Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
5 miles-75 ft36 ft
Com Ed GreenwayNaperville
2 miles-64 ft19 ft
3 miles-49 ft56 ft
DuPage River GreenwayNaperville
3 miles-46 ft22 ft
DuPage River ParkNaperville
2 miles-53 ft31 ft
Great WesternNaperville
12 miles-140 ft56 ft
Great Western - Geneva Spur ConnectorNaperville
1 mile-27 ft11 ft
5 miles-97 ft80 ft
Illinois Prairie PathNaperville
15 miles-185 ft72 ft
Illinois Prairie Path - Aurora BranchNaperville
13 miles-89 ft199 ft
Illinois Prairie Path - Batavia SpurNaperville
6 miles-85 ft39 ft
Illinois Prairie Path - Elgin BranchNaperville
14 miles-136 ft111 ft
Illinois Prairie Path - Geneva SpurNaperville
9 miles-134 ft98 ft
1,604 ft-13 ft6 ft
Knoch KnollsNaperville
2 miles-44 ft35 ft
Knoch Knolls Park PrairieNaperville
1 mile-3 ft25 ft
Royce - Greene ConnectorNaperville
2 miles-48 ft39 ft
St. James FarmNaperville
2 miles-24 ft26 ft
St. James Farm ConnectorNaperville
984 ft-3 ft
St. James Farm North LoopNaperville
1 mile-61 ft48 ft
The SwitchbacksNaperville
702 ft35 ft
West Branch DuPage River TrailNaperville
5 miles-82 ft31 ft
Whalon Lake BridgeNaperville
1,106 ft-6 ft9 ft
Whalon Lake LoopNaperville
2 miles-30 ft31 ft
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