Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
417MTO trails Lowveld
3,835 ft-227 ft14 ft
4X Jump trackTranquilitas Adventure Farm
1,253 ft-92 ft
725MTO trails Lowveld
919 ft-81 ft12 ft
Access RoadKaapschehoop
1,191 ft-31 ft20 ft
Access RoadKaapschehoop
4,665 ft-3 ft273 ft
Access RoadKaapschehoop
4,593 ft-275 ft12 ft
Af En AfYork Adventure Club Trails
1 mile-285 ft
Afkak HillMankele MTB Park
1,362 ft173 ft
Airstrip DownhillMTO trails Lowveld
2,395 ft-122 ft
AngaziMTO trails Lowveld
4,564 ft-204 ft5 ft
Around The RockMTO trails Lowveld
4,501 ft-169 ft14 ft
AvalancheMankele MTB Park
3 miles-920 ft134 ft
B LineTrailworx Nelspruit
358 ft-26 ft
B LineTrailworx Nelspruit
771 ft-75 ft
Backbone middleMTO trails Lowveld
2 miles-336 ft107 ft
Backbone TopMTO trails Lowveld
3,241 ft-182 ft3 ft
Bacon StripTrailworx Nelspruit
1 mile-21 ft356 ft
Bagdad To Foundry TurnoffMTO trails Lowveld
2 miles-267 ft188 ft
Bamboo BashMTO trails Lowveld
1,969 ft-112 ft
Barrys BushtunnelMankele MTB Park
4,291 ft-125 ft10 ft
BedpanMTO trails Lowveld
2,283 ft-80 ft
Bee Eater Cove CrossingMTO trails Lowveld
860 ft-22 ft17 ft
Bee StingMankele MTB Park
2,388 ft-171 ft
BeesMankele MTB Park
1 mile-489 ft10 ft
Big DipperTranquilitas Adventure Farm
4,180 ft-254 ft8 ft
Bike Park 002Mankele MTB Park
804 ft-10 ft
Bike Park 01Mankele MTB Park
1,257 ft-13 ft6 ft
Blaze of gloryYork Adventure Club Trails
1 mile-331 ft10 ft
Boom Boom Pow!York Adventure Club Trails
1 mile-498 ft
BouldersMTO trails Lowveld
2,293 ft-62 ft9 ft
BP 003Mankele MTB Park
1,414 ft-23 ft7 ft
Bracken Fern TrailMankele MTB Park
4,554 ft-302 ft291 ft
Break Me Shake MeYork Adventure Club Trails
2 miles-666 ft38 ft
Bridge ConnectorMTO trails Lowveld
151 ft
BrightsideMTO trails Lowveld
3,035 ft-54 ft50 ft
BST 001Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
2,346 ft-89 ft41 ft
BST 002Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
499 ft-35 ft2 ft
BST 003Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
1,581 ft-49 ft19 ft
BST 004Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
935 ft-11 ft20 ft
BST 005Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
974 ft-49 ft23 ft
BST 006Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
705 ft-57 ft
BST 007Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
3,566 ft-307 ft26 ft
BST 008Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
253 ft-5 ft
BST 009Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
3,071 ft-43 ft138 ft
BST 010Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
1,886 ft-61 ft13 ft
BST 011Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
1 mile-119 ft266 ft
BST 012Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
3,005 ft-45 ft4 ft
BST 017Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
3,379 ft-30 ft33 ft
BST 018Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
2 miles-354 ft177 ft
BST 019Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
1,637 ft-22 ft57 ft
BST 020Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
1,004 ft-25 ft
BST 021Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
2,333 ft-65 ft78 ft
BST 022Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
397 ft-10 ft11 ft
BST 024Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
856 ft-35 ft2 ft
BST 025Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
1,056 ft-25 ft21 ft
BST 026Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
1 mile-534 ft50 ft
BST 026Bezhoek Private Nature Reserve
1,732 ft-20 ft22 ft
Burrys Rock GardenMankele MTB Park
988 ft-88 ft2 ft
Bush tunnel ConnectorMankele MTB Park
879 ft22 ft
Bushpigs PlaypenSAFCOL Forestry MTB Trails
1,450 ft-83 ft
Byrons Bush TunnelMTO trails Lowveld
2,949 ft-213 ft6 ft
CaramelMankele MTB Park
1 mile-349 ft
Carmel ConnectorMankele MTB Park
1,430 ft-31 ft
CascadesBezhoek Private Nature Reserve
1 mile-107 ft292 ft
Cattle RunMTO trails Lowveld
1 mile-324 ft18 ft
Cattle TrailMankele MTB Park
3 miles-551 ft374 ft
Cave Single TrackSAFCOL Forestry MTB Trails
2,372 ft-150 ft131 ft
Claudia'sMTO trails Lowveld
3,507 ft-358 ft7 ft
CleavageMTO trails Lowveld
3,212 ft-239 ft12 ft
Climb To Byrons And KomatilandMTO trails Lowveld
2,792 ft-20 ft149 ft
Corner CutterMankele MTB Park
1,847 ft-46 ft
CorrobrikBezhoek Private Nature Reserve
4 miles-442 ft201 ft
CovidMTO trails Lowveld
1,260 ft-60 ft
Departure Single TrackMTO trails Lowveld
3,622 ft-65 ft29 ft
DisneyBezhoek Private Nature Reserve
1 mile-82 ft169 ft
Drip Drop Tear DropYork Adventure Club Trails
1 mile-584 ft
Drop LineTrailworx Nelspruit
1,535 ft-136 ft
Drop to Porcupine RidgeSAFCOL Forestry MTB Trails
456 ft-19 ft
E006 ConnectorMankele MTB Park
1,916 ft-103 ft25 ft
E007 ConnectorMankele MTB Park
751 ft-90 ft
Eastern XC SegmentMankele MTB Park
1 mile-111 ft96 ft
Fanie Botha down to XCO blackSAFCOL Forestry MTB Trails
2,326 ft-437 ft
Fanie Botha HikingSAFCOL Forestry MTB Trails
4 miles-2,656 ft619 ft
Fanie Botha Hiking1SAFCOL Forestry MTB Trails
2 miles-301 ft234 ft
Fanie Botha Start/FinishSAFCOL Forestry MTB Trails
3,153 ft-101 ft135 ft
Farm connectorMankele MTB Park
2,887 ft-66 ft12 ft
Feather Pit TrackMankele MTB Park
2,697 ft-64 ft9 ft
Fence lineMankele MTB Park
4,652 ft-6 ft172 ft
FireballTranquilitas Adventure Farm
2 miles-994 ft41 ft
FlowMankele MTB Park
5,013 ft-219 ft
Flowy Upper STMankele MTB Park
951 ft113 ft
Forest RunMankele MTB Park
1,906 ft-12 ft30 ft
Forest RunTranquilitas Adventure Farm
2,621 ft-26 ft59 ft
Foundry runMTO trails Lowveld
1,332 ft-7 ft6 ft
Friendly BreachesTrailworx Nelspruit
705 ft-6 ft21 ft
Friends Blue routeTrailworx Nelspruit
2 miles-274 ft245 ft
Friends DownhillTrailworx Nelspruit
1 mile-352 ft7 ft
Friends Yellow routeTrailworx Nelspruit
4,482 ft-91 ft73 ft
Geoffs Bush TunnelMankele MTB Park
2,641 ft-119 ft
Glenns Gumtree GambleTranquilitas Adventure Farm
2,831 ft-66 ft16 ft
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