segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Fern Gully Descent Fern Gully2,203 ft125 ft36744011
2Upper Wilson's Loop Down (Starts After Connector) Winter Wilson's Singletrack4,304 ft88 ft30927777
3Fern Up Fern Gully2,350 ft49 ft29928591
4Lower Double Cross (Fern Gully to The View) Lower Double Cross1,261 ft39 ft28646701
5Lower Double Cross Climb! Lower Double Cross321 ft23 ft28551212
6Lower Double Cross (Climb) Lower Double Cross2,126 ft33 ft28546064
7Swanky-shortened2015 Swanky1 miles114 ft28517321
8Sprint Fern Gully2,168 ft56 ft28129012
9Wright of Way (Descent) Wright of Way2,323 ft43 ft26126166
10Lower View Down City View1,401 ft56 ft25534257
11Lower Wilson's - Up Willson's Loop2,689 ft59 ft21821848
12Lower Wilson's Loop (Swanky to Bunkerama) Willson's Loop2,458 ft60 ft21717611
13Fern Gully: Clearcut (Counterclockwise) Fern Gully1,301 ft39 ft21223051
14Fern Gully (Counterclockwise) Fern Gully4,436 ft146 ft21121848
15Fern D Fern Gully2,568 ft135 ft21122842
16Upper Wilson's Loop Climb Willson's Loop668 ft19 ft20317207
17Swanky Fast Fast Fast!!!!!! Swanky1,551 ft83 ft19615665
18Hole in the Wall (trimmed) Hole In The Wall4,086 ft103 ft19513535
19Hole in the Wall (Upper Double Cross to Swanky) Hole In The Wall4,027 ft102 ft19513521
20Fern Gully (start to pit) Fern Gully4,960 ft157 ft185182215
21Bunkerama - Clockwise Bunkerama5,171 ft51 ft18111135
22Double Cross - Hole in the Wall. Upper Double Cross506 ft60 ft17913034
23Hole in the Wall (Descent) Hole In The Wall4,206 ft108 ft17610320
24Hole in the Wall (Doubletrack to Wilson's Loop) Hole In The Wall783 ft33 ft17610691
25Swanky Down Swanky1 miles101 ft17210838
26Wright of Way (Trimmed) Wright of Way2,002 ft40 ft1687431
27La Woodstock (Mark Boldon Skills Park to Parking Lot) La Woodstock3,279 ft115 ft1677393
28Country View (Descent) Country View2,327 ft62 ft1668252
29Upper Double Cross to Fern Gully Upper Double Cross2,650 ft46 ft16314652
30Hole in the Wall (Wilson's Loop to Doubletrack) Hole In The Wall762 ft33 ft1476891
31Wilson's Loop Connector Segment. Gnomes!1,695 ft29 ft1416753
32Best Bitter (to double track) Best Bitter3,789 ft82 ft1276741
33Best Bitter (Descent) Best Bitter4,802 ft119 ft1226382
34Bunkerama - Counter Clockwise Bunkerama1 miles57 ft1203758
35Velocity (Climb) Velocity2,069 ft71 ft1173531
36Double Cross Steep Descent!!! Upper Double Cross559 ft64 ft1104772
37Swanky (Up) Swanky1 miles98 ft1083250
38La Woodstock (Parking Lot to Mark Boldon Skills Park) La Woodstock3,300 ft111 ft1032554
39MVP Bypass Double Track Climb Doubletrack2,247 ft109 ft873000
40Greg's Way (Fisher Brook to Swanky) Greg's Way338 ft32 ft803470
41Fern Gully (Clockwise) Fern Gully4,629 ft148 ft782054
42La Woodstock (Clockwise) La Woodstock3,786 ft98 ft741611
43Swanky (K-Line to Wilson's Loop) Swanky1,028 ft55 ft681611
44Fern Gully Extension (Descent) Fern Gully979 ft60 ft461070
45Greg's way rocky climb Greg's Way1,085 ft69 ft451080
46Fern Gully Extension (Climb) Fern Gully950 ft66 ft30470
47Greg's Return Greg's Return751 ft103 ft27440
48Greg's Way: Outer Loop (Counterclockwise) Greg's Way2,098 ft61 ft18420
49Greg's Way: Outer Loop (Clockwise) Greg's Way2,060 ft60 ft16210
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