segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Old Bankhead from Mtn Mist exit to North Plat cutover Old Bankhead Pkwy4,175 ft154 ft833167783
2Family Trail - North Section going South Family Bike Trail1 miles26 ft7451031113
3Old Bankhead Climb to Plateau Old Bankhead Pkwy1 miles240 ft6901285512
4Mt. Mist from Rock Bench out to Blocked Road Mountain Mist4,117 ft53 ft67781157
5Mt. Mist Last .4 mi to Road Mountain Mist1,915 ft20 ft67382005
6Family Bike Trail (Downhill/South) - Monte Sano Family Bike Trail2 miles57 ft61443355
7Cold springs from N. Plat Cold Springs Trail1,883 ft153 ft58370835
8tollgate to land trust parking lot Tollgate Trail2,422 ft200 ft545138882
9Mt. Mist from Sinks to rock bench Mountain Mist2,551 ft46 ft52842236
10North Plateau from the Lookout to Cold Springs North Plateau Loop2,851 ft38 ft50051625
11Scenic Overlook to Bankhead Pkwy - (Downhill) Old Bankhead Pkwy1 miles250 ft49858304
12New Sinks to Single Bench DH Sinks1,547 ft200 ft48442883
13South Plateau - Fire Tower to Fire Tower (South to North) South Plateau Loop5,000 ft44 ft44335635
14Sinks Short Downhill Sinks1,018 ft66 ft44239090
15South Plateau - O'Shaughnessy Point to Fire Tower South Plateau Loop3,114 ft28 ft44227912
16Sinks from single bench down to three benches Sinks952 ft82 ft43732670
17Sinks - 3 Benches to Mt. Mist Sinks3,212 ft100 ft43638502
18Family Trail Going North Family Bike Trail2 miles57 ft39532205
19North Plateau Loop - Fire Tower to Bankhead Connector North Plateau Loop3,500 ft55 ft39331956
20South Plateau To OshPt. South Plateau Loop1 miles34 ft38821824
21FamilyTrail(EastorWest)NorthtoSouth Family Bike Trail2 miles56 ft37847063
22Sinks-3bench(downhill) Sinks2,354 ft273 ft37524894
23Mt. Mist Fast Section going E. Mountain Mist2,273 ft57 ft37436134
243 Benches to Mt. Mist Climb Sinks1,219 ft104 ft35725703
25Goat South Connector Descent Goat Trail2,469 ft125 ft35228972
26Goat going North Goat Trail2 miles100 ft33828455
27Toll Gate Climb from RRB to LTPL Tollgate Trail3,022 ft208 ft33677325
28Dummy Line lower half The Dummy Line Trail3,535 ft183 ft32038761
29Sinks Climb from Mt. Mist to BPL. Sinks1,260 ft182 ft29320373
30Keith Trail Fun Descent Keith Trail1,464 ft110 ft29324152
31Guard Shack to Park Overlook North Plateau Loop1,221 ft34 ft29122514
32Logan Point Trail CW Logan Point Trail5,150 ft89 ft28623552
33RMAD Climb Bankhead Trail (Aka RMAD)3,153 ft141 ft27733705
34Creek Bomb North Plateau Loop2,831 ft44 ft26316603
35RMAD - Richard, MA, Daisy Trail Bankhead Trail (Aka RMAD)3,987 ft40 ft26334493
36Bankhead Trail - UP - UPPER HALF Bankhead Trail (Aka RMAD)4,476 ft199 ft26131342
37Kieth Trail CCW Keith Trail1 miles120 ft24311322
38RMAD top half down Bankhead Trail (Aka RMAD)3,449 ft156 ft24225072
39RMAD Full DH Bankhead Trail (Aka RMAD)1 miles193 ft23724498
40Goat South Connector Climb Goat Trail2,143 ft89 ft23614740
413bench-bikerslot Sinks2,492 ft275 ft2159723
42Goat going South Goat Trail2 miles194 ft19712040
43Fire Tower - North Plateau to Family Bike Firetower Trail2,085 ft45 ft1837402
44Bluffline from Wagon to Land Trust PL Bluff Line Trail1 miles65 ft16711884
45Bluffline from RRB to Annandale Bluff Line Trail5,044 ft63 ft1569951
46McCay Hollow Descent to New Trail McCay Hollow1,205 ft150 ft1526591
47BlufflineTechDownhill Bluff Line Trail2,582 ft243 ft1395083
48Warpath (Downhill) - Warpath Trail Sign to Rocky Nightmare Intersection Warpath Ridge Trail1,327 ft182 ft1372280
49Dummy Line to Rocky Rd Connector Ascent The Dummy Line Trail1,220 ft67 ft1307482
50Descent on Back Side of Logan's Point Logan Point Trail1,311 ft61 ft1296501
51McCay Hollow from Renegade to Natural Well McCay Hollow4,245 ft85 ft1274001
52High Trail going South High Trail1 miles63 ft1185042
53Chestnut Climb William Arthur Wells CCC Memorial Trail (Chestnut Trail)458 ft41 ft1173101
54Dallas Branch Trail Up: Oak Park to Bankhead Dallas Branch1,924 ft154 ft1166910
55Stone Cuts Descent going North Stone Cuts Trail1,526 ft117 ft1142090
56Mckay Hollow Descent McCay Hollow4,267 ft570 ft1022302
57Wagon from Young Kennedy to Alms House. Wagon Trail1,236 ft117 ft1026170
58McCay Hollow Climb from the New Trail. McCay Hollow1,174 ft139 ft1012920
59Rocky Frigg Nightmare going SE Rocky Nightmare3,938 ft43 ft1015753
60Monte Sano Blvd Se Climb Arrowhead Trail1 miles446 ft983601
61Bluffline Full Upper DH Bluff Line Trail3,748 ft359 ft972140
62Arrowhead Access from LTPL to Natural Well Trail Arrowhead Trail5,260 ft83 ft953431
63Annandale from Waterline to Flourish Wagon Trail2,061 ft32 ft945450
64Rocky Frigg Nightmare going NW Rocky Nightmare4,068 ft70 ft933531
65New trail from Waterline to Wagon Young - Kennedy Trail2,545 ft48 ft915961
66Railroad Bed from Alms House to Bluffline Railroad Bed Trail1 miles161 ft909380
67Flourish from Annandale to Waterline Young - Kennedy Trail3,138 ft109 ft855070
68War Path Descent Grassy Knoll to Power Line Warpath Ridge Trail4,801 ft195 ft854331
69Young Kennedy from Wagon to Waterline Young - Kennedy Trail2,492 ft27 ft817552
70Wagon from Wildflower to Alms House Wagon Trail1,157 ft49 ft8111021
71Arrowhead Access From Natural Well Trail to LTPL Arrowhead Trail1 miles92 ft803103
72Bluffline from High Trail to Monte Sano Blvd. Bluff Line Trail3,354 ft126 ft792600
73High Trail going North High Trail1 miles69 ft793550
74Flourish from Waterline to Annandale Young - Kennedy Trail2,790 ft91 ft776651
75Wagon from Alms House to the New Trail Wagon Trail1,118 ft112 ft715411
76Wagon from Bluffline to Alms House Wagon Trail1,897 ft133 ft684090
77War Path Climb from Power Line to Grassy Knoll Warpath Ridge Trail5,036 ft220 ft653840
78Arrowhead Dr Climb McCay Hollow4,121 ft537 ft581080
79Stone Cuts Climb going South Stone Cuts Trail1,735 ft110 ft47550
80Black Cat Loop Climb Arrowhead Trail1,768 ft74 ft42610
81Choctaw Cir Se Climb McCay Hollow2,989 ft423 ft34371
82Big Cat Loop Descent Arrowhead Trail1,628 ft77 ft31842
83Lowry Climb Lowry Tail1,316 ft119 ft16231
84Highland Plaza Se Climb Natural Well Trail3,519 ft310 ft220
85Red Lizard climb Red Lizard Trail2,970 ft436 ft110
86Goat fun section going South Goat Trail3,230 ft75 ft000
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