segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Curve 3 UP Chemin Olmsted486 ft65 ft2341188124Montreal
2Avenue Des Pins Ouest Climb Chemin Olmsted2,208 ft279 ft22961806610Montreal
3De l'avenue du Parc jusqu'aux escaliers Chemin Olmsted1 mile415 ft19561499413Montreal
4OLMSTED climb to the top - half loop Chemin Olmsted3,105 ft102 ft1412101059Montreal
5Mont Royal Top Loop Final Sprint 300m Chemin Olmsted1,202 ft16 ft115483244Montreal
6Mont Royal Top Look Counterclock Chemin Olmsted1 mile102 ft1034675110Montreal
7Mont Royal Top Half Loop Counterclock Chemin Olmsted3,638 ft114 ft99773950Montreal
8Mont Royal Top Loop Chemin Olmsted1 mile106 ft943693212Montreal
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