Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
AccessNevada City
495 ft5 ft
Alpha and Omega ConnectorBurlington Ridge
4,085 ft-219 ft67 ft
Baltimore Jeep Road 0843-018Grouse Ridge
1 mile-168 ft58 ft
Baltimore Trail #13E34Grouse Ridge
1 mile-139 ft264 ft
Banner DitchEmpire Mine
2 miles-397 ft464 ft
Banner Ditch ExtNevada City
4,613 ft-102 ft102 ft
Betsy Mine TrailEmpire Mine
751 ft-11 ft3 ft
Beyers Lake Trail #13E15Grouse Ridge
5 miles-472 ft1,354 ft
Black Swan Trail (double track)Empire Mine
4,297 ft-104 ft155 ft
Blair TrailMalakoff Diggins State park
2,136 ft-113 ft42 ft
Blm TrailNevada City
3,228 ft-88 ft75 ft
Bloody KnucklesNevada City
2,797 ft-397 ft180 ft
Blue Lake Lakeshore FreerideNevada City
3,351 ft-85 ft156 ft
Blue Lake TrailGrouse Ridge
2 miles-377 ft537 ft
Bowman Mountain TrailGrouse Ridge
4 miles-503 ft1,284 ft
Bull Pen TrailGrouse Ridge
1 mile-506 ft77 ft
Cascade Canal TrailNevada City
4 miles-293 ft253 ft
Cascade Canal Trail ConnectorNevada City
1,467 ft64 ft
Cement Hill Ditch ConnectorNevada City
1 mile-427 ft406 ft
Conlon Mine TrailEmpire Mine
4,150 ft-59 ft42 ft
ConnecshunNevada City
604 ft6 ft
Coyote Ledge Lookout SpurRound Mountain
2,135 ft-85 ft135 ft
Coyote Ledge TrailRound Mountain
2,303 ft-14 ft44 ft
Crooked Lakes TrailGrouse Ridge
3 miles-419 ft557 ft
Cross Country Access To Primitive CampingNevada City
644 ft-35 ft75 ft
Cross TrailEmpire Mine
1,267 ft-113 ft47 ft
DascombHarmony/Washington Ridge
3 miles-326 ft392 ft
DascombeNevada City
2,448 ft-6 ft63 ft
Dascombe/Harmony ConnectorHarmony/Washington Ridge
1,818 ft-39 ft39 ft
Deer Creek Trail25Burlington Motorcyle Trail System
8 miles-856 ft862 ft
Deer Creek Trail25Burlington Ridge
4,409 ft-251 ft8 ft
Deer Creek DropNevada City
1,906 ft-155 ft
Deer Creek Tribute TrailNevada City
3 miles-90 ft202 ft
DieteronomyNevada City
2,400 ft-112 ft32 ft
Dogwood TrailBurlington Ridge
4,977 ft-20 ft281 ft
Empire Street TrailEmpire Mine
4,150 ft-118 ft12 ft
Excelsior Trail28Burlington Motorcyle Trail System
12 miles-1,168 ft1,168 ft
Excelsior Drop To Hoyt'sSouth Yuba River State Park
2 miles-992 ft
Glacier Lake TrailGrouse Ridge
2 miles-778 ft121 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail: Blue Lake Trail to LookoutGrouse Ridge
2 miles-1,329 ft54 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail: Blue Lake Trail To Spaulding Lake TrailGrouse Ridge
2 miles-985 ft235 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail: Lindsay Lake Trail to Sawmill LakeGrouse Ridge
4,590 ft-519 ft23 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail: Lookout to Round Lake TrailGrouse Ridge
3,972 ft-14 ft393 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail: Sand Ridge to Lindsay LakeGrouse Ridge
3 miles-717 ft151 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail: Spaulding Lake Tr. to Jeep road sectionNevada City
4,480 ft-167 ft149 ft
Hallelujah TrailBurlington Ridge
3 miles-660 ft418 ft
Hardrock TrailEmpire Mine
2 miles-187 ft43 ft
Harmony Trail #09E02Harmony/Washington Ridge
3 miles-356 ft537 ft
Hobbit TrailNevada City
4,104 ft-218 ft49 ft
Hoot TrailHarmony/Washington Ridge
2 miles-434 ft81 ft
Hoyt Crossing Road TrailNevada City
4,652 ft573 ft
Hoyt TrailSouth Yuba River State Park
4,022 ft-90 ft143 ft
Illegal Equestrian Trail ConnectorHarmony/Washington Ridge
482 ft10 ft
Illegal Equestrian Trail NorthHarmony/Washington Ridge
1,627 ft-5 ft13 ft
Illegal Equestrian Trail SouthHarmony/Washington Ridge
1 mile-19 ft115 ft
Indian Ridge Access TrailEmpire Mine
2,066 ft157 ft
Indian Ridge Loop TrailEmpire Mine
5,234 ft-205 ft212 ft
Indian Ridge TrailEmpire Mine
3,916 ft-249 ft119 ft
Jail TrailNevada City
2,933 ft-20 ft29 ft
Last Chance Trail55Burlington Motorcyle Trail System
2 miles-121 ft236 ft
Last Chance Trail55Burlington Motorcyle Trail System
4 miles-554 ft560 ft
Lindsay Lake TrailGrouse Ridge
3 miles-431 ft499 ft
Little Deer Creek TrailNevada City
889 ft-21 ft34 ft
Loma Rica EastEmpire Mine
2 miles-446 ft246 ft
Loma Rica Loop #1Empire Mine
1 mile-390 ft416 ft
Loney MeadowGrouse Ridge
1 mile-112 ft111 ft
Lost Loop TrailEmpire Mine
1,840 ft-43 ft54 ft
Lower Hudson Way TrailRound Mountain
1 mile-213 ft97 ft
Lower Union Hill ConnectorEmpire Mine
2,066 ft-1 ft17 ft
Lower Union Hill TrailEmpire Mine
2,203 ft-104 ft98 ft
Meadow Lake Road #86Grouse Ridge
6 miles-830 ft240 ft
Memorial Park TrailEmpire Mine
4,147 ft-2 ft242 ft
Meyer TrailHarmony/Washington Ridge
4,373 ft-67 ft76 ft
Mind the GapEmpire Mine
963 ft-150 ft
Miner's TrailHarmony/Washington Ridge
2 miles-548 ft19 ft
Miners Trail (Nevada City)Nevada City
1,047 ft-22 ft7 ft
New Scotts DropHarmony/Washington Ridge
1,440 ft-108 ft
OldNevada City
1,801 ft71 ft
Old Airport LoopNevada City
5,052 ft-88 ft88 ft
Old Airport Loop AccessNevada City
1,864 ft-72 ft55 ft
Old Five Mile TrailHarmony/Washington Ridge
5,262 ft146 ft
Omega Trail5Burlington Motorcyle Trail System
4 miles-612 ft480 ft
Omega Overlook Trail54Burlington Motorcyle Trail System
5 miles-1,006 ft51 ft
Orene Wetherall AccessNevada City
1,293 ft-71 ft
Orleans TrailEmpire Mine
2,549 ft-47 ft110 ft
Osborne Hill Loop - EastEmpire Mine
2,244 ft-11 ft68 ft
Osborne Hill Loop - WestEmpire Mine
3,205 ft206 ft
Osborne Hill Loop TrailEmpire Mine
2,927 ft164 ft
Osborne Hill ShortcutEmpire Mine
2,661 ft-155 ft
Osborne Loop CrossEmpire Mine
2,539 ft-56 ft2 ft
Permagrin FalconHarmony/Washington Ridge
1 mile-449 ft25 ft
Pfeiffer Trail #09E14Harmony/Washington Ridge
1 mile-221 ft84 ft
Pioneer AlternateBurlington Ridge
2,575 ft-29 ft12 ft
Pioneer AlternateBurlington Ridge
3,274 ft-33 ft89 ft
Pioneer AlternateBurlington Ridge
1,483 ft-54 ft14 ft
Pioneer Caltrans Construction Bypass--TemporaryBurlington Ridge
669 ft-77 ft
Pioneer Trail (Casci to Conservation) #09E11Harmony/Washington Ridge
1 mile-140 ft10 ft
Pioneer Trail (Conservation to Market) #09E11Harmony/Washington Ridge
2 miles-274 ft12 ft
Pioneer Trail ConnectorBurlington Ridge
1,923 ft-38 ft122 ft
Pioneer Trail--Bear Valley Vista to Bowman Lake Rd.Nevada City
4 miles-108 ft736 ft
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