segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Gate to 2nd Switchback (AW) Mountain Highway4,109 ft349 ft9251842544
2Short Interval Mountain Highway1,307 ft98 ft5917796502
3Gate to 1st Switchback (AW) Mountain Highway1,733 ft157 ft58546984811
4Gate to top of Bobsled Mountain Highway3,271 ft259 ft58016572231
51st Switchback to Bobsled Mountain Highway1,522 ft104 ft5578638018
6Mountain Hwy gate to 1st Switchback Mountain Highway3,004 ft305 ft5090490439
74th switchback to expresso Mountain Highway2,897 ft241 ft4663331251
82nd Switchback to Expresso Mountain Highway1 miles495 ft4643334203
93rd switchback to expresso Mountain Highway4,585 ft369 ft4424297761
10Espresso - New Entrance Expresso4,170 ft697 ft41292106697
11Bobsled Bobsled2,339 ft341 ft38892374321
12Bobsled Full Bobsled2,548 ft385 ft38892385883
13Bobsled (trimmed start) Bobsled1,805 ft335 ft3871233677
14Bobsled (AW) Bobsled2,009 ft334 ft3831230287
15Bobsled to jumps Bobsled2,078 ft250 ft3704213741
16Mountain Hwy Climb Mountain Highway3,531 ft341 ft3473213054
17Mountain Hwy Climb Mountain Highway4,900 ft409 ft3444200904
18Baden Powell DH - Stairs of Despair to Gate Baden Powell (Fromme Section)1,768 ft330 ft33551673621
19Pipeline junction-Mountain Hwy on Baden Powell Baden Powell (Fromme Section)2,996 ft307 ft3200158115
207th Interval Climb Mountain Highway1 miles541 ft3143153937
217th Secret (to Leppard intersection) 7th Secret3,407 ft477 ft30701674611
22Shot in the Dark- Exit Out Baden Powell (Fromme Section)5,251 ft320 ft30661437012
237th Secret 7th Secret3,591 ft560 ft30621686676
24Baden Powell (Dempsey/Expresso to Mountain Hwy) Baden Powell (Fromme Section)4,583 ft356 ft30241386110
257th Secret - Down The Log 7th Secret2,940 ft546 ft28651427312
263rd switchback entry - krinkum Kirkford1,723 ft347 ft2681147252
27Leopard - Bottom of 7th to Crinkum Crankum Leppard2,056 ft99 ft26571251714
28Crinkum Crankum Crinkum Crankum1,344 ft154 ft26331348910
29New Floppy Bunny Floppy Bunny1,332 ft219 ft2000784928
30Up Leopard to Krinkum (from 5th) Access to Crinkum276 ft44 ft188864502
31Second Half - Upper Griffin Middle Griffen1,276 ft78 ft186992644
32Pennzoil update Pennzoil717 ft160 ft177587462
33Baden Powell/ Starfish to StGeorges Baden Powell (Fromme Section)1,380 ft42 ft166780010
34King of the Shore (Up) King of the Shore1,484 ft131 ft1424945310
35Pipeline Pipeline4,189 ft588 ft1417362123
36enDy bit Dreamweaver1,281 ft220 ft134645780
37Upper Griffen - descent Upper Griffen1,536 ft169 ft134239652
38Big Stupid Big Stupid795 ft147 ft125530712
39Lower Executioner Executioner1,391 ft260 ft122347411
40executioner connector Executioner Connector1,374 ft136 ft116746175
41Dempsey-Braemer descent Dempsey1,926 ft270 ft113234291
42Upper Executioner Executioner3,422 ft627 ft1128395816
43Lower Oil Can to top of Jerry Rig Lower Oilcan2,214 ft479 ft1118334613
44Lower Dream Weaver Dreamweaver1,315 ft218 ft105537266
45Root Road Climb D'Yer Mak'er1,072 ft152 ft103835340
46Ladies Only Ladies Only2,242 ft388 ft992234915
47Big Stupid Big Stupid612 ft135 ft95423387
48dempsey connector climb Dempsey1,271 ft289 ft88727882
49Upper Oil Can Upper Oilcan2,224 ft354 ft80716009
50Grouse upper switchbacks. Upper Mountain Highway5,009 ft423 ft70313322
51DreamWeaver Dreamweaver1 miles731 ft54614950
52Dempsey-Braemer Climb Dempsey1,869 ft301 ft51620695
53Pile of Rocks Pile of Rocks1,490 ft264 ft50510846
54Bookwus Bookwus1,758 ft319 ft42193613
55Skull The Skull1,177 ft328 ft2105363
56Upper Digger Digger668 ft209 ft2023382
57Peer Gynt Peer Gynt1,725 ft331 ft78984
58Mountain Hwy Climb Access Road1 miles428 ft13130
59Mountain Highway Climb Executioner BP Exit1,047 ft301 ft880
60St Marys Ave Climb Baden Powell (Fromme Section)3,386 ft433 ft000
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