segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Forest Track to Monument Lord of the Granny Rings2,189 ft161 ft101730547
2Soup Dragon Top down to Fire Road The Dragons's Tail3,428 ft137 ft85142543
3Soup Dragon - First Section The Dragons's Tail1,505 ft68 ft744393311
4First part of the dragons tail The Dragons's Tail3,431 ft157 ft73938252
5soup dragon 2nd section The Dragons's Tail1,747 ft97 ft73236822
6Freeride bottom half Fochabers Freeride882 ft103 ft66529097
7Gully start to hairpin Gully Monsters1,896 ft121 ft66013776
8Freeride top half Fochabers Freeride735 ft90 ft62524013
9Fochabers Freeride Fochabers Freeride1,822 ft199 ft58620585
10Skills Park - Red Run Red Skills Trail1,087 ft51 ft522306510
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