Mountain Bike
Catch me if you can2,336 ft-56 ft-2.38759
Jedi Trail1,265 ft-67 ft1 ft-5.20360.196
Kinky Tree910 ft-94 ft-10.38360.7
Roots, I've seen a few2,283 ft-37 ft11 ft-1.12860.178
South Park sweet singletrack1,066 ft-66 ft22 ft-4.13447.611
The Chute788 ft-24 ft9 ft-1.79436.307
Through The Forest4 miles-193 ft233 ft0.17549.371
Twisting my Melon Man1,014 ft-25 ft-2.41957.015
Verwood sweeper1,314 ft-71 ft-5.41283.056
Watchmoor Downhill S1554 ft-47 ft17 ft-5.3143.295
Watchmoor Downhill S2452 ft-36 ft19 ft-3.77641.064
Watchmoor Downhill S3486 ft-33 ft15 ft-3.63540.595
Watchmoor Downhill S4490 ft-14 ft2 ft-2.55440.673
Watchmoor Downhill S5501 ft-26 ft10 ft-3.09440.309
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