segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1MTB - Saddle to Lookout CP Super D1,453 ft34 ft2109314707
2Lookout Road final sprint Super D825 ft74 ft19262731011
3Top of Super D, Mt Vic. Super D1,322 ft120 ft15361780829
4Top of Super D II Super D2,386 ft173 ft1098113416
5Nasty Hobbitses Pirie Street to Saddle629 ft152 ft1008106390
6Alfred to Alex Rd Turn off Super D2,198 ft135 ft95963592
7pirie to saddle Pirie Street to Saddle1,204 ft149 ft95299182
82015 MTB Cup Mt Vic Climb 2 Park Bench1,132 ft228 ft66535320
9Mt Vic Skills course gate to gate Shuttlecock556 ft35 ft54624520
10V trail "V"734 ft89 ft38514973
11Mt Vic Saddle to Marist Clubrooms via switchbacks Hataitai Zigzag2,174 ft158 ft38324216
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