segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Sawmill to Gate Sawmill Gulch Road1 miles285 ft1620144534
2Sawmill Road Climb No Dirt Sawmill Climb4,693 ft230 ft98983148
3Mary McDonald Bitterroot Branch1,959 ft1 ft74731690
4Sawmill TT Sawmill Climb4,730 ft418 ft729568314
5Yacht Club Fenceline2,878 ft192 ft72037482
6Lower Fenceline Reroute Fenceline1 miles381 ft712357911
7Golf Course DH Golf Course1,863 ft220 ft68061582
8Right Fork Sawmill Climb5,015 ft325 ft66952495
9Tears to Ravine Sawmill Climb2,940 ft306 ft66037414
10MoZ Descent 1st Half Mo Z3,016 ft245 ft64962341
11MOZ Descent Mo Z4,808 ft440 ft637609817
12Bomber #2 Fenceline2,915 ft231 ft63227674
13Curry Gulch Curry Gulch2 miles686 ft612321110
14Sawmill Gulch Rd Climb Curry Gulch4,101 ft317 ft60540340
15Golf Course Descent Golf Course2,048 ft235 ft57849131
16Dropout Dropout1 miles731 ft54326981
17Vague Trail Dropout1 miles780 ft525261511
18Green Light Three Larch2,009 ft205 ft49224400
19Krueger/Three Larch Three Larch2 miles555 ft47522949
20Backside Spring Gulch2,747 ft486 ft44518074
21Wallman Climb from Spring Gulch Wallman (West)1 miles666 ft43517275
22Stravawinder (no switchback error) Sidewinder4,055 ft273 ft43521662
23Waterfall Fish ladder2,692 ft231 ft43020692
24Sidewinder Descent Sidewinder4,215 ft301 ft42721113
25Julie Andrews' Lung Buster Paint Brush Ridge1,039 ft115 ft42425250
26Chopsticks downhill Crooked Trail3,181 ft454 ft419242312
27Super Highway Curry Gulch1,884 ft108 ft40816362
28Wallman East Descent to corridor Wallman (East)2 miles1,197 ft37615001
29Chopsticks Downhill Crooked Trail3,586 ft550 ft36619672
30Sawmill Gulch Road Climb Ewok3,614 ft305 ft3537430
31one for twelve Spring Gulch1 miles335 ft3357690
32MoZ Shortcut 2nd Half Mt Sentinel Road Climb1,846 ft235 ft32116250
33Ravine Rd Climb Ravine4,237 ft314 ft31113240
34Sawmill Gulch Rd Climb The Burn5,011 ft424 ft3068452
35crazy canyon climb Black Bear2,365 ft229 ft3047311
36Overlook Descent Spring Gulch4 miles1,654 ft3048485
37Grant Creek Rd Climb Ravine2 miles930 ft29512470
38Grant Creek Ravine climb Ravine3 miles1,318 ft294120813
39Flying the flow Hayes Creek1 miles723 ft29312197
40Ravine Trail Ravine3 miles1,209 ft29312201
41Son of Sidewinder Sidewinder2,469 ft371 ft28910793
42Franklin Bridge Downhill Main Corridor8 miles593 ft2875812
43MoZ Shortcut Mt Sentinel Road Climb3,030 ft448 ft28013512
44Grant Creek Ravine Downhill Ravine3 miles1,190 ft27610458
45Sidewinder Climb Sidewinder4,194 ft276 ft26912661
46SW climb no switchback error Sidewinder4,103 ft263 ft26912661
47Maurice Ave Mt Sentinel Road Climb1 miles781 ft24311354
48Why not go for it? Wilderness Trail887 ft22 ft23913481
49Jeep Trail Climb Sheep Mountain2,956 ft319 ft2395940
50Clark to Mary Bike Path Bitterroot Branch1,879 ft11 ft2385580
51Franklin Bridge Main Corridor8 miles620 ft2324601
52Unnamed Rd Climb Blue Mountain Main Corridor1 miles429 ft2326861
53Blue Point Climb Sheep Mountain2 miles1,280 ft2275475
54Wallman West Descent Wallman (West)1 miles585 ft2254682
55Climb out from Hayes creek Moto Line2,573 ft298 ft2195531
56Picnic Point Descent Rocky Top3,680 ft381 ft2136750
57Outhouse climb 10 Gallon Hat Lower2,333 ft232 ft2106481
58Hour of Power midway Crooked Trail3,288 ft501 ft2109061
59Unnamed Rd Climb Wallman (East)4,886 ft495 ft2054480
60Wren Descent Fish ladder4,878 ft418 ft2057090
61Up Chopsticks Crooked Trail3,592 ft538 ft2058960
62Sam Braxton CW DH Sam Braxton2 miles457 ft2027632
63Wallman - Corridor Side Climb Wallman (East)2 miles1,084 ft1994243
64Rocky Bastard Climb Rocky Top3,754 ft388 ft1967701
65Orchard Orchard1,942 ft265 ft1906356
66middle marshall single track descent Hot Sauce2,030 ft151 ft1805440
67Unnamed Rd Climb Wallman (East)1 miles797 ft1773810
68Bench Road Climb Stuart Peak4,559 ft590 ft1774130
69blue mtn face downhill Rocky Top4,106 ft396 ft1755171
70Vague Trail Up Dropout1 miles775 ft1743642
71Blue Point Descent Sheep Mountain2 miles1,196 ft1743766
72Down Stupid Hill T-Bone3,859 ft383 ft1736521
73Sidewinder and sons down Sidewinder2 miles826 ft1695103
74B.Mtn final descent Bluebird1,359 ft104 ft1647550
75Beargrass Descent Beargrass Highway5 miles1,924 ft1613576
76Lower North Side Descent Carcass2,116 ft215 ft1605341
77Pinecone Steep Prime climb971 ft129 ft1606610
78Williams Wall Hot Sauce2,321 ft110 ft1574260
79Hayes Point Shortcut Hayes Point Shortcut3,317 ft324 ft1525051
80Williams Wall Top Descent Hot Sauce2,433 ft202 ft1513170
81Left Fork - Pattee Main Gate Upper deer creek2,579 ft268 ft1503710
82Franklin Bridge - out and back Main Corridor16 miles577 ft1392480
83Crazy Canyon Road to Gas Line Black Bear2,684 ft215 ft1373460
84New Fenceline to Dropout (Up) Fenceline3 miles878 ft1352873
85Rocky Point Climb Rocky Top3,910 ft365 ft1344730
86Sheep Final Descent Sheep Mountain Descent1 miles903 ft1282283
87steeper curry climb Steep Curry3,523 ft534 ft1232391
88Sheep 1st Descent Sheep Mountain Descent2 miles1,411 ft1142021
89The Flats Descent - short version Blue Mountain National Recreation Trail4,585 ft43 ft1123740
90Directisimo Top Chop936 ft229 ft1062890
91Mill Creek descent pt 2 Mill Creek3,180 ft522 ft1051661
92Mill Creek descent pt 1 Mill Creek2,552 ft390 ft1041661
93Mill Creek DH Mill Creek2 miles1,997 ft1041622
94Jeep Trail Climb Bear Right2,350 ft272 ft1001670
95Full Hayes Creek Descent Moto Line4,574 ft479 ft962131
96Mill Creek descent pt 3 Mill Creek4,076 ft741 ft961481
97The Enchanted Forest Sheep Mountain Descent2 miles934 ft931481
98Williams Wall Descent Hot Sauce2,411 ft135 ft881610
99Lower Mill Creek only Mill Creek4,110 ft411 ft811410
100Go For It! Bluebird736 ft94 ft792201
101Campus Dr Climb M Trail3,087 ft597 ft73881
102Bigger Sidewinder Climb Sidewinder1 miles661 ft631031
103Reserve To Community Sprint South Avenue Path1,966 ft6 ft581010
104W Fork Schwartz Creek Rd Climb W fork Schwartz Creek1 miles367 ft52680
105Against the Flow Hayes Creek1 miles731 ft491491
106Point 6 Rd Climb Beargrass Highway2 miles1,051 ft49771
107Marshall #2 Moose Moose4,971 ft591 ft48682
108Unnamed Rd Climb Sheep Mountain Descent1 miles760 ft47570
10907/24/10 Missoula, Mt W fork Schwartz Creek1 miles321 ft47661
110Jeep Trail Climb Three Larch5,247 ft499 ft46911
111Point 6 Rd Climb Beargrass Highway1 miles515 ft46760
112Categorized Climb Hellgate Canyon2 miles1,620 ft36751
113Smokejumper Trail Hellgate Canyon2 miles1,589 ft35560
114South O'Brien Creek Loop Final Descent South O'Brien Creek Loop3,145 ft327 ft34510
115climb out of obrien South O'Brien Creek Loop4,575 ft468 ft27370
116Unnamed Road Climb Sheep Mountain Descent1 miles494 ft25310
117Dead Man Gulch Road Climb Deadmans Point Loop2,579 ft329 ft23550
118Unnamed Road Climb Tumbleweed4,158 ft342 ft21510
119Inez trail climb Inez longer/gentler2,606 ft223 ft19300
120Steep Sheep Descent 15132 miles1,486 ft11130
121from road up North O’Brien Creek Loop2,813 ft266 ft9130
122Sidewinder and sons up Sidewinder2 miles797 ft9180
123Alta View Climb Deadmans Point Loop1,828 ft299 ft8190
124Unnamed Rd Climb 15132 miles1,628 ft440
125MOZ single track Mo Z4,822 ft404 ft000
126Steep Sawmill Descent The Burn5,271 ft430 ft000
127New ascent from Jumbo Saddle Sound of Music4,459 ft461 ft000
128New Descent from Jumbo's Ear Sound of Music3,811 ft400 ft000
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