Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"A" MinusAnaconda Hills
2,893 ft-12 ft532 ft
"A" Single trailAnaconda Hills
890 ft-187 ft
"C" MinusAnaconda Hills
4,917 ft-66 ft401 ft
"C" PlusAnaconda Hills
1 mile-1,532 ft
"C" Summit Single TrackAnaconda Hills
2 miles-793 ft695 ft
"P" TrailColumbia Falls
4,961 ft-394 ft
#131Sapphire WSA
1 mile-11 ft883 ft
#132Sapphire WSA
2 miles-154 ft688 ft
2 miles836 ft
10 Gallon HatPattee Canyon
3,015 ft-77 ft94 ft
10 Gallon Hat LowerPattee Canyon
2,367 ft-254 ft6 ft
11th Hour TrailGreat Divide
1 mile-941 ft
140A 140-ABig Belts
4,272 ft-394 ft119 ft
144 #144Big Belts
3 miles-124 ft1,641 ft
145 #145Big Belts
3 miles-540 ft2,028 ft
1513The Rattlesnake
4 miles-1,909 ft562 ft
155 Spur #155Baldy/Edith
693 ft-186 ft
1684 TroadWhitefish Range
7 miles-30 ft1,095 ft
1906 TrailSouth Hills
2 miles1,111 ft
1st DropElk Basin
3,108 ft-344 ft30 ft
2006 Trail (north side)South Hills
4,252 ft457 ft
2006 Trail (south side)South Hills
2,495 ft-108 ft64 ft
2006 Trail above Arrowroot DriveSouth Hills
1,966 ft-30 ft127 ft
21st AvenueSouth Hills
131 ft
24th Street TrailSouth Hills
4,068 ft236 ft
269 - Horse Creek TieCrazy Mountains
2 miles-619 ft245 ft
1,592 ft-1 ft74 ft
302.8Pattee Canyon
1,186 ft-141 ft
302.9Pattee Canyon
1,829 ft-36 ft149 ft
4 Mile RidgeLolo Pass
4 miles-1,716 ft203 ft
4-Mile BasinAnaconda
4 miles-50 ft1,132 ft
40Legacy Bike Park
1 mile-716 ft28 ft
440 Abbreviated #440Northern Gallatin Range
3 miles-787 ft385 ft
451 ATVMoser
3,209 ft-40 ft259 ft
480 TrailTally Lake Area
4 miles-1,524 ft435 ft
50 / 50Elk Basin
6 miles-1,603 ft935 ft
50/50 altElk Basin
1,701 ft-39 ft65 ft
6.01 - Moto TrailBlue Mountain
4,065 ft-383 ft69 ft
89 South County Trail (future Rails to Trails Connector)City Trails
6 miles-21 ft111 ft
93 Bypass trailKalispell
2 miles-56 ft119 ft
93 Bypass TrailKalispell
4 miles-89 ft152 ft
93 Bypass TrailKalispell
3,869 ft-34 ft23 ft
93 Bypass TrailKalispell
3,749 ft-36 ft16 ft
93 North TrailKalispell
2 miles-110 ft32 ft
93 North TrailKalispell
1,385 ft8 ft
93 North TrailKalispell
1,112 ft16 ft
A AlternateAnaconda Hills
1,237 ft-31 ft48 ft
A.J. Hoyt Memorial TrailFrenchtown
5 miles-40 ft15 ft
Abbot Creek Nature TrailColumbia Falls
1,284 ft-74 ft78 ft
Abbott Valley TrailColumbia Falls
1 mile-130 ft166 ft
Abro Lake Trail #333Tobacco Roots
3 miles-129 ft1,146 ft
Abro Lake Trail #333Tobacco Roots
1 mile870 ft
Access road 10319Bigfork
2 miles-331 ft813 ft
Access Road to Muddy Bottom TrailTally Lake Area
4 miles-511 ft548 ft
Access TrailPawnee Prairie Park
79 ft
Access TrailThe Whitefish Trail
2,438 ft-44 ft56 ft
Access trailKila
1,036 ft-29 ft2 ft
Acropolis Crest Lower ConnectorSouth Hills
287 ft-2 ft7 ft
Acropolis Crest TrailSouth Hills
1,831 ft-209 ft13 ft
Acropolis Crest Upper ConnectorSouth Hills
1,978 ft89 ft
Acropolis to SpartaSouth Hills
906 ft-28 ft29 ft
AfricaBig Sky Resort
1,196 ft-380 ft
Aftershock TrailSouth Hills
1 mile-215 ft63 ft
Albert Creek Trail #719Petty Mountain
8 miles-1,047 ft4,109 ft
Albert Petty Tie Trail #731Petty Mountain
4,401 ft-506 ft78 ft
Albert Point #732Petty Mountain
3 miles-1,359 ft1,038 ft
Alder #6303Cedar Flats
1,926 ft31 ft
Alex's AlleyBig Mountain Nordic
3,317 ft-54 ft3 ft
Almost HappyPipestone
4,442 ft-250 ft114 ft
AlpenglowCity Trails
3,445 ft-5 ft2 ft
Alpine #7Swan Lake
13 miles-3,549 ft3,201 ft
Alpine #7Columbia Falls
3 miles-892 ft845 ft
Alpine #7Kalispell
5 miles-1,707 ft1,577 ft
Alpine #7Swan Lake
3 miles-989 ft584 ft
Alpine #7Columbia Falls
2 miles-548 ft602 ft
Alpine #7Swan Lake
7 miles-2,177 ft2,177 ft
Alpine #7Columbia Falls
2 miles-1,211 ft281 ft
Alpine 7Bigfork
2 miles-470 ft1,091 ft
Alpine 7Kalispell
3 miles-1,212 ft443 ft
Alpine Trail #7Bigfork
4,946 ft-154 ft554 ft
Alpine Trail #7Bigfork
2 miles-176 ft733 ft
Alpine Trail #7Bigfork
1 mile-56 ft972 ft
Alpine Trail #7-Birch LakeBigfork
4,837 ft-406 ft243 ft
Also Carol’s TrailSeeley Lake
2,142 ft-49 ft6 ft
alternateSouthern Gallatin Range
1 mile-728 ft7 ft
Alternate DHTobacco Roots
1,660 ft-425 ft
Alternate Figure 8Green Gates
2,597 ft-7 ft33 ft
Alternate from fire roadGreen Gates
1,498 ft-58 ft15 ft
Alternate Steep RouteGreen Gates
1,559 ft-37 ft16 ft
Ambrose Island Game TrailLolo
1 mile-365 ft89 ft
Ambrose TrailSouth Hills
2 miles-287 ft179 ft
Ambrose Trail (closed)South Hills
3,261 ft-81 ft111 ft
Ambush LoopBig Sky Resort
707 ft-16 ft11 ft
Amsterdam Road PathwayTriangle Trail System
4,997 ft-8 ft
Anchors AweighMarshall Mountain
732 ft-91 ft7 ft
AndesiteTippet Rise
1 mile-157 ft216 ft
Andrews Creek #178Warm Springs / Lost Trail Pass
3 miles-1,177 ft239 ft
Andy's to Seven SistersSouth Hills
1,128 ft-76 ft44 ft
Andy's TrailSouth Hills
3,228 ft-172 ft39 ft
Apgar Bike PathApgar
3 miles-43 ft52 ft
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