Mountain Bike
A-B Line Cross to Ferndale
541 ft-3 ft10 ft
3,314 ft-319 ft
A-Line Deuce
1,460 ft-131 ft
A-Line to Green Connector (Gravity Railroad)
835 ft-4 ft23 ft
Air Field to C-Line
733 ft-4 ft45 ft
Alternate out
1,137 ft-73 ft47 ft
1,317 ft-116 ft
Bobble Head (Gravity/Ferndale)
991 ft74 ft
Bobble Head to Lullaby
1,266 ft-57 ft
Bobble Head to Stonehenge
1,159 ft-21 ft95 ft
Bobble Head to Stonehenge Connector
373 ft-5 ft21 ft
Bridal Path
1 mile-154 ft146 ft
Bridal Path to Perry
3,125 ft-400 ft18 ft
Bridal to Blue
1,694 ft-73 ft194 ft
Bridal to Blue Option 2
1,085 ft-9 ft138 ft
Bridal to Oak Lane Connector
1,841 ft-259 ft1 ft
Bridal to RHS
988 ft264 ft
1,585 ft-199 ft
C-line at Angora to the Bowl
1,259 ft-20 ft30 ft
Camo Pants
3,353 ft-61 ft127 ft
Camp Connector
321 ft-5 ft5 ft
Chunk Chutes and Ladders
438 ft-34 ft1 ft
Cliff's Lane
3,645 ft-278 ft
Climb from The Bowl to the Ferndale Trail
567 ft72 ft
Connector from Sting Like a Bee to Vietnam
2,146 ft-106 ft3 ft
Corkscrew / S-Turns (Gravity Trail)
889 ft-84 ft
Deer Head
1,428 ft-134 ft1 ft
Doubletrack climb to Spuhler trailhead.
1,188 ft94 ft
Doubletrack climb to the Towers Feeder
692 ft-38 ft
Down the Chute
602 ft-135 ft
Down to Walnut
1,325 ft-4 ft120 ft
Drop to Egelmans
745 ft68 ft
1,138 ft-19 ft12 ft
Egelman Park Blue Trail
1,860 ft65 ft
Egelman Park Walking Path
899 ft-8 ft47 ft
Ferndale Trail - A-line section
2,372 ft42 ft
Ferndale Trail branch to Angora Trailhead
879 ft41 ft
Ferndale/Gravity Trail - Egelman Section
1,703 ft-3 ft14 ft
Field to Reading HS
2,694 ft-108 ft180 ft
Fire Tower to Rock and Log B
1,251 ft-124 ft17 ft
Front Side - Peace Rock to Bridal
2,884 ft-230 ft52 ft
Front Side Connector
1,510 ft-35 ft134 ft
Front Side Steps
295 ft-36 ft
Front Side tbd
1,304 ft-127 ft124 ft
Gravity Trail, MSP
3,738 ft225 ft
Gravity-Ferndale Connector
482 ft-15 ft
Happy Pedals
1 mile-112 ft206 ft
Hill Road Entrance
889 ft77 ft
I Love Lamp
182 ft-12 ft
I Love Lamp (Gravity Trail)
1,707 ft-138 ft
Isla Muerta
1,512 ft-145 ft5 ft
Isla Nublar
1,362 ft-45 ft41 ft
Jib Jab Jump
1,033 ft-59 ft
875 ft-25 ft6 ft
Large Farva
1,043 ft-133 ft
Leave the Tour
234 ft-33 ft
1,903 ft-38 ft10 ft
Lullaby intersection bypass
135 ft-13 ft
Lullaby to Wine Vault (Gravity/Ferndale)
1,235 ft-70 ft7 ft
Middle Run
2,742 ft-70 ft70 ft
more rocky st 3
1,116 ft-134 ft45 ft
Mr. Shikadance (Ferndale Trail)
696 ft-55 ft
Network Bottom
1,028 ft-41 ft19 ft
Network Rock Over!
355 ft-48 ft
Network Rock Over!!
797 ft-123 ft
Network Rock Over!!!
347 ft-72 ft
Off Camber Part 2
1,756 ft-75 ft86 ft
Outer Limits
3,068 ft-153 ft32 ft
Peace Path
2,096 ft-154 ft21 ft
Peace Rock
515 ft-33 ft27 ft
Power Line Trail
969 ft86 ft
Purple Connector
296 ft-14 ft
Quiet Meow
822 ft-31 ft
Radio Tower Trail
1,496 ft-15 ft6 ft
Red Dot Trail
2,313 ft-42 ft42 ft
Rip It
1,858 ft-31 ft19 ft
Rip It Straight
1,017 ft-13 ft
Rock & Log - B
865 ft-52 ft9 ft
Rock & Log - B
357 ft-14 ft8 ft
Rock & Log - B
733 ft-27 ft23 ft
Rock & Log - B
116 ft-12 ft
Rocks and Log B
2,123 ft-43 ft96 ft
Rocky Rotary 2
707 ft-48 ft37 ft
Rocky Rotary 3
596 ft66 ft
Rocky Sidehill 2
1,322 ft-60 ft47 ft
Rotary Park to List Rd
781 ft31 ft
Rotary Section Old Gravity Bed Trail
3,484 ft-49 ft94 ft
Rotory Connector
928 ft-18 ft3 ft
Singletrack by Stairs (Black)
3,021 ft-331 ft89 ft
Singletrack Option
1,280 ft303 ft
Skill Hill (Ferndale Trail)
1,152 ft-187 ft2 ft
Spuhler to the Ferndale Trail
2,231 ft-125 ft
Sting Like a Bee
4,302 ft-148 ft116 ft
Sting to Bumble
445 ft39 ft
Stone Hedge
498 ft-7 ft31 ft
Stone Road (The Bowl to Angora)
259 ft6 ft
Stonehenge Rock Connector
726 ft-30 ft31 ft
Stonehenge Rock Connector
433 ft-3 ft5 ft
Stonehenge Rock Trail
765 ft-3 ft63 ft
1,490 ft133 ft
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