segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Shorty BBack Brokeback Ridge5,018 ft648 ft110627823
2Lazier Lizard Lazy Lizard Connector4,796 ft238 ft109123405
3Power line to top of road Project 9 Access4,633 ft567 ft108626030
4P9 Lazy Lizard to top of road Project 9 Access1 mile682 ft106725610
5Brokeback Ridge Brokeback Ridge1 mile939 ft106427089
6Lazy Lizard - ILL Gate to P9 Climb Lazy Lizard Connector1 mile195 ft106329875
7Upper Gorby Climb Gorby3,124 ft401 ft100924321
8Lower Gorby Climb Gorby4,236 ft246 ft98727433
9Stove Ascent Stove Trail1 mile565 ft89225168
10Verboten Verboten1 mile789 ft850177915
11Verboten - Enduro DH Stage Verboten1 mile787 ft84617584
12Gorby Climb Gorby1 mile602 ft79917962
13Project 9 climb, old school, road only Project 9 Access2 miles809 ft58411021
14verboten II Verboten1 mile746 ft5529980
15Angry Gilmar Happy (Grumpy) Gilmar2,232 ft238 ft51113384
16Old Goat down from Gilmar to Gorbie Old Goat2,947 ft172 ft4697841
17Snakebite DH Snakebite3,493 ft425 ft4637653
18Hedonism DH Hedonism1 mile549 ft3454991
19Angry Gilmar climb Happy (Grumpy) Gilmar2,636 ft217 ft3294802
20Hedonisim Warm up Hedonism3,519 ft363 ft2684420
21Hedonism DH Hedonism1 mile586 ft2433321
22Stove - Lazy Lizard connector Lazy Lizard Connector1 mile102 ft1862571
23A steep warm up Bridge View Connector1,322 ft152 ft1553441
24Purple Money Dishwasher Revival Purple Monkey Dishwasher2,019 ft110 ft1412730
25SnakeBite climb Snakebite3,672 ft466 ft1271791
26Stove DH Stove Trail1 mile561 ft45783
27Unnamed Road Climb Island Lake Road2,516 ft309 ft35360
28Purple Monkey Dishwasher Up Purple Monkey Dishwasher2,105 ft70 ft29470
29Mount Fernie Park Road Climb Black Forest2,358 ft339 ft15150
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