segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Fire Swamp Robertson Pasture1,828 ft198 ft2134742
2Up Rock Gnar and Soft Stretch Robertson Pasture4,996 ft115 ft2114871
3Dark Forest DH Robertson Pasture2 miles759 ft2084566
4Mountain Meadow and Aspen Forest Robertson Pasture4 miles1,495 ft2044495
5Abajo Enduro 2nd Annual (timed) Robertson Pasture6 miles2,174 ft1974243
6Robertson's Pasture Robertson Pasture7 miles2,191 ft1393262
7PDK to Racetrack Spring Creek2 miles651 ft831532
8Spring Creek Climb Spring Creek3 miles722 ft77870
9North Creek Climb North Creek4,063 ft341 ft70830
10Roller Descent Flat Top725 ft66 ft323861
11First Climb Flat Top1,575 ft73 ft191091
12Flat Scoot Flat Top2,768 ft37 ft191111
13Trail # 1 Millsite Circle1 miles66 ft3150
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