segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Top Cow West Highland Way Section1,494 ft109 ft202667083
2Craigallion Loch Climb West Highland Way B3,446 ft102 ft1500862010
3WHW from Khyber West Highland Way B2,251 ft28 ft1470821413
4Woodpile sprint West Highland Way B337 ft23 ft141573661
5Craigallion in Full West Highland Way B2 miles115 ft134861426
6WHW blue bench to Broadmeadow Rd West Highland Way A4,428 ft95 ft119447263
7Silverback sprint West Highland Way A506 ft10 ft1070106635
8West Highland Way first climb West Highland Way A905 ft79 ft103631987
9Khyber Pass (from West Highland Way) Khyber Pass1,652 ft197 ft91135107
10Firebeaters Too Fire Road1,483 ft23 ft81376483
11Straight Down to River West Highland Way A1,055 ft63 ft79551140
12Chicane to River West Highland Way A608 ft22 ft79348711
13Khyber Pass Khyber Pass1,884 ft219 ft788260727
14Snakey7 Snakey899 ft104 ft78579134
15Snakey Trail Path784 ft89 ft769783017
16DC's Riverside West Highland Way A2,727 ft63 ft75032171
17Rosies - gate to treeline Rosies Road1,161 ft84 ft73655088
18rosie's road climb Rosies Road2,437 ft104 ft73254473
19Rosies7 Rosies Road2,365 ft89 ft72854791
20Straight to Chicane West Highland Way A293 ft34 ft72545361
21Firebeaters Fire Road1,597 ft30 ft70557388
22Four Posts Climb Path773 ft52 ft69447213
23Telephone Pole descent Snakey739 ft99 ft67666366
24Quarry Drop7 Drumclog Bomb Hole444 ft39 ft67574573
25Drumclog Bomb Hole Drumclog Bomb Hole659 ft58 ft668718310
26Roots and Rocks later drop in Rocky Rooty533 ft69 ft631522515
27Rocky Rooty (right hand line) Rocky Rooty1,220 ft84 ft57046632
28Riverside Riverside2,882 ft77 ft56125807
29Rosies Road Descent Rosies Road2,261 ft104 ft53132677
30RR Descent (without flat bit) Rosies Road884 ft52 ft53131245
31Riverside 2nd half Riverside1,475 ft39 ft51424463
32Snakey, up not down Snakey962 ft107 ft49932428
33Down the river West Highland Way A2,638 ft65 ft48722712
34Rocky Rooty Rocky Rooty1,326 ft90 ft476320616
35Rocky Rooty Long Rocky Rooty2,072 ft96 ft47430822
36WHW up to bench Path609 ft52 ft47223654
37Riverside (heading downstream) West Highland Way A2,899 ft72 ft47020775
38Carbeth Loch detour Path1,768 ft61 ft44523370
39Katies Trail Katie's Trail929 ft53 ft42529825
40Mugdockberg Path461 ft42 ft4259482
41Moor to Mudcock loch Path320 ft5 ft40630382
42VC Car Park to Boardwalk Path1,108 ft37 ft39832555
43Boards Farm Climb Forest Road1 miles241 ft35611579
44Through the Trees Through the trees741 ft48 ft35122206
45Round Wood - Hole in the Wall Round Wood1,355 ft44 ft33617177
46speed bumps Walker's Trail A2,072 ft148 ft3216131
47Cliff Top Clifftop1,153 ft56 ft31914444
48Cliff top ridge Clifftop816 ft53 ft31614301
49Mangina Mangina2,264 ft30 ft311186517
50Steep and slippy Path722 ft59 ft29715182
51Little climb Path201 ft14 ft25113240
52Forrest to Farm Down Forest Road3,563 ft158 ft2349024
53craigallian road to gate Path788 ft30 ft2338442
54Longer WHW climb to Mugdock castle Walker's Trail A2,957 ft167 ft22711094
55Breahead Berm Braehead Berm!698 ft83 ft2248322
56Craig's Trail Craig's Trail992 ft125 ft21611438
57Secret Trail Avoid the Grumpy Old Man247 ft10 ft2138360
58Peitches Moor Path2,534 ft58 ft21011822
59boathouse wood trail Avoid the Grumpy Old Man329 ft14 ft1987902
60Stone gate to WHW on the boards Walker's Trail A2,614 ft144 ft1944011
61avoid the grumpy old man Avoid the Grumpy Old Man856 ft42 ft1595671
62Old wood goin' down Blackwood1,456 ft52 ft1576185
63Naughty Step Naughty Step262 ft24 ft1394533
64Mugdock Loch to MCP carpark corner Path3,858 ft83 ft1373250
65Round the round wood N-S Round the Woods728 ft8 ft1263692
66Huts Huts1,660 ft139 ft1234493
67High Lettre, gate to top. Track1 miles488 ft921880
68High Lettre Climb Track1 miles629 ft841560
69Tight & Twisty Tight & Twisty491 ft34 ft781625
70grassy descent Grassy Descent400 ft38 ft641553
71Round the round wood S-N Round the Woods885 ft9 ft641993
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