Mountain Bike
Bell Hill
1 mile-495 ft
Berry Creek
2 miles-76 ft881 ft
Berry Creek Connector
3,307 ft-88 ft172 ft
Chandler Trail
5 miles-727 ft625 ft
Clear Creek Trail
1 mile-11 ft335 ft
Crystal Lake Road
3,865 ft-104 ft81 ft
Grizzly Ridge Trail
2 miles-193 ft177 ft
Grizzly Ridge Trail #2
2 miles-885 ft
Indian Falls 2
3 miles-708 ft349 ft
Indian Falls DH
2 miles-820 ft
Indian Falls Ridge
5 miles-1,541 ft151 ft
Keddie Trail
2 miles-326 ft112 ft
Lower Cahsman
2 miles-42 ft318 ft
Lower Tollgate Trail
4,685 ft-343 ft17 ft
Mount Hough #1
2 miles-1,037 ft62 ft
Mount Hough #4 Rhinehart Meadow through climbing section
1 mile-292 ft121 ft
Mount Hough Tollgate Rd. to train tracks
2 miles-952 ft11 ft
Mt Hough Tippy Top
2,434 ft-178 ft
Mt. Hough Summit to Rhinehart Meadow
5 miles-1,476 ft58 ft
Taylor Creek Trail
2 miles-562 ft42 ft
Tear Drop Trail
4,806 ft-72 ft173 ft
Tollgate Trail - Middle
2 miles-897 ft
Troy's Trail
3 miles-153 ft935 ft
Upper Cashman
2 miles-5 ft541 ft
Upper Taylor Creek Trail
3 miles-889 ft95 ft
Upper Tollgate Trail
1 mile-187 ft56 ft
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