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2 BridgesTruckee
1.3 miles-202 ft
Back of BeyondNevada City
4.1 miles-529 ft
Beaver Pond RouteNevada County
15.1 miles-39 ft
Betsy Mine TrailEmpire Mine
6.5 miles-11 ft
Beyers Lake TrailNevada City
5.0 miles-835 ft
Big TreesNorthstar California
1.2 miles-717 ft
Blm TrailNevada County
15.1 miles-109 ft
Blue Lake TrailNevada City
2.2 miles-516 ft
Blue Lake Trail Access RoadNevada City
1.1 miles-147 ft
Blue LineTruckee Bike Park
592 ft-32 ft
Blue XC LoopTruckee Bike Park
1,829 ft-48 ft
Bob Watson DescentTruckee
1.0 miles-494 ft
BoondocksNorthstar California
1.5 miles-1,005 ft
BoosterNorthstar California
1.2 miles-199 ft
Bull Pen TrailNevada City
1.5 miles-558 ft
CalTransNevada City
2,377 ft-4 ft
Cascade Canal TrailNevada County
4.3 miles-520 ft
Cascade Canal Trail ConnectorNevada County
1,310 ft-8 ft
Castle Valley RoadNevada County
3.3 miles-45 ft
Cena-Lar DownhillTruckee
2.1 miles-522 ft
CoasterNorthstar California
2.6 miles-1,089 ft
Conlon Mine TrailEmpire Mine
4,150 ft-59 ft
Coyote Ledge TrailRound Mountain
15.1 miles-45 ft
Coyote View LoopRound Mountain
6.5 miles-70 ft
Crooked Lakes TrailNevada City
3.2 miles-445 ft
Cross TrailEmpire Mine
1,267 ft-113 ft
CrossoverNorthstar California
1.2 miles-72 ft
Dascombe ConnectorNevada County
6.5 miles-91 ft
Dascombe TrailNevada County
1.1 miles-198 ft
Deer Creek Environs TrailNevada County
2.7 miles-615 ft
Deer Creek Tribute TrailNevada County
2.7 miles-441 ft
Deer Creek Tribute TrailNevada County
15.1 miles-142 ft
DeerpathNorthstar California
4,680 ft-375 ft
DLRT Drifter Hut Switchback SectionTruckee
1.4 miles-16 ft
Don't Try This At Home--Hole In The Ground to Indian Springs ConnectorNevada City
12.4 miles-3,769 ft
Donner Lake Rim TrailNevada County
6.5 miles-1,519 ft
Donner Pct AccessNevada County
3.3 miles-102 ft
Donner Summit Canyon TrailNevada County
2.4 miles-985 ft
Easy RiderNorthstar California
1.2 miles-449 ft
Emigrant TrailTruckee
11.4 miles-1,570 ft
Empire Street TrailEmpire Mine
4,150 ft-118 ft
FlameoutNorthstar California
1.9 miles-965 ft
Flow LineTruckee Bike Park
648 ft-31 ft
Glacier Lake TrailNevada City
2.2 miles-777 ft
Green XC LoopTruckee Bike Park
2,012 ft-68 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail Blue Lake Trail to LookoutNevada County
2.1 miles-1,381 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail NorthNevada City
2.7 miles-713 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail--Lindsay Lake Trail to Sawmill LakeNevada City
5,013 ft-493 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail--Lookout to Round Lake TrailNevada City
3,964 ft-15 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail--Spaulding Lake Tr. to jeep road sectionNevada City
4,135 ft-175 ft
Grouse Ridge Trail--Spaulding Lake Trail to Blue Lake TrailNevada County
3.2 miles-1,327 ft
GypsyNorthstar California
1.2 miles-733 ft
Hallelujah TrailNevada City
3.5 miles-1,107 ft
Happy FaceTruckee
3.4 miles-483 ft
Hardrock TrailEmpire Mine
1.5 miles-421 ft
Hidden GemTahoe Donner
1.0 miles-382 ft
Hirschman TrailNevada County
2.1 miles-372 ft
Hirschman TrailNevada County
2.1 miles-372 ft
Hole in the GroundTruckee
12.6 miles-2,752 ft
Hoot TrailHarmony/Washington Ridge
1.3 miles-438 ft
Illinois Crossing TrailNevada County
15.1 miles
Illinois Crossing TrailNevada County
15.1 miles
Indian Ridge Access TrailEmpire Mine
2,066 ft
Indian Ridge Loop TrailEmpire Mine
5,234 ft-205 ft
Indian Ridge TrailEmpire Mine
3,916 ft-249 ft
Indian Springs Staging to Grouse Ridge TrailNevada City
2.4 miles-434 ft
2.4 miles-600 ft
Jacobs Lookout BypassTruckee
2.1 miles-84 ft
Jeep TrailNevada City
3.6 miles-1,255 ft
KarpielNorthstar California
1.4 miles-1,190 ft
KickbackNorthstar California
2,243 ft-179 ft
LiftlineNorthstar California
1,424 ft-133 ft
Lindsay Lake Access RoadNevada City
1.8 miles-179 ft
Lindsay Lake TrailNevada City
2.7 miles-434 ft
Little TreesNorthstar California
1,158 ft-129 ft
LivewireNorthstar California
2.2 miles-1,238 ft
Loma Rica TrailNevada County
1.6 miles-137 ft
Loney MeadowNevada City
1.7 miles-148 ft
Lost Loop TrailEmpire Mine
1,840 ft-43 ft
Lower Hudson Way TrailRound Mountain
6.5 miles-253 ft
Lower Union Hill ConnectorEmpire Mine
2,066 ft-1 ft
Lower Union Hill TrailEmpire Mine
2,203 ft-104 ft
Manure PileNorthstar California
2,135 ft-163 ft
Memorial Park TrailEmpire Mine
4,150 ft-11 ft
Meyer TrailNevada County
1,532 ft-3 ft
Meyers ConnectorNevada County
6.5 miles
Miner's TrailNevada City
2.3 miles-819 ft
MineshaftNorthstar California
4,708 ft-444 ft
Missouri Bar TrailNevada County
2.7 miles-168 ft
New Scotts DropNevada City
1,517 ft-118 ft
Old Flume TrailNevada County
2.7 miles-140 ft
Old Flume TrailNevada County
2.7 miles-140 ft
Orene Wetherall TrailNevada County
4.8 miles-298 ft
Orene Wetherall TrailNevada County
4.8 miles-298 ft
Orleans TrailEmpire Mine
6.5 miles-53 ft
Osborne Hill Loop - EastEmpire Mine
1,885 ft-41 ft
Osborne Hill Loop - WestEmpire Mine
3,868 ft-109 ft
Osborne Hill Loop TrailEmpire Mine
391 ft-26 ft
Osborne Hill ShortcutEmpire Mine
2,533 ft-152 ft
Osborne Loop CrossEmpire Mine
6.5 miles-96 ft
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