segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Partial Old Buck Old Buck3,736 ft476 ft5128335776
2Forever After Shortcut Forever After2,480 ft213 ft4138165422
3Old Buck - Bridle to Baden Old Buck3,888 ft428 ft34121996621
4Empress Bypass (to Old Buck intersection) Empress Bypass1,320 ft175 ft32922167310
5OldB-HLoop Old Buck1,509 ft176 ft3291205376
6new high school High School League750 ft40 ft32891939912
7Bridle Path (CB to Emp) Bridle Path2,825 ft142 ft3242196965
8Empress BP - Bridge Empress Bypass1,195 ft189 ft2875163780
9Forever to climb Forever After2,872 ft241 ft2728102760
10Baden Powell - Old Buck to Pangor Baden Powell (Bikeable)2,350 ft245 ft2705153872
11Forever After Forever After4,426 ft333 ft27011013626
12New Aftertaste replacement to Bridle Forever After4,748 ft385 ft2692100653
13Gnomer Descent Forever After3,258 ft220 ft2660101644
14BP: OB - SD Baden Powell (Bikeable)3,609 ft296 ft26061367713
15Good Sir Martin to John Deer Good Sir Martin2,211 ft305 ft25571949211
16Empress Bypass Empress Bypass1,431 ft212 ft2550123122
17Penny Lane Shorn Scrotum837 ft27 ft24971732413
18New High School Loop (Climb to Bridal) High School League762 ft45 ft2495136334
19Pingu Pingu1,315 ft188 ft2297952726
20Pingu New Entrance & New Exit Pingu1,361 ft155 ft225792437
21John Deere Ridge John Deer2,938 ft473 ft2207826923
22Upper Dales Newschool Upper Dale's Trail380 ft76 ft2192110480
23Academy Climb Academy Climb365 ft47 ft2113139635
24New Dale's - Seymour Bike Park Trail Upper Dale's Trail666 ft101 ft209572905
25JD to Baden Powell Good Sir Martin1,484 ft74 ft2079161110
26Good Sir Martin Good Sir Martin3,582 ft376 ft20591550861
27Asian Adonis Asian Adonis1,522 ft300 ft1934942636
28Pangor First DH Pangor2,622 ft423 ft1906672611
29Stupid Climb Lower C-Buster548 ft108 ft176994581
30Bridal - Powerlines to BP Bridle Path2,497 ft187 ft168287495
31Upper Incline Incline365 ft75 ft166563773
32Severed (Bottom) Severed D1,537 ft235 ft162876542
33Giant Reboot Pangor358 ft84 ft154145250
34Bridal Trail Hill Bridle Path - Fisherman's to Hyannis1,570 ft245 ft1540735310
35Pangor Pangor3,874 ft644 ft152343339
36R&R Climb Lower C-Buster852 ft104 ft149769495
37Highschool League High School League2,167 ft53 ft149648035
38Severed Dick Severed D4,428 ft627 ft148847426
394/6 Pack Climb Powerline Access Trail2,294 ft282 ft142037491
40Boogie nights Rock 2 Rock @Enduro.JaliscoMTB Boogie Nights1,325 ft233 ft139138204
41Slippery Salamander Salamander2,498 ft86 ft1314656510
42Severed Severed D3,431 ft612 ft1265466517
43Empress DBL Black Empress316 ft75 ft122933580
44Greenland Greenland1,510 ft105 ft121243126
45Gravel Path - Down Parkgate Gravel Path731 ft34 ft120547021
46CBC - corrected start time CBC4,080 ft707 ft116623430
47Horse loop to Bridal Path proper start Bridle Path3,393 ft113 ft116361631
48Sticks N Stones Sticks and Stones3,223 ft119 ft115950106
49Bridle Path (Old B to CB) Bridle Path1 miles143 ft114764856
50Sticks and Stones CCW Sticks and Stones3,310 ft149 ft114549481
51Corkscrew to Powerlines Incline1,440 ft274 ft111132636
52New Pingu Pingu1,107 ft159 ft109626070
53Boogie Nights Boogie Nights1,124 ft205 ft1047360024
54Hyannis Dr Climb to Bridle Path Hyannis Trail2,900 ft199 ft94929593
55Bridal to Hyanis Connector Bridle Path2,494 ft141 ft91731901
561/2lap climb Baden Powell - Indian River Climb1,567 ft121 ft87752731
57Ned's (to Greenland) Ned's Atomic Dustbin4,825 ft859 ft85520986
58Baden Indian River Drive to Mt Seymour Rd Baden Powell - Indian River Climb2,293 ft262 ft83048873
59Neds Ned's Atomic Dustbin2,234 ft410 ft74915807
60Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC3,686 ft635 ft72912280
61bp to mt road Baden Powell - Indian River Climb3,039 ft315 ft71332460
62Upper Boogieman (to log) Boogieman2,840 ft383 ft710197012
63CB Decent Applicator1,363 ft160 ft68015703
64Old Buck Powerline Climb Old Buck1,892 ft267 ft66916791
65CBC only CBC4,166 ft695 ft66613075
66Ridge Runner Ridge Runner1,383 ft161 ft58315900
67Pinch Flat Alley Pinch Flat Alley1,326 ft119 ft56511092
68Baden Powell // Old Buck to Seymour Road Baden Powell - Indian River Climb1,722 ft122 ft56416081
69STICKS & STONES Sticks and Stones3,289 ft136 ft54211953
70Mt Seymour Rd Climb Powerline Access Trail2,695 ft327 ft4827440
71Boogieman Boogieman4,056 ft573 ft45910208
72Hike-A-Bike to Forever After Powerline Access Trail2,131 ft375 ft3806612
73Neds Ned's Atomic Dustbin3,667 ft728 ft3415241
74Stix and Stones CW Sticks and Stones2,659 ft140 ft3275710
75Ned's Ned's Atomic Dustbin4,317 ft782 ft2984721
76Empress Bypass Climb Empress Bypass1,462 ft214 ft2203310
77Baden Powell Trail Climb Powerline Access Trail2,682 ft413 ft1492120
78Golf course Trail Climb Golf Course Trail3,203 ft274 ft1374002
79Unnamed Rd Climb Powerline Access Trail2,039 ft355 ft1251580
80Stix and Stones CCW then CW Sticks and Stones1 miles148 ft41530
81Asian Buster Adonis Buster601 ft21 ft000
82Dirty Diapers Dirty Diapers1,069 ft197 ft000
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