segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1reverse bike trail flat Monterey Bay Coastal Trail - Monterey Section4,788 ft178328746517
2Aquarium to Wharf Monterey Bay Coastal Trail - Monterey Section2,353 ft10 ft151979853113
3Monterey Bicycle Path Downhill Monterey Bay Coastal Trail - Monterey Section1,350 ft52 ft13717568206
4MONTEREY BIKE PATH HILL UP & OVER Monterey Bay Coastal Trail - Monterey Section3,096 ft65 ft133625576011
5MONTEREY BEACH TO NAVAL POST GRADUATE SCHOOL Monterey Bay Coastal Trail - Monterey Section2,238 ft3 ft132988774211
6bike trail flat Monterey Bay Coastal Trail - Monterey Section4,854 ft12109812948
7California State Park- Seaside to First Street Fort Ord Dunes State Park Rec Trail2 miles87 ft6656475447
81mi Euc Decent Eucalyptus Road5,180 ft220 ft4915293043
9CCCX FIRST CLIMB CIRCUIT RACE Parker Flats Road717 ft43 ft4876560855
1050 MPH MTB! Lookout Ridge Road1,271 ft118 ft4874171790
11CCCX ROAD CIRCUIT CLIMB #1 Parker Flats Road1,941 ft76 ft4854538916
12CCCX Circuit Climb- Parker Flats Parker Flats Road1,598 ft65 ft4832545021
13Goat Trail Lower Trail 41 (Lower)4,354 ft283 ft40362430411
14TR41: Bench to end Trail 41 (Lower)894 ft29 ft4016239825
152nd half, Trail 41 DH Trail 41 (Lower)2,980 ft193 ft4015240948
16Couch Canyon 4th DH Trail 471,998 ft98 ft4000140085
17TR41: Upper to middle climb Trail 41 (Upper)3,955 ft57 ft3991274374
181st half, Trail 41 DH Trail 41 (Lower)3,630 ft199 ft3987233465
19Goat Trail Top To Bottom Trail 41 (Lower)1 mile421 ft39652296422
2082 Sea Otter Trail 823,279 ft341 ft3942112203
21Trail 82 Up (Steep Section) Trail 822,183 ft183 ft3939112303
22Sea Otter Trail 50 Climb Trail 50 - North3,396 ft219 ft3865199379
23new 49 full down Trail 49 - South4,944 ft211 ft37521822510
24Skyline Rollers Skyline Road3,261 ft126 ft3561190475
25Five Sevond Effort Gigling Road195 ft6 ft3555278660
26Stanford Univ. RR Uphill Finish Sprint Gigling Road976 ft30 ft3514267790
27Stanford RR FInish Gigling Road2,200 ft30 ft3474258220
28Heading West- Gigling Rd. Gigling Road1 mile33 ft3334237672
29Going Witch Hunting Hennekens Ranch Road467 ft13 ft3259258421
30LOWER SLOPES Hennekens Ranch Sea Otter Road Race Climb Hennekens Ranch Road711 ft44 ft3232203590
31Henneken's Sea Otter RR. Who Wants It Most Hennekens Ranch Road543 ft28 ft3230204200
32HENNEKENS SEA OTTER CLASSIC RR CLIMB START Hennekens Ranch Road449 ft28 ft3206203981
33Trail 42 UP (Lower Section) Trail 422,732 ft162 ft299794860
34Redrock (Going up) Trail 425,149 ft309 ft298994676
35Ewok Climb(Skyline to 3 Sisters) Trail 433,198 ft238 ft2955114818
36SOC: Barloy Spur Road Barloy Spur Road1,244 ft189 ft284264281
37Three Sisters to Mini Grind Oil Well Road3,004 ft124 ft257579250
38CCCX Sprint Finish Parker Flats Road583 ft7 ft2538472993
39One Sister Too Many Three Sisters Road610 ft47 ft25292606114
40Cliff hanger Trail 802,139 ft26 ft247258040
41CCCX Circuit Finish/Start Section Parker Flats Road1,097 ft22 ft2459426230
42The Grind - Steep section Pilarcitos Canyon Road4,332 ft329 ft2441116766
43CCCX CIRCUIT FINISH Parker Flats Road830 ft22 ft2430430340
44Up to The Wall Lookout Ridge Road1,418 ft110 ft229656051
45Slalom Nationals Trail 441,449 ft109 ft2281192886
46Outhouse (44) to Three Sisters Rd Trail 445,014 ft138 ft2272192715
47The Wall Lookout Ridge Road420 ft69 ft226056111
48Trail 84 West Trail 842,643 ft105 ft221149520
49UPPER SLOPES SEA OTTER RR- HENNEKENS RANCH RD. Hennekens Ranch Road709 ft42 ft2182137290
50Descent Bottom of 36 Trail 361,056 ft52 ft2177115300
51Sea Otter Classic Climb 3 Skyline Road3,440 ft287 ft21731448716
52Quick Up Sprint! Engineer Road721 ft50 ft2156202601
53Tr 36 Descent to Engineer Cyn Trail 363,017 ft159 ft2127113482
54CCCX XC TORO PARK PAVEMENT START Park Trail1,652 ft157 ft2112182191
55Pavement Climb Park Trail841 ft91 ft2109182772
56Trail 42 - Top Half Trail 422,522 ft159 ft2069193812
57Stanford STXC ascent 2014 Park Trail1,306 ft50 ft2069166691
58Redrock Down - Fast Section Trail 421,067 ft77 ft2067192362
59CCCX CIRCUIT RACE- VALLEY SECTION Parker Flats Road3,618 ft6 ft2053367980
60New Trail 42 Down Trail 424,906 ft307 ft20491889917
61Toro Climb 10min WO Ollason Trail5,022 ft294 ft2043178231
62WHO WANTS IT MOST- CCCX ENDURO COURSE Lower Lower2,031 ft76 ft2026165841
63hurl hill, just the steep bit Trail 47578 ft73 ft201274270
64WHC Represent Gigling Road4,212 ft38 ft2005156111
65HWY 68 Hillbillies Lower Lower1,409 ft81 ft1958158200
66Ewok Descent Trail 433,060 ft191 ft195383272
67Tr 36 Climb Trail 363,389 ft153 ft1940157799
68TR50: 2nd Half Trail 50 - South3,391 ft162 ft192683820
69TR50: 1st half Trail 50 - South3,416 ft206 ft192084090
70Big Ring Sprint Watkins Gate Road1,419 ft7 ft188773042
71Ending Super D Super Trail Lower Lower3,053 ft143 ft1869140881
722nd sister's going down! Three Sisters Road1,436 ft75 ft182276090
73Creekside Trail 25 Trail 252,658 ft140 ft1814175276
74Otter Enduro Trail 50 - South1 mile319 ft180280188
75Creekside Trail 32 Descent Trail 321,287 ft114 ft17911558810
76PHS interval Ollason Trail1,151 ft67 ft1785132430
77Chain Gang Trail 62 Trail 623,292 ft52 ft17301426413
7850 down Trail 50 - North3,506 ft228 ft17191598416
79Sea Otter Classic Warm Up Watkins Gate Road1,304 ft5 ft170867212
80Gigling (8th to Hennekens) Gigling Road1 mile50 ft164494035
81Lower Lower Lower Lower1,531 ft68 ft1636123076
82Craters Trail 613,731 ft49 ft1520154669
83Just thirty five Trail 353,105 ft71 ft1512143761
84Black Death Climb Jack's Road3,328 ft198 ft148859224
8582 down end Trail 821,257 ft144 ft1475101671
86Trail 82 DH Trail 822,704 ft275 ft1470101517
8782 Training Grounds Trail 82915 ft128 ft146699861
88Trail 56 Trail 563,904 ft63 ft142594041
89Entrance of Toro to bottom of Climbs Park Trail4,421 ft98 ft1393127161
90Toro Park Pavement Uphill Park Trail4,887 ft255 ft1376122031
91Chain Gang Trail 62 Down Trail 623,103 ft47 ft13751099014
92Ollason Trail Climb Ollason Trail3,344 ft325 ft1374108630
93Kyle's Bench to Hennekens Trail 613,873 ft62 ft1373108023
94chain gang upper half Trail 621,890 ft27 ft1371109451
95Trail 41 (Goat Trail Climb) Trail 41 (Lower)1 mile426 ft136428010
96Sh*t hill bell ringer to 1800 kick Ollason Trail1,624 ft130 ft1346110560
97Sh** Hill Ollason Trail2,097 ft353 ft13451122210
98new 49 full up Trail 49 - South4,956 ft219 ft133997988
991800 Kick Ollason Trail452 ft50 ft1327116900
100"T" to top of Sh** Hill Ollason Trail5,103 ft607 ft1308106192
101Down the Beach Trail 601,853 ft267 ft130622513
1023sister - Jack's to Ewok Three Sisters Road3,448 ft101 ft129468561
103Gilson Loop Descent to Rock Garden Rail1,499 ft143 ft125586991
104Trail 76 Uphill Trail 764,786 ft49 ft1251114733
105Trail 69 Trail 69 - North1,904 ft20 ft1237104143
106Terminal Velocity Check Terminal Velocity304 ft43 ft123193443
10769 from Blair Witch Trail 69 - North2,604 ft37 ft122898470
108Do this! Engineer Canyon Road383 ft30 ft121591680
109Pipeline Trail to Gate Pipeline2 miles841 ft121273104
1101,800 Face DH Terminal Velocity882 ft163 ft118188290
111Just Up The Wall Lookout Ridge Road887 ft101 ft114651640
112Down Blair Witch Trail 593,105 ft114 ft1085964411
113Trail 68 Trail 681,529 ft72 ft103662672
114CCCX X_FUSION SUPER D HILL CHECK Toyon Ridge Trail720 ft19 ft102634120
115SOC Enduro 2015 #3 Trail 821 mile378 ft99834214
116Black Death Steep Finale Jack's Road945 ft143 ft98238972
117down 68 Trail 681,574 ft74 ft97869276
118Black Death Jack's Road3,060 ft307 ft96138528
11969 E-W Trail 69 - North2,669 ft29 ft95969716
120Jacks Rd Climb Jack's Road3,956 ft304 ft94766871
121Rock Garden Manzanita Road1,805 ft52 ft94138740
122Trail 78 Trail 782,913 ft95 ft93546010
123Mountain Lion's Revenge Down Trail 672,678 ft170 ft891399210
124Left Turns Only Old Reservation Road400 ft87121380
125Barloy Canyon Road Army Center to Machine Gun Flats Barloy Canyon Road1,440 ft75 ft83039110
126Guidotti Bench to Bench Climb Guidotti Road1 mile270 ft82443540
127to the drop Sea Otter Classic DH Course1,509 ft116 ft82229060
128up 94 Trail 941,389 ft58 ft80057920
129Down 84 Trail 842,265 ft85 ft79659743
130Sea Otter DH Top Section Sea Otter Classic DH Course663 ft33 ft79230120
131Sea Otter DH Speed Check Sea Otter Classic DH Course761 ft83 ft78928482
132up 56 Trail 563,852 ft66 ft77939593
133Sea Otter DH - Start to just after the step-up after the road Sea Otter Classic DH Course3,388 ft320 ft76927474
134Sea Otter 2014 Downhill Course Sea Otter Classic DH Course4,988 ft475 ft75427017
135Road to Finish Sea Otter Classic DH Course2,049 ft169 ft75227011
136Trail 17 Trail 172,659 ft40 ft73525251
137Trail 51 Up Trail 511,332 ft8 ft73267390
138Up Blair Witch Trail 593,098 ft104 ft73232414
139Creep (descent) Barloy Canyon Road1,580 ft174 ft71037032
140Itchey McScratchey down Trail 191,763 ft57 ft69761539
141Manzanita Road Manzanita Road2,446 ft64 ft69037800
142Border Road East Border Road1,978 ft89 ft67111880
143LIttle Moab Rd down: 95 to Hennkesns Little Moab Road1,500 ft94 ft67138542
144Trail 23 Trail 232,636 ft90 ft64546691
145Just 35 Down Trail 353,050 ft63 ft62437750
146MEYERS DH (Singletrack) Meyers Loop2,440 ft274 ft61326912
147Meyers Flat Meyers Loop1,304 ft24 ft60525941
148Mountain Lion's Revenge Up Trail 672,701 ft169 ft60117722
149Meyers Short Climb Meyers Loop1,512 ft133 ft60025581
150Down 25 Trail 252,587 ft136 ft56523731
151Harper Canyon Rd Climb Harper Canyon2,625 ft290 ft56142514
152Trail 76 Trail 764,539 ft49 ft56129590
153Down The Wall- Ft. Ord National Monument Barloy Canyon Road2,844 ft214 ft54930050
154Meyers Loop Descent Meyers Loop2 miles330 ft54723192
155White Knuckle Trail 701,652 ft94 ft50837182
156Trail 23 Trail 233,466 ft97 ft46537131
157Trail 23 up to Addington Trail 231,424 ft58 ft46317230
158Old Reservation - Westside Old Reservation Road1,899 ft127 ft45826100
159Itchey McScratchey Trail 191,655 ft65 ft44821943
160Teeth rattler Trail 152,756 ft172 ft44614170
161Snake run Trail 203,694 ft115 ft42014001
162Climb Towards ChainGang Trail 154,262 ft254 ft41515793
163John's Ribs Trail 231,835 ft52 ft40713830
164Climb to Lower Goat Trail 41 Bailout921 ft102 ft33510340
165Rocks and Oaks Trail 392,160 ft115 ft32313450
166proper 15 Trail 154,323 ft249 ft2838641
16770 uphill Trail 702,432 ft113 ft2478380
168CCCX Super-D #2 climb Toyon Ridge Trail513 ft18 ft2406930
169Marks Canyon Entrance Mark's Canyon747 ft124 ft22512170
170Barloy Spur Road Climb Barloy Spur Road1,278 ft195 ft2214120
171NEW Marks Canyon to Black Mtn. Mark's Canyon1 mile728 ft21411520
172entrance Airplane600 ft154 ft20912940
173can you make it? East Ridge1,301 ft201 ft1759090
174Poop-Shoot Trail 69 - South1,408 ft118 ft1511881
175Beer and Pizza Trail 471 mile220 ft1072070
176Portion of Trail 47 CW Trail 471 mile222 ft18330
177Creep Barloy Canyon Road1,613 ft169 ft000
17870 Trail 702,368 ft105 ft000
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