Mountain Bike
BC down
3,041 ft-635 ft
1 mile-263 ft291 ft
Chutes and Ladders
1,032 ft-135 ft
Cloud Drop
4,753 ft-322 ft254 ft
Cloud Drop Connector
1,235 ft-22 ft88 ft
Constant Flow
3,346 ft-224 ft17 ft
Cross Town
674 ft-12 ft80 ft
Drop into the 'Hood
668 ft-53 ft17 ft
Express lane
1,332 ft-46 ft31 ft
3,793 ft-500 ft10 ft
James Jungle
2,011 ft-204 ft8 ft
Kent's Connector
1,221 ft-45 ft91 ft
Knox Meadow Loops
5,154 ft-30 ft28 ft
Kris Kross
2,829 ft-7 ft156 ft
Lower Trap Line
1,603 ft-225 ft8 ft
Middle Trap Line
1,047 ft-138 ft7 ft
Nick's Neighborhood
2 miles-136 ft365 ft
Nick's Short Cut
1,185 ft-61 ft5 ft
2,220 ft-57 ft134 ft
1,080 ft-52 ft79 ft
Red Line
3,550 ft-6 ft246 ft
Return to send it
1,467 ft-31 ft25 ft
Ridge Run
1,060 ft-163 ft
Rolling Rock
2,064 ft-179 ft
Schist Creek
1 mile-438 ft177 ft
Short Cut to the Hood
459 ft6 ft
Sir Bermsalot
2,825 ft-289 ft27 ft
2,096 ft-188 ft12 ft
Trail of the Fallen Woman
1 mile-260 ft252 ft
Up Shot
2,824 ft-66 ft211 ft
Upper Trap Line
1,128 ft-126 ft7 ft
Village Trail
5,161 ft-18 ft363 ft
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