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10 Gallon HatPattee Canyon
2,372 ft-254 ft
1513The Rattlesnake
3.6 miles-1,966 ft
9.13Pattee Canyon
1,132 ft-148 ft
Beacon TrailPattee Canyon
1.3 miles-1,116 ft
Beargrass HighwayThe Rattlesnake
4.1 miles-2,070 ft
Black BearPattee Canyon
3,483 ft-64 ft
Blue MountainBlue Mountain
1.9 miles-5 ft
BluebirdBlue Mountain
1.1 miles-202 ft
Bonny and ClydeBlue Mountain
1.0 miles-192 ft
Burnt ForkMissoula
3.2 miles-2,255 ft
Butch CassidyPattee Canyon
2,151 ft-408 ft
CaddillacPattee Canyon
2.2 miles-421 ft
CarcassBlue Mountain
4,045 ft-24 ft
ChopsticksPattee Canyon
3,525 ft-517 ft
Climb to OrchardBlue Mountain
1,945 ft-26 ft
Colorado Gulch RoadThe Rattlesnake
3,942 ft-50 ft
ConnectorPattee Canyon
1,059 ft-78 ft
Cookie MonsterPattee Canyon
4,230 ft-783 ft
Corridor TrailMissoula
13.0 miles-515 ft
Curry GulchThe Rattlesnake
2.2 miles-108 ft
Deadman Point loopBlue Mountain
2.2 miles-655 ft
Deadmans RidgeBlue Mountain
4.2 miles-3,046 ft
Deer Creek RidgePattee Canyon
2.3 miles-1,159 ft
Dog LegPattee Canyon
691 ft-89 ft
DropoutThe Rattlesnake
1.4 miles-820 ft
Elk Trail/Deep CreekBlue Mountain
1.5 miles-982 ft
FencelineThe Rattlesnake
3.3 miles-1,226 ft
Fire HousePattee Canyon
1.2 miles-241 ft
Fish ladderThe Rattlesnake
4,939 ft-30 ft
Flying the flowBlue Mountain
1.4 miles-862 ft
G.I. JoeBlue Mountain
1.1 miles-51 ft
Ghost TownPattee Canyon
4,176 ft-4 ft
Golf CoursePattee Canyon
2,289 ft-2 ft
Hayes CreekBlue Mountain
3,826 ft-234 ft
Hayes Point ShortcutBlue Mountain
3,459 ft-4 ft
Hot SauceThe Rattlesnake
1.5 miles-673 ft
Kut ThruPattee Canyon
144 ft-16 ft
Larch Camp trail 9.10Pattee Canyon
2,634 ft-270 ft
Larch Link 9.8Pattee Canyon
1.1 miles-9 ft
LuckyThe Rattlesnake
3,372 ft-11 ft
Midnight SpecialPattee Canyon
4,287 ft-45 ft
Mill CreekBlue Mountain
3.7 miles-2,793 ft
Mineral Peak TrailThe Rattlesnake
2.0 miles-1,470 ft
Mittower GulchThe Rattlesnake
3.6 miles-1,621 ft
Mo ZPattee Canyon
1.1 miles-457 ft
Moose ChuckleThe Rattlesnake
4,964 ft-542 ft
More direct to BluebirdBlue Mountain
1,919 ft-28 ft
Mormon PeakBlue Mountain
2.9 miles-1,915 ft
Moto LineBlue Mountain
1.1 miles-504 ft
OrchardBlue Mountain
1.0 miles-490 ft
Paint Brush RidgeThe Rattlesnake
1,406 ft-11 ft
Pattee Canyon trail 9.3Pattee Canyon
1,437 ft-276 ft
PawnBlue Mountain
1,482 ft
PieBlue Mountain
2,761 ft-1 ft
Prime climbBlue Mountain
1.4 miles-11 ft
Quick DrawThe Rattlesnake
3,272 ft-21 ft
Ranch CreekMissoula
9.2 miles-270 ft
RavineThe Rattlesnake
2.8 miles-1,419 ft
Redneck AlleyPattee Canyon
5,011 ft-54 ft
Reservation DivideMissoula
16.7 miles-4,067 ft
Rocky TopBlue Mountain
1.1 miles-450 ft
Sam BraxtonPattee Canyon
3.8 miles-809 ft
Sawmill ClimbThe Rattlesnake
4.9 miles-131 ft
Sawmill to Fence line connectorMissoula
1,557 ft-40 ft
Sheep Mountain (Front Side)The Rattlesnake
9.9 miles-871 ft
Sheep Mountain DescentThe Rattlesnake
6.5 miles-3,721 ft
ShogunBlue Mountain
1,506 ft
Sidewinder (& Sons)The Rattlesnake
2.0 miles-981 ft
Sound of MusicThe Rattlesnake
4,940 ft-485 ft
South O'Brien Creek LoopBlue Mountain
5.1 miles-1,153 ft
Spring GulchThe Rattlesnake
4.7 miles-1,977 ft
Steep CurryThe Rattlesnake
1.9 miles-1,281 ft
Stuart PeakThe Rattlesnake
3.7 miles-2,101 ft
Sundance KidPattee Canyon
1,081 ft-334 ft
T-BoneBlue Mountain
3,979 ft-377 ft
TapoutPattee Canyon
2,638 ft-100 ft
Ten PennyBlue Mountain
2,508 ft-34 ft
The BurnThe Rattlesnake
1.0 miles-453 ft
The GutThe Rattlesnake
5,100 ft-63 ft
Three LarchThe Rattlesnake
2.3 miles-805 ft
Top ChopPattee Canyon
1,071 ft-198 ft
TumbleweedPattee Canyon
1.8 miles-471 ft
Turkey Trail ClimbMissoula
3,170 ft-17 ft
Wallman (East)The Rattlesnake
2.4 miles-1,240 ft
Wallman (West)Missoula
1.1 miles-3 ft
Why notBlue Mountain
2,384 ft-195 ft
Woods RidgePattee Canyon
3,633 ft-40 ft
Zephyr TrailPattee Canyon
2.4 miles-489 ft
ZiplineBlue Mountain
3,461 ft-281 ft
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