 ft
Mardi GrasBonita Lakes Park
4,186 ft-190 ft83 ft
McGee Way ConnectorRidgeland Trails
1,109 ft-33 ft15 ft
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