segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Unnamed Rd Climb Weigles Road4,865 ft306 ft65425408
2Fine China Fine China (Upper)2,218 ft128 ft566347311
3Lower Fine China Weigles Road688 ft44 ft549335513
4End of Road to Top of Fine China Weigles Road2,084 ft136 ft48833960
5Fine China - upper Fine China (Upper)1,942 ft125 ft48625658
6Lower Binx Lower Binx1,670 ft84 ft47248087
7Finer China (official) Finer China3,623 ft218 ft46813487
8Post at Arbot to post after bridge. Legalize it (Arbot road segment)1,999 ft60 ft44540192
9Post at Arbot to post after bridge Legalize it (Arbot road segment)2,166 ft66 ft42935592
10Legalize It E to W Legalize it - East2,610 ft88 ft426389214
11Legalize It Pt. 2 W to E Legalize it - East1,410 ft46 ft41435678
12Binx from post to intersection Binx1,558 ft132 ft41432012
13Lower Armaggedon Armageddon (upper)581 ft17 ft41023371
14Jude Law Legalize it - East1,004 ft41 ft40933384
15TNT TNT996 ft40 ft40722208
16Binx Climb Binx1,979 ft152 ft40630095
17Post-Bridge Rattle Can Legalize it (Arbot road segment)425 ft15 ft39324295
18Mary Jane Fine China (Lower)1,376 ft77 ft39316042
19Fine China Fine China (Upper)1,935 ft103 ft39017202
20Checking up on Al's running start Rotten Rooter1,722 ft42 ft37321852
21Rotten Rooter Actual Rotten Rooter2,013 ft46 ft37121770
22Rotten Rooter Race Track Rotten Rooter1,958 ft46 ft36420915
23TNT to Lower Styx TNT2,716 ft87 ft35614932
24Legalize It South (Full) Legalize it - East1 miles111 ft35324955
25Abyss ridge and downhill The Abyss2 miles310 ft35214893
26TORSPOR TorSpor1,153 ft74 ft35014131
27Harewood Mines Rd Climb The Abyss3,338 ft275 ft34614695
28Keith's to Nookie Keiths1,484 ft98 ft34122957
29Lower Secret Ninja down Secret Ninja821 ft45 ft33617995
30The Gravitron The Gravitron1,396 ft185 ft3299982
31Rollercoaster DH Rollercoaster1 miles832 ft327111618
32TAT from K2 to Legalize It TAT2,086 ft187 ft31118834
33Max Power (official) Max Power2,927 ft402 ft30710198
34Post at bridge to post at Arbot Legalize it (Arbot road segment)2,340 ft59 ft29513814
35S&M from OBB and Scotts Connector S&M1,995 ft94 ft28414132
36South Extension Ridge (Circle to Road) The Abyss3,981 ft240 ft28213193
37Abyss Descent The Abyss1,876 ft118 ft28013123
38Secret Ninja down to big rock Secret Ninja1,334 ft66 ft27715427
39Lower Cripple Creek Monkeys In The Mist3,033 ft243 ft2759843
40Monkeys in the mist Monkeys In The Mist3,106 ft253 ft27110208
41Hayden lookout to Razamanaz Hayden1,527 ft84 ft2669883
42Old Car Old Car649 ft54 ft26616872
43S and M S&M3,677 ft130 ft26311863
44Legal DH Legalize it - East631 ft33 ft26211412
45Lowest Social Climber Social Climber630 ft5 ft26215693
46Humble Ninja Humble Ninja2,558 ft44 ft26112366
47Hayden to lookout Hayden2,320 ft138 ft2579512
48Lower Social Climber to Parking Social Climber1,076 ft17 ft25515644
49Pauls WW Upward Burn Legalize it - East454 ft38 ft25311950
50Homerun Home Run1,938 ft207 ft25311033
51Legalize It W to E Legalize it - East2,451 ft91 ft25211093
52Outer Bypass (Westwood-Witchcraft) Outer Bypass3,636 ft129 ft2526662
53Nookie to road Nookie1,148 ft37 ft24817474
54Keith's (South to North) Keiths3,668 ft52 ft24310666
55Humility to Connector Humility1 miles233 ft2397114
56Upper Armageddon Armageddon (upper)1,985 ft106 ft2398988
57Humility to Anniversary Humility1 miles172 ft2289723
58Hayden Hayden4,500 ft289 ft2257625
59Up B-Line Bee Line2,288 ft131 ft2226940
60Bee Line Bee Line2,067 ft129 ft2208042
61Kates Ridge to Road Wonderwall (Kate's Ridge)1,832 ft34 ft21910677
62Wonderwall to Kates Ridge Wonderwall1,427 ft64 ft21910623
63Schadenfreude to Wonderwall Schadenfreude1,941 ft42 ft21810495
64Sticks and Stones Sticks and Stones979 ft43 ft21716223
65INC from Bad to the Bone to road INC1,677 ft114 ft2158021
66Humility from Anniversary to Connector Humility2,331 ft50 ft2087313
67Bubbles to Blink Bubbles3,249 ft22 ft20610062
68Bubbles to Blink Bubbles3,249 ft22 ft20610061
69Hoo-chi-min climb to ASOP Hochimin Road (W3000)2,972 ft334 ft2065831
70Bent Nail Bent Nail1,327 ft73 ft2056361
71asop down ASOP4,119 ft364 ft2056177
72Honey Brown Honey Brown1,359 ft20 ft20214103
73Bubbles Bubbles3,518 ft45 ft1999112
74Lee's Way Down Lee's Way2,875 ft47 ft19811232
75ASOP ASOP1 miles389 ft1985991
76Magic Carpet Ride to Hot Tamale Hot Tamale2,053 ft69 ft1977212
77Fuzzy Bunny to Rusty Nail Fuzzy Bunny998 ft18 ft19713254
78Humility down from Anniversary to Hootenany Humility2,796 ft163 ft1975580
79Hades Hades1,011 ft30 ft1947372
80Bottle Drive Bottle Drive2,776 ft159 ft1917037
81Hot Tamale North Hot Tamale1 miles126 ft1896541
82Tangerine UP Tangerine Dream640 ft15 ft1889261
83Humility Down, to Hootenanny Humility4,910 ft230 ft1844992
84Bring your granny nlm-471,713 ft283 ft1795601
85Hydro to blue post north Abyss The Abyss2,964 ft49 ft1785512
86Lower Panoraimo Panoraimo1,108 ft312 ft1755480
87Rusty Nail to Out n About Rusty Nail1,586 ft27 ft1719942
88Outer Bypass (Witchcraft-Westwood) Outer Bypass3,636 ft124 ft1713912
89TAT hydro to K2 TAT1,772 ft98 ft1715632
90Out n About to Cheater Out N About824 ft31 ft1708673
91Abyss Downhill, From Blue Post to Metal Hydro Tower The Abyss3,321 ft156 ft1684495
92Penny Lane Penny Lane1,153 ft24 ft1656990
93Connector from 142 Main down to creek 142 to RC connector1,436 ft178 ft1654405
94Coal Pile East to Social Climber Coal Pile709 ft36 ft1655451
95Potsticker to hydro (2015 raceloop) Potsticker1,583 ft78 ft1646542
96Mt Benson Rd Climb nlm-472,562 ft360 ft1644561
97Voodoo North Voodoo1,805 ft75 ft1607165
98TorSpor up TorSpor1,492 ft79 ft1574392
99Fuzzy Bunny to road Fuzzy Bunny1,046 ft17 ft1569272
100Panoraimo Panoraimo2,213 ft514 ft1564951
101Bombs Away Down Bushwacker700 ft14 ft1536763
102Bushwhacker Alley from Bushwhacker II to Bombs Away Bushwacker4,706 ft61 ft1536224
103The Real Upper Pipedream Pipedream2,376 ft81 ft1524340
104Bushwhacker II North Bushwacker1,264 ft40 ft1525474
105Ripairian to Schadenfreude Ripairian2,107 ft89 ft1525771
106Andreas Curves Andreas Curves2,140 ft49 ft1483330
107Diggler south Diggler2,156 ft49 ft1487783
108Bombs Away down full Bushwacker1,178 ft40 ft1475994
109Magic Carpet Ride downhill Hot Tamale1,932 ft78 ft1464703
110Out n About to Rusty Nail Out N About857 ft32 ft1457002
111Raven (N to S) Raven4,290 ft195 ft1434625
112Cliffhanger hydro to parkway Cliffhanger3,851 ft81 ft1427831
113Lower Pipedream Pipedream4,059 ft77 ft1425282
114The Drunken Logger Drunken Logger823 ft64 ft1422851
115Tangerine Tangerine Dream682 ft41 ft1425413
116Lower Pipedream S to N Pipedream3,612 ft83 ft1398541
117Spankys full Spanky and our Gang2,419 ft71 ft1385064
118Fireball to Bushwhacker II Fireball1,018 ft39 ft1384834
119RSW to Ripairian FNG3,838 ft167 ft1375400
120Bobs Your Uncle Bob's Your Uncle2,525 ft304 ft1363084
121Unnamed before Tangerine Tangerine Dream (Part 2)2,088 ft38 ft1364823
122Social Climber to Coal Pile Social Climber1 miles272 ft1364492
123Black Hole Black Hole2,292 ft61 ft1334285
124Samba Samba2,639 ft66 ft1313622
125Upper Shenanigans Shenanigans976 ft73 ft1304872
126Black Jade Black Jade2,102 ft57 ft1284971
127Tangerine Part II Tangerine Dream (Part 2)1,850 ft33 ft1285650
128Kieths from Nookie to road Keiths1,451 ft96 ft1264312
129Lower Hootenany Downhill Hootenanny1,461 ft100 ft1264551
130Waterline Climb Water Pipeline Road613 ft58 ft1255233
131Coal Pile Coal Pile1,730 ft31 ft1233561
132Bad to the Bone Bad 2 the Bone1,330 ft117 ft1193321
133Kates Ridge to Wonderwall Wonderwall (Kate's Ridge)1,767 ft35 ft1193094
134Schadenfreude to Ripairian Schadenfreude1,869 ft42 ft1193004
135Ballroom Blitz to Yellow Ballroom Blitz1,748 ft129 ft1192513
136Black Jade from Hot Tamale to Coal Pile Black Jade2,012 ft38 ft1182261
137Wonderwall to Schadenfreude Wonderwall1,502 ft62 ft1182914
138Styx Down Styx3,882 ft159 ft1173950
139Nookie to Kieths Nookie1,145 ft35 ft1165213
140voodoo south Voodoo2,024 ft94 ft1154053
141Meatdraw Meat Draw3,243 ft579 ft1142645
142Pipedream Full Pipedream1 miles151 ft1135671
143Lower Secret Ninja up Secret Ninja852 ft51 ft1133730
144Bushwhacker II South Bushwacker1,255 ft39 ft1102871
145Jurassic Park top to bottom Jurassic Park1 miles86 ft1094781
146CTS CTS665 ft82 ft1093631
147Fireball to Panorama Ridge Fireball880 ft35 ft1072521
148Parkway to RimRock Trans Canada Trail - Water District segment3,467 ft98 ft1063332
149Killer Climb to Banshee Blvd connector Killer Climb923 ft138 ft1052810
150Raven to Tangerine Black Hole2,433 ft62 ft1052883
151Bombs Away Up Bushwacker733 ft14 ft1052700
152Rimrunner to Nighthawk RimRunner1,871 ft33 ft1052677
153Diggler towards Nookie Diggler2,214 ft50 ft1024381
154Like Butter Like Butter1,968 ft74 ft1003092
155Razamanaz North Razamanaz1,818 ft42 ft991660
156Bump Bump961 ft11 ft995561
157Bombs Away up full Bushwacker1,201 ft41 ft992120
158Vulture Vulture3,198 ft157 ft992921
159The new Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh Trail1,948 ft132 ft991821
160By the Lake Trail Legalize It South2,905 ft43 ft992032
161Trouble Trouble1,153 ft49 ft971750
162Keiths (North to South) Keiths3,656 ft101 ft962752
163Beyond The Edge Beyond The Edge2,003 ft19 ft962220
164Torspor TorSpor1,394 ft102 ft952240
165By the Lake Back Legalize It South3,246 ft63 ft951892
166Lower Steps Trans Canada Trail - Water District segment3,176 ft56 ft953102
167Ripairian to RSW Ripairian2,170 ft91 ft942303
168Fracture Line BFA to Spankys Fracture Line686 ft13 ft923195
169Sticks and stones west Sticks and Stones1,037 ft45 ft904503
170Rotten Rooter Backwards Rotten Rooter1,698 ft38 ft902150
171Beyond The Edge - back Beyond The Edge1,956 ft21 ft882150
172Black Jade South to Tamale Black Jade1,864 ft26 ft841912
173Bridge to Power Lines Trans Canada Trail - Water District segment1,095 ft35 ft833021
174Power Lines to Bridge Trans Canada Trail - Water District segment1,021 ft35 ft781931
175Creeper 2019 Creeper4,428 ft165 ft771210
176Connector to Potsticker Cheater594 ft22 ft731390
177Cry Baby Climb Cry Baby Climb426 ft33 ft731380
178Raven North Raven2,983 ft122 ft721571
179Secret Ninja from Big Rock to Easy Peasy Secret Ninja1,453 ft73 ft722111
180serenity (tanya to ion) Serenity2,689 ft147 ft714252
181Black-fly Alley (S to N) Black Fly2,243 ft96 ft701653
182Upper Jurassic Park to road Jurassic Park1,566 ft34 ft702152
183Fracture Line north Fracture Line1,198 ft34 ft691891
184Gravity Cavity Gravity / Cavity894 ft97 ft681811
185Pipedream Full (2016) Pipedream1 miles151 ft661710
186Lower Rutherford Ridge Serenity3,698 ft173 ft663791
187Y2K Y2K2,999 ft136 ft661330
188Steps downhill Trans Canada Trail - Water District segment3,456 ft104 ft651541
189Stairway to Hayden Stairway to Hayden2,243 ft201 ft651093
190Serenity (Burma to Linley) Serenity4,526 ft227 ft562574
191Lee's Way Up Lee's Way2,696 ft42 ft51981
192Nads South to Log Road Outer Bypass NADS-segment3,039 ft86 ft51752
193Unnamed Rd Climb Hochimin Road (W3000)4,546 ft394 ft51600
194Black Fly Alley to Spankys Black Fly3,244 ft104 ft491283
195Serenity (Tanya to Burma) Serenity4,761 ft234 ft492852
196Europa Europa1,586 ft154 ft48921
197Unnamed Rd Climb Bob's Your Uncle1,353 ft291 ft47961
198Morrell gate to gate Morrell access road2,251 ft122 ft462291
199??? The Great White2,937 ft91 ft46901
200Creeper Creeper2,292 ft123 ft441360
201Corvus north to south Corvus1,793 ft104 ft42952
202Gunger Gunger2,981 ft116 ft34773
203Rimrunner to Raven RimRunner1,840 ft34 ft33832
204Macaulay Culkin Access Road2,657 ft136 ft311262
205ion Ion1,523 ft83 ft301021
206Whatsitsname Whatsitsname1,628 ft279 ft29781
207Mini Drop Patrick's535 ft39 ft281001
208Hayden Backwards Hayden4,960 ft339 ft24300
209Waterline Climb Redux Waterline II1,232 ft53 ft23832
210Torspor Up from Hydro to TAT TorSpor745 ft57 ft23371
211Crazy Horse Crazy Horse1,542 ft251 ft15150
212Lost Lake loop from Linley ( CW) Lost Lake loop2,876 ft34 ft13760
213Pipeline Wall Waterline II1,298 ft129 ft780
214Lower √úterbraten Uterbraten2,518 ft377 ft000
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