Mountain Bike
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10 Gallon HatPattee Canyon
3,015 ft-77 ft94 ft
10 Gallon Hat LowerPattee Canyon
2,367 ft-254 ft6 ft
1513The Rattlesnake
4 miles-1,909 ft562 ft
21st AvenueSouth Hills
131 ft
24th Street TrailSouth Hills
4,068 ft236 ft
1,592 ft-1 ft74 ft
302.8Pattee Canyon
1,186 ft-141 ft
302.9Pattee Canyon
1,829 ft-36 ft149 ft
4 Mile RidgeLolo Pass
4 miles-1,716 ft203 ft
6.01 - Moto TrailBlue Mountain
4,065 ft-383 ft69 ft
A.J. Hoyt Memorial TrailFrenchtown
5 miles-40 ft15 ft
Albert Creek Trail #719Petty Mountain
8 miles-1,047 ft4,109 ft
Albert Petty Tie Trail #731Petty Mountain
4,401 ft-506 ft78 ft
Albert Point #732Petty Mountain
3 miles-1,359 ft1,038 ft
Anchors AweighMarshall Mountain
732 ft-91 ft7 ft
Apple HouseThe Rattlesnake
338 ft
Argillite Cliffs #3.08Blue Mountain
4,711 ft303 ft
Bancroft PondSouth Hills
1,312 ft3 ft
Barmeyer TrailDean Stone
1 mile814 ft
Beacon TrailPattee Canyon
1 mile-1,116 ft130 ft
Bear RightThe Rattlesnake
2 miles-828 ft45 ft
Beargrass HighwayMontana Snowbowl
5 miles-2,396 ft448 ft
Bees NestMarshall Mountain
3,665 ft-243 ft192 ft
BellevueSouth Hills
1,959 ft-3 ft
Bellevue Bike ParkSouth Hills
764 ft
Beyond BlueBlue Mountain
1 mile-871 ft
Bitterroot BranchMissoula
1,472 ft-6 ft4 ft
Bitterroot BranchMissoula
4,507 ft-7 ft17 ft
Bitterroot BranchMissoula
5 miles-78 ft48 ft
Bitterroot RidgeThe Rattlesnake
1,085 ft61 ft
Björn AgainMarshall Mountain
3,432 ft-522 ft3 ft
Black BearPattee Canyon
1 mile-67 ft470 ft
Blue Mountain Main Corridor #3.04Blue Mountain
2 miles747 ft
Blue Mountain National Recreation Trail #3.01Blue Mountain
1 mile-24 ft152 ft
Blue Point OverlookThe Rattlesnake
782 ft-7 ft58 ft
Bluebird #3.15Blue Mountain
2 miles-232 ft159 ft
Bluebird in the Bush #3.10Blue Mountain
2,382 ft-46 ft
Brake Check #9.3Pattee Canyon
2,316 ft-399 ft
BriarwoodSouth Hills
272 ft
Burdette Ridge #144Lolo Pass
4 miles-1,259 ft437 ft
Burnt ForkNinemile
3 miles-2,434 ft70 ft
Butch CassidyPattee Canyon
2,151 ft-408 ft
CaddillacPattee Canyon
2 miles-403 ft385 ft
Canned MooseSouth Hills
1,168 ft-97 ft
Canyon River ExtensionMissoula
3 miles-93 ft103 ft
Carcass #3.26Blue Mountain
3,602 ft-39 ft378 ft
Carlton RidgeBlue Mountain
3 miles-1,846 ft41 ft
Cat Track LoopMarshall Mountain
3,875 ft502 ft
Charlo PlaygroundSouth Hills
600 ft-2 ft3 ft
Chico GulchMissoula
3 miles-2,209 ft14 ft
Chief CharloSouth Hills
899 ft34 ft
Climb to OrchardBlue Mountain
1,571 ft-24 ft62 ft
Colorado Gulch #24.7The Rattlesnake
3,770 ft-12 ft380 ft
ConnectorThe Rattlesnake
390 ft-21 ft
ContourThe Rattlesnake
1,539 ft-14 ft20 ft
Cookie MonsterPattee Canyon
4,167 ft-779 ft
CornerstoneThe Rattlesnake
988 ft47 ft
Cornerstone CrossingThe Rattlesnake
545 ft
Crazy Connection #9.7Pattee Canyon
932 ft-61 ft
Crooked Trail #302Pattee Canyon
2,720 ft-43 ft145 ft
Cul ConnectorThe Rattlesnake
279 ft
Curry Gulch #28.1The Rattlesnake
1 mile-166 ft756 ft
Curve to CreekBlue Mountain
1,220 ft-21 ft9 ft
Dark SideMarshall Mountain
1,411 ft-24 ft80 ft
Deadman Gulch CreekBlue Mountain
2 miles-46 ft656 ft
Deadmans Curve #6.06Missoula
1 mile-315 ft301 ft
Deadmans Point #6.02Blue Mountain
1,936 ft-28 ft48 ft
Deadmans Point Loop 6.02aBlue Mountain
1 mile-402 ft390 ft
Deadmans Ridge #6.05Blue Mountain
4 miles-2,448 ft92 ft
Deer Creek RidgePattee Canyon
2 miles-1,539 ft156 ft
Deer Creek SneakPattee Canyon
4 miles-144 ft921 ft
Dog LegPattee Canyon
691 ft-89 ft
Dropout #24.6The Rattlesnake
1 mile-759 ft
Dual SlalomMarshall Mountain
679 ft-75 ft
Duncan BridgeThe Rattlesnake
751 ft-23 ft
Duncan GruntThe Rattlesnake
670 ft73 ft
East Fork of Rattlesnake Creek #514The Rattlesnake
3 miles-1,885 ft133 ft
Easy UpMarshall Mountain
1 mile-4 ft639 ft
Egress #9.13Pattee Canyon
1,109 ft-138 ft
ErikaSouth Hills
276 ft-17 ft
Ewok #24.2The Rattlesnake
1 mile-290 ft
Fairway #3.18Blue Mountain
1,152 ft-102 ft
Fenceline #24.5The Rattlesnake
3 miles-1,001 ft72 ft
Fifth WheelPattee Canyon
879 ft-19 ft
First DatePattee Canyon
597 ft33 ft
Fish LadderThe Rattlesnake
4,939 ft-30 ft448 ft
Foothill GrasslandBlue Mountain
1,706 ft-14 ft29 ft
Forest to Foothills #3.08Blue Mountain
3,432 ft184 ft
Fox HollowThe Rattlesnake
553 ft-15 ft
Free FallingThe Rattlesnake
1,798 ft-281 ft
G.I. Joe #3.23Blue Mountain
1 mile-69 ft351 ft
Garland ParkSouth Hills
699 ft-75 ft
Ghost TownPattee Canyon
4,176 ft-4 ft300 ft
Go For ItPattee Canyon
2,037 ft-71 ft80 ft
Golf CoursePattee Canyon
2,289 ft-2 ft258 ft
Grant Creek TrailMissoula
3 miles-78 ft500 ft
Grave Creek #1220Petty Mountain
3 miles-2,279 ft80 ft
Grave Creek Growler #17806Blue Mountain
13 miles-2,855 ft4,356 ft
GreenbrierThe Rattlesnake
1,155 ft-35 ft
Greenough ParkThe Rattlesnake
4,150 ft-33 ft78 ft
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