segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1The Gully Shred Kelly's Last Stand704 ft41 ft3948205642
2Roller Coaster Rollercoaster971 ft28 ft2891127136
3great flow Shred Kelly's Last Stand1,343 ft106 ft211164204
4Gregs Track Rock Ya Shox1,562 ft12 ft207670262
5Elevation Trail Elevation2,761 ft536 ft1769544410
6The Real Bombsite Bombsite892 ft7 ft162784571
7Grevids Grevids Way1,467 ft112 ft151347661
8Roger Packham Trail - battery to bridge Roger Packham Track4,309 ft31 ft139062585
9Mine Shaft Alley Mineshaft Alley1,782 ft53 ft132856070
10The Battery Roger Packham Track1,069 ft22 ft130160880
11The Playground The Playground1,949 ft10 ft129460412
12Budda Hood Buddha Hood1,722 ft83 ft118045242
13The Twisties Twisties1,694 ft41 ft112748592
14Molijn's Mojo Hero1,260 ft142 ft107829061
15Tombstone descent to the very bottom Tombstone1,892 ft192 ft107344532
16Tombstone from the top(first edit) Tombstone1,481 ft135 ft106644206
17The Real Tombstone Climb Tombstone623 ft126 ft103848542
18Tombstone Climb Tombstone2,816 ft171 ft103140988
19Tombstone Tombstone4,196 ft159 ft102941545
20Hero Trail - Top Half Hero4,345 ft257 ft96229172
21Hero Trail Lower Hero2,583 ft410 ft94627944
22Beyond Pale Tombstone648 ft58 ft93730481
23Hero Trail - Bottom Half Hero1 miles555 ft89626087
24Churchill Ave ST Roger Packham Track1 miles30 ft87336111
25Caro's track Caros Track1,223 ft93 ft84726200
26Hero Trail Hero2 miles778 ft814228134
27Riverside Wiggle Roger Packham Track4,115 ft31 ft80313621
28Grevid Up Grevids Way2,077 ft124 ft80019902
29Corkscrew - Mystic Bowl Corkscrew1,775 ft359 ft77718985
30World Cup DH - Top Section World Cup DH2,260 ft522 ft75923116
31All Mountain Top Section Elevation948 ft293 ft74519430
32White Star Rd Climb Launch Pad Loop access road2,173 ft377 ft67119771
33Avid Way Hero1,369 ft104 ft65717081
34Deer Stalker Four Deers1,192 ft60 ft5046980
35The EU The EU832 ft165 ft4597770
36No name Brackenridge451 ft46 ft35219690
37Avid Way Climb Mystic to Hero Access Road1,867 ft105 ft33480
38Gorilla Warfare Gorilla Warfare1,868 ft103 ft000
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