segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Forest Walk Forest Walk995 ft73 ft47125890
2Top of the Hill to Road Hepi Highway3,464 ft138 ft39726550
3UNDAUNTED Undaunted5,195 ft98 ft3869540
4open single track from ramp road Hepi Highway3,563 ft163 ft35519880
5Russian Mountains Moonscape831 ft54 ft1854320
6Ridgeline Track Blu Man2,400 ft113 ft1704612
7Les Revenants Undaunted3,601 ft56 ft1322440
8Down the Gully Sluice Alley1,301 ft73 ft971460
9High Noon Hog's Head1,610 ft52 ft751690
10Walk track down Hog's Head2,011 ft120 ft701510
11High Noon DH Hog's Head1,554 ft61 ft701530
12One Tree Hill decent from chair One Tree Hill603 ft64 ft58700
13Walk track climb Hog's Head2,017 ft66 ft14360
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