Mountain Bike
Alms House Trail2 miles-374 ft114 ft-2.897321.54
Arrowhead Trail5 miles-867 ft472 ft-1.585450.429
Bankhead Trail (Aka RMAD)2 miles-98 ft374 ft3.029412.2
Big Cat Hill Bypass435 ft4 ft1.084316.256
Biker's Parking Lot Connectors424 ft-4 ft2 ft-0.366493.455
Biker's Parking Lot Connectors134 ft0493.4
Bluff Line Trail2 miles-202 ft556 ft2.702446.651
Bluffline Connector91 ft12 ft13.251322.48
Bog Trail1,555 ft-14 ft57 ft2.819497.66
Buzzard's Roost2,109 ft-32 ft105 ft3.454297.4
Cold Springs Connector223 ft-12 ft11 ft-0.746440.054
Cold Springs Connector88 ft-9 ft-9.691451.17
Cold Springs Trail1,112 ft-67 ft20 ft-4.217452.2
Cold Springs Trail5,067 ft-237 ft105 ft-2.603492.2
Dallas Branch1,928 ft-2 ft148 ft7.557341.8
Dummy Line to Blockade Connector921 ft-11 ft22 ft1.163422.543
Dummyline/High Trail Connector2,428 ft-98 ft17 ft-3.337429.8
Fagan Springs3,470 ft-12 ft136 ft3.59258.642
Family Bike Trail3 miles-209 ft206 ft-0.023502.763
Family Trail Connector151 ft-6 ft-3.742478.288
FBT Connector49 ft-4 ft-7.431478.275
Firetower Trail2 miles-120 ft144 ft0.295497.732
Flat Rock Connector2,030 ft-3 ft320 ft15.633402.705
Flat Rock Connector Trail2,030 ft314 ft15.477413.481
Flat Rock Trail7 miles-799 ft645 ft-0.429340.638
FT Connector96 ft7 ft6.936490.855
Gas Light Trail1,089 ft-11 ft2 ft-0.763298.564
Goat Trail2 miles-486 ft300 ft-1.535462.55
High Trail1 miles-125 ft150 ft0.325427.404
Hiker's Parking Connector118 ft-9 ft-7.249489.436
Keith Trail1 miles-229 ft134 ft-1.492429.171
Logan Point Trail1 miles-110 ft201 ft1.342443.262
Lowry Tail1,322 ft-21 ft147 ft9.524387.847
McCay Hollow2 miles-656 ft648 ft-0.075482.282
Mountain Mist3 miles-388 ft254 ft-0.882476.805
Natural Well To Arrowhead Connector443 ft67 ft15.037443.119
Natural Well Trail3 miles-746 ft338 ft-3.051448.262
North Plateau Bankhead Pkwy Connector66 ft-14 ft-20.962491.3
North Plateau Loop2 miles-185 ft185 ft0496.188
North Plateau Loop Connector86 ft-2 ft-2.005494.827
Oak Park5,132 ft-39 ft439 ft7.793335.8
Powerline Trail4,715 ft-204 ft42 ft-3.431341.888
Railroad Bed Trail2 miles-319 ft116 ft-2.286318.912
Red Lizard Trail2,143 ft-459 ft1 ft-21.398355.167
Rocky Nightmare4,016 ft-96 ft70 ft-0.644433.256
Sink Hole Trail577 ft88 ft15.271247.664
Sinks2 miles-388 ft340 ft-0.602493.583
South Plat to Bankhead Connector139 ft-5 ft-3.539492.3
South Plateau Loop3 miles-177 ft177 ft0502.2
Stone Cuts Trail4,049 ft-139 ft207 ft1.697451.715
The Dummy Line Trail1 miles-337 ft15 ft-4.827439
Tollgate Trail831 ft-8 ft16 ft0.936443.764
Tollgate Trail2 miles-30 ft672 ft6.902456.897
Wagon Trail2 miles-372 ft196 ft-1.554325.5
Warpath Ridge Trail1 miles-456 ft13 ft-6.543476.8
Waterline Trail4,003 ft-13 ft582 ft14.216415.866
Watts Trail2,240 ft-102 ft94 ft-0.375254.079
Wild Flower Trail2,361 ft-12 ft74 ft2.619240.391
William Arthur Wells CCC Memorial Trail (Chestnut Trail)650 ft-59 ft45 ft-2.219402.684
Young - Kennedy Trail1 miles-292 ft114 ft-2.431310.108
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