segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1the Horn Big Horn Spur1 miles175 ft2208464Las Vegas
2Angels Way Upper Showgirl4,369 ft96 ft2196983Las Vegas
3Hike A Bike leaving upper loop Upper Showgirl3,227 ft132 ft2186772Las Vegas
4Fears Tears Beers Stage 3 Upper Slalom1 miles322 ft2168093Ely
5Reverse exposure Menny Thanks3,833 ft80 ft2164452Las Vegas
6Turtle wave Aiden Quarries5,059 ft35 ft21210263Las Vegas
7Around the Duck UH Ice Plant1,452 ft41 ft2117760Ely
8Wheelmen Twilight Race Downhill Section Perimeter Loop1,622 ft66 ft2078262Reno
9Slice O' Heaven TAMBA2,476 ft243 ft2078042Incline Village
10603 uphill to 601 6032,750 ft157 ft2038951Henderson
11Dave's Driveway Entry Climb Dave's Driveway733 ft69 ft2023150Las Vegas
12Castle Rock Rd Climb TRT: Kingsbury to Spooner1 miles420 ft2023380My City
13wash to wash descent Big Horn Spur1,469 ft88 ft2017450Las Vegas
14Pinyon - Clockwise Lollipop from Lot Pinyon Trail5 miles365 ft2008631Minden
15Upper Showgirl DH Upper Showgirl2 miles113 ft1995970Las Vegas
16Telephone Canyon Road Climb Lower Showgirl1 miles484 ft1996222Las Vegas
17Straight shot of Burbon Black Friday3,451 ft188 ft1994302Las Vegas
18Montana/Hurl to Daves Driveway DH Hurl Backdoor2,875 ft274 ft1983161Las Vegas
19"The Stash" Northbound The Stash4 miles151 ft1975171Las Vegas
20Bob Gnarley Bob Gnarly1 miles877 ft1973613Las Vegas
21Jackrabbit North Jackrabbit4,120 ft143 ft19612301Reno
22final push Jackrabbit1,603 ft143 ft19612430Reno
23The Big Horn Spur Big Horn Spur3 miles259 ft1967093Las Vegas
24BillyGoat Shit Big Horn Spur2,302 ft120 ft1957451Las Vegas
25That way Brokeback Mtn3,252 ft93 ft1955044Las Vegas
26Lower Zipper down Jackrabbit4,203 ft134 ft19412220Reno
27Reno DH Sufferfest DH3,646 ft549 ft1945861Reno
28west side burb DH No Dab4,388 ft219 ft1936272Las Vegas
29Prostitute Butte Aiden Quarries1,665 ft51 ft1924423Las Vegas
30Rusty Bucket Rusty Bucket3,914 ft80 ft1925176Las Vegas
31Goat Fuker Aiden Quarries1 miles249 ft1914004Las Vegas
32Half way up Horse trail Cat in the Hat1,389 ft155 ft1912330Las Vegas
33Gnarley Highway the beginning Gnarley1,886 ft77 ft1883583Las Vegas
34RB: Bridge climb TPB: Quilici Ranch to Fleish1 miles279 ft1872660Reno
35Lawnmower saddle Lawnmower Saddle1 miles223 ft1863040Las Vegas
36Y to Road Cow Canyon / Hawk Meadow Connector3,568 ft292 ft1845120Reno
37Baby Ruth Old Tannenbaum Road317 ft42 ft1835090Reno
38Jackrabbit South Jackrabbit4,212 ft162 ft18311022Reno
39ShowGirl final climb (6,900 to 7,200ft) Lower Showgirl2,124 ft260 ft1826060Las Vegas
40Ice Plant Canyon UH Ice Plant4 miles1,243 ft1814060Ely
41ShowGirl's last dance (7,150 to 7,080ft) Lower Showgirl1,906 ft76 ft1815952Las Vegas
42Upper deck southbound Upper Deck4 miles177 ft1814885Las Vegas
43603 DH from Y to McCullough Hills Trail East 6032,853 ft158 ft18010874Henderson
44Nitro ridge downhill Nitro Bench2,198 ft63 ft1777455Henderson
45Up her Skirt Aiden Quarries1,845 ft72 ft1763972Las Vegas
46Clint Eastwood UH Jenny from the Block3 miles578 ft1755031Las Vegas
47Power Pole DH Power Pole4,006 ft385 ft1756013Boulder City
48Backside Connector SW Ridge DT4,177 ft124 ft1745961Las Vegas
49Southern Stash down The Stash4,455 ft108 ft1744340Las Vegas
50Atom Bomb Adam Bomb1,616 ft231 ft1745974Las Vegas
51Angels Hilltop Singletrack DH Upper Showgirl2 miles198 ft1734760Las Vegas
52Caughlin Corners Down Caughlin Ranch Singletrack3,091 ft174 ft1736363Reno
53OLD VERSION - Knocking up a pornstar Porn Star2,566 ft52 ft1713530Las Vegas
54Return to Stage 1 G Loop3 miles639 ft1713390Ely
55Zipper Down The Zipper4,711 ft444 ft1689930Reno
56POP TART E/TO/W BOUND 6032 miles272 ft1687192Henderson
57PornStar Porn Star2,746 ft69 ft1683084Las Vegas
58A3 Hill Interval Ash Canyon Rd Ash Canyon Road4,994 ft402 ft1673740Carson City
59Down Billy Goat's Last Leg Big Horn Spur1 miles307 ft1675102Las Vegas
60Zipper Up The Zipper4,909 ft461 ft1669520Reno
61Reno Twilight #1 Speedtrap Inner Loop899 ft17 ft1669120Reno
62Grinperma Benchmark4,506 ft177 ft1662671Las Vegas
63atomic Atomic3,335 ft23 ft1642953Las Vegas
64Extra Mayo DH Whites Creek Trail3,759 ft263 ft1635322Reno
65First Finger Down First Finger1 miles165 ft1623181Las Vegas
66West Ridge Hill Climb Pinyon Trail5,141 ft199 ft1618141Minden
67Outer Loop to Midas Outer Loop2 miles203 ft1604281Las Vegas
68Armagosa Decent 2 Amargosa2,719 ft196 ft1596944Henderson
69Pinyon - Loop Counterclockwise Pinyon Trail3 miles222 ft1597903Minden
70Upper Slalom Upper Slalom4,313 ft231 ft1586491Ely
71701 to 606 Connector 701 6102 miles72 ft1575344Henderson
727 steps 7 Steps1,550 ft41 ft1554572Carson City
73Hill and Vale Upper Slalom1,536 ft28 ft1545111Ely
74Peavine From Washout Peavine Road2 miles1,129 ft1543050Reno
75Upper Peavine Road Climb Peavine Road3 miles1,460 ft1533101Reno
76Gstring (middle to lower lake view section) G-String1,371 ft123 ft1524081Boulder City
77Knocking up a pornstar Porn Star2,649 ft55 ft1523172Las Vegas
78FTB Stage 3 2016 Upper Slalom2 miles332 ft1514900Ely
79Switchback MT climb Amargosa3,194 ft192 ft1516802Henderson
80Pop Tart, West to East 6032 miles280 ft1519852Henderson
81Icebox Saddle to ATV road Single Track Iceplant Loop4,700 ft320 ft1493630Ely
82Rise Over Run Rise Over Run4,648 ft272 ft1495500Las Vegas
83down Hidden Falls Amargosa2,326 ft161 ft1476661Henderson
84Where we're going, Marty. We don't need roads. Anthem East Trail2,812 ft205 ft1472990Henderson
85Jeep road to singletrack access Thomas Creek Trail2,089 ft269 ft1472631Reno
86Down the Drain The Whoops3,596 ft221 ft1465091Ely
87Burning Mile Descent Amargosa1 miles389 ft1456591Henderson
88Extra Mayo Full Whites Creek Trail1 miles263 ft1455180Reno
89da Burbs dh Big Horn Spur2,349 ft151 ft1454632Las Vegas
90Bugout Backwoodz4,216 ft215 ft1453432Las Vegas
91West side burb climb No Dab4,478 ft223 ft1442220Las Vegas
92Unnamed Road Climb Ice Plant1,839 ft270 ft1433111Ely
93Ruts and Rocks Overlook Loop (East)1,392 ft70 ft1435223Henderson
94Hidden Falls Climb Amargosa2,467 ft153 ft1436381Henderson
95Jackalope DH Backwoodz2,511 ft197 ft1433372Las Vegas
96Lower Slalom Lower Slalom3,077 ft126 ft1427053Ely
97Jackalope Backwoodz4,896 ft203 ft1413331Las Vegas
98It Gets Right to Ya! Juicy Fruit655 ft1406881Las Vegas
99Rusty Bucket Uphill Rusty Bucket3,993 ft81 ft1403201Las Vegas
100Armagosa Decent 1 Amargosa4,607 ft396 ft1396331Henderson
101Pond Rd. to Relay tower Peavine Road1 miles574 ft1393241Reno
102Home Depot Chutes and Ladders1,974 ft438 ft1394762Las Vegas
103Backwoodz Backwoodz2 miles240 ft1393303Las Vegas
104Shaded Canyon Climb Amargosa4,583 ft411 ft1386321Henderson
105Start to the Y Lower Cow Canyon3,774 ft258 ft1383580Reno
106But You Fuck One Goat.... Aiden Quarries1,652 ft157 ft1383034Las Vegas
107Amargosa Trail Descent Amargosa1 miles564 ft1376242Henderson
1082nd Finger dh to the tip Second Finger4,515 ft351 ft1372451Las Vegas
109Armagoas Trailhead to Verdin Point(Summit) Amargosa2 miles557 ft1366020Henderson
110When You Pop it in Your Mouth Juicy Fruit689 ft20 ft1356850Las Vegas
111Harambe Black Friday2 miles288 ft1354302Las Vegas
112"The Stash" southbound The Stash4 miles131 ft1322722Las Vegas
113Fears Tears and Beers 2013 Stage 1 G Loop2 miles488 ft1323631Ely
114Prelude To Bomb Voyage Bomb Voyage4,295 ft187 ft1313741Las Vegas
115A Foot in each Bucket- Bruce/Kaitlyn Style Aiden Quarries4,257 ft219 ft1312632Las Vegas
116Upper Bucket DH Rusty Bucket1 miles118 ft1312211Las Vegas
117Natl Forest Develop Road 440 Rd Climb G Loop4,334 ft302 ft1303251Ely
118Bennington Ct Climb Brown's Creek1 miles569 ft1292790Reno
119Diva Diva4,069 ft520 ft1284991Boulder City
120Upper Cow Canyon DH Cow Canyon2 miles1,071 ft1283741Reno
121Break it till you make it! Break It Till You Make It3,295 ft99 ft1283613Henderson
122B-Lite up to Crispy B-Lite1,914 ft118 ft1273621Reno
123Full Caughlin Singletrack Down Caughlin Ranch Singletrack2 miles666 ft1263485Reno
124FTB Stage 1 G Loop2 miles486 ft1263490Ely
125Grande Huevos Old Tannenbaum Road1,799 ft216 ft1243320Reno
126Down her Blouse Aiden Quarries2,540 ft94 ft1232891Las Vegas
127tortoise Extension Juicy Fruit2,504 ft118 ft1225913Las Vegas
12869 Aiden Quarries2 miles294 ft1202531Las Vegas
129Hidden Valley Downhill Backcountry Loop2 miles787 ft1173184Reno
130Mustachio..across Mustachio5,218 ft83 ft1172261Las Vegas
131Ascending to Mcleod Cleod Access2,314 ft171 ft1152763Las Vegas
132Cow Canyon DH Cow Canyon2 miles1,319 ft1143304Reno
133Start to Creek Crossing Cow Canyon2 miles1,343 ft1133331Reno
134Way to the Angels Upper Showgirl4,500 ft112 ft1134902Las Vegas
135"newer" connection trail The Sh*t4,732 ft84 ft1124302Boulder City
136Bruce Lee No Dab1 miles337 ft1111651Las Vegas
137Connector Dh Bomb Voyage1,343 ft112 ft1103041Las Vegas
138South Pond Climb South Pond1,988 ft84 ft1101500Beatty
139Baking Powder XC Challenge Baking Powder2 miles99 ft1096544Las Vegas
140Outer Loop Clockwise Dh (from Midas) Outer Loop1 miles207 ft1094021Las Vegas
141Nat For Dev Road 070 Climb Caughlin Ranch Singletrack3,789 ft299 ft1082580Reno
142bronc to rockpile The Bronc1,486 ft81 ft1081901Las Vegas
143Genoa Downhill Switchbacks to Watertower Genoa Canyon Trail2 miles974 ft1071870Genoa
144gc hc to the dirt Old Tannenbaum Road2,118 ft265 ft1063280Reno
145The Bronc Climb The Bronc3,418 ft261 ft1061841Las Vegas
146Little Gem Little Gem to Claim Boundary3,852 ft188 ft10614668Elko
147Halo Connector south Curt's Cut Off1,303 ft52 ft1051450Reno
148Blasting down Dynamite Dynamite5,080 ft242 ft1051781Beatty
149New Kingsbury Stinger: Rim Trail Almost to Burke Creek Kingsbury Stinger3 miles724 ft1051642My City
150Go for it! Big Horn Spur3,961 ft101 ft1042273Las Vegas
151Galena Park Bitterbrush Trail to Whites Creek Bitterbrush Connector3 miles216 ft1032060Reno
152RR Connector North The Sh*t4,620 ft79 ft1032261Boulder City
153Scout Canyon Rd Climb Upper Bristlecone Trail1 miles599 ft1021522Las Vegas
154Up and over return to Keystone Canyon from King's row. Rancho Connector Trail (East Keystone to Middle Keystone)4,108 ft136 ft1022241Reno
155Dynamite Climb Dynamite1 miles234 ft1001701Beatty
156Little baja Nitro Waterfall Loop1,025 ft36 ft996394Henderson
157Techno Backwards Techno1 miles448 ft991160Las Vegas
158Hookers and Blow - North Toque (Technical)2 miles188 ft992911Las Vegas
159Bristlecone single track climb Upper Bristlecone Trail2 miles656 ft981400Las Vegas
160Two track bypass Two Track Bypass3,502 ft100 ft985214Winnemucca
161Dynamite Trail Dynamite2 miles235 ft981662Beatty
162Dynamite counter-clockwise Dynamite2 miles196 ft981660Beatty
163Outer Loop CW Outer Loop2 miles207 ft983480Las Vegas
164Menny Thanks UP (to Bipolar) Menny Thanks2 miles319 ft972200Las Vegas
165Return From the Darkside Return from the Darkside3,295 ft75 ft945641Las Vegas
166Nub (2nd Finger short) Second Finger3,897 ft72 ft942930Las Vegas
167Menny Thanks UP! Menny Thanks2 miles374 ft912062Las Vegas
168Upper Showgirl Upper Showgirl2 miles114 ft913630Las Vegas
169Sniper Trail Descent Wild Horse Trail4,182 ft180 ft912470Carson City
170This Shit is for the birds! Sidewinder1,314 ft58 ft902832Las Vegas
171At the End of the Tip Juicy Fruit584 ft22 ft893071Las Vegas
172New Track Down Wild Horse Trail4,181 ft176 ft892420Carson City
173Viagra Spur Mustang2,873 ft102 ft882741Las Vegas
174Hilltop Angels Singletrack Upper Showgirl2 miles196 ft873390Las Vegas
175Full Caughlin Singletrack Up Caughlin Ranch Singletrack2 miles663 ft871511Reno
176Bloody Shins DH to TH Ditch Trail4,594 ft115 ft866454Winnemucca
177Sniper Trail Climb Wild Horse Trail4,212 ft172 ft852310Carson City
178New Track Up Wild Horse Trail4,105 ft168 ft852310Carson City
179Sawmill Short Loop Climb (clockwise) NICA Loop3,964 ft111 ft853341Las Vegas
180Little Gem DH Little Gem to Claim Boundary3,890 ft166 ft8511084Elko
181Brown Loop Down Brown's Creek2,350 ft326 ft831560Reno
182Hopi lane to Three trees connector Three Trees2,067 ft24 ft832140Reno
183A Kiss is NOT a Contract Juicy Fruit3 miles189 ft832661Las Vegas
184B.H.S. descent Big Horn Spur1 miles293 ft832360Las Vegas
185Dominatrix Dominatrix4 miles666 ft821562Beatty
186Baking Powder Alt dh Baking Powder DH682 ft70 ft813761Las Vegas
187Twisted pines DH Twisted Pines3 miles909 ft812121Ely
188Whorehouse Hill DH Whorehouse Downhill2 miles1,387 ft801813Ely
189Bomb Voyage Connector Bomb Voyage3,254 ft121 ft802000Las Vegas
190Gimme that Gimme that Nut Gimme that Nut834 ft26 ft803111Las Vegas
191Lower Whorehouse Hill DH Whorehouse Downhill1 miles873 ft791961Ely
192Unnamed Rd Climb Hawk Meadow Trail4,998 ft344 ft792860Reno
193Bennington Ct Climb Brown's Creek3,565 ft382 ft79980Reno
194Hidden Valley DH Backcountry Loop1 miles888 ft791820Reno
195Upper Whorehouse Hill DH Whorehouse Downhill1 miles488 ft771761Ely
196SheetRock Spur (Clockwise) Sheetrock Spur2,896 ft127 ft773260Las Vegas
197Sidewinder Sidewinder2,438 ft60 ft762320Las Vegas
198SHART Upper Decker Shark Ridge4,913 ft250 ft762960Las Vegas
199Zipper Up and Back The Zipper2 miles473 ft754470Reno
200The Pony Express Buchanan Road Access Trail4,615 ft231 ft753540My City
201Bu-u-u-u-mpy Wash Climb Jeep Road2,787 ft107 ft751620Las Vegas
202South Pond Loop South Pond1 miles172 ft74990Beatty
203Ice Plant Park Ice Plant1 miles346 ft681891Ely
204Steeps to Saddle Steep Jeep Road2,197 ft309 ft681360Reno
205SHART-Upper Decker dh Shark Ridge4,624 ft240 ft672760Las Vegas
206Pepperoni DH Little Gem to Claim Boundary1 miles282 ft677025Elko
207Elevator Shaft Elevator Shaft2,583 ft595 ft661390Boulder City
208Lower Solar Coaster Solar Coaster2 miles999 ft651440Wells
209County Road 291 Climb Chimney Beach Trail4,813 ft856 ft64790Incline Village
210Brown Down and Up Brown's Creek1 miles330 ft641341Reno
211Legalize it (East to West) Legalize It3 miles115 ft64954Las Vegas
212Us Highway 50 E Climb Sierra Canyon Trail1 miles336 ft64860Genoa
213Backwoodz cw Backwoodz2 miles241 ft64831Las Vegas
214Lemmon Drop Trail 23,159 ft166 ft641402Reno
215Upper hidden valley south trail Backcountry Loop1 miles951 ft631562Reno
216Caughlin Singletrack To End at Ridge Caughlin Ranch Singletrack3 miles713 ft63852Reno
217N Canyon Rd Climb Chimney Beach Trail3,680 ft394 ft62770Incline Village
218Skid Row Climb Trail 21,849 ft146 ft621490Reno
219Snow Lake Rd Climb Hunter Lake Road3,338 ft334 ft612200Reno
220Brown's Loop Brown's Creek2 miles337 ft601110Reno
221Autobahn Little Gem to Claim Boundary3,092 ft168 ft604815Elko
222Cypress way to van Sickle Trail K to K1 miles295 ft59731Stateline
223Plutonium ridgeline N to S Plutonium Ridge Loop3,817 ft76 ft58950Beatty
224Unnamed Rd Climb Brown's Creek3,220 ft334 ft571050Reno
225Kibbles ’n Bits out & back Kibbles-n-Bits8 miles716 ft571533Las Vegas
226Wild Horse Uphill Mongoose3 miles505 ft56805Caliente
2271/2 FTB Pro Stage 7 Ice Plant1 miles691 ft551641Ely
228Hunter Lake Rd Climb Hunter Lake Road1 miles286 ft552960Reno
229Cock Extension Cock Sleeve2,215 ft57 ft551161Las Vegas
230Power plant Hill Leonidas Access919 ft71 ft553270Las Vegas
231Bust a move Stanamal1,015 ft34 ft553090Fallon
232Up Lower T Tyrolian DH1 miles725 ft55800Incline Village
233Yellow Mini Loop (counter clockwise) NICA Loop1,609 ft71 ft541631Las Vegas
234Sunny Side Seven Spanish Springs Singletrack Loop2,581 ft186 ft531051Reno
235Midas Touch (clockwise dh) Midas3,245 ft129 ft531200Las Vegas
236Incline Lake Flume Incline Flume Trail (Far West)1 miles161 ft521121Incline Village
237Sling Shot Primer1,529 ft67 ft52931Caliente
238Hunter Lake Rd Climb Upper Hunter Lake Road4,594 ft439 ft522190Reno
239Unnamed Rd Climb Second Finger5,025 ft287 ft52630Las Vegas
240Skid Row Trail 21,834 ft125 ft52912Reno
241Flat Top to Introvert Little Gem to Claim Boundary3,316 ft144 ft525353Elko
242Hunter Lake Rd Climb Hunter Lake Road3,834 ft287 ft512481Reno
243Plutonium N. Climb Plutonium Ridge Loop4 miles693 ft51761Beatty
244NICA #5 Race Descent NICA Loop4,493 ft218 ft511671Las Vegas
245up the Horn Big Horn Spur1 miles182 ft511370Las Vegas
246Canoe Hill/Spanish Springs Zipper (Back Side) Spanish Springs Singletrack Loop1 miles352 ft491010Reno
247Chimney Beach HC Chimney Beach Trail4 miles1,761 ft47611Incline Village
248Lemon Ascent Trail 23,039 ft161 ft47800Reno
249SS Zipper Backside Climb Spanish Springs Singletrack Loop2 miles430 ft462260Reno
250up to the pond Up to the Pond4,047 ft132 ft462012Winnemucca
251Highroller downhill High Roller1 miles494 ft451371Ely
252Highroller DH High Roller1 miles451 ft451370Ely
253Rt. 302 3201 miles130 ft451932Winnemucca
254Up+Down Chron Van Sickle Trail2 miles554 ft45721Stateline
255Kyle Canyon Road Climb Escarpment Trail4,377 ft463 ft45941Las Vegas
256Ribcage Down Jackrabbit1,229 ft47 ft439173Logandale
257Jawa Canyon - North Jackrabbit958 ft29 ft438172Logandale
258Midas Touch clockwise Midas4,454 ft137 ft431050Las Vegas
259Cock sleeve Cock Sleeve2,168 ft121 ft421021Las Vegas
260Hidden Valley Climb Backcountry Loop2 miles791 ft42844Reno
261C. bactrianus Little Gem to Claim Boundary2,569 ft102 ft421831Elko
262Gray Lake Trail (bike legal) Gray Lake Trail4,708 ft759 ft40420Incline Village
263Moose Knuckle Shark Ridge816 ft125 ft401921Las Vegas
264Cold Canyon Rd Climb Cold Canyon3,329 ft381 ft39822Reno
265Troll Trail Expert Option2,319 ft110 ft391670Reno
266Amargosa Trail Amargosa2 miles570 ft382911Henderson
267Moose Cock Shark Ridge875 ft131 ft38731Las Vegas
268Pony wall Radio Tower Road3,604 ft428 ft38460Austin
269Tour de Bris (Long Loop) Tour de Bris4 miles141 ft372077Las Vegas
270Afterthought Uphill Afterthought2 miles235 ft361713Winnemucca
271Lost Forest Lost Forest2,200 ft143 ft361391Winnemucca
272Fun and done Big Horn Spur2 miles429 ft36724Las Vegas
273North End West Jackrabbit4,621 ft103 ft345332Logandale
274Introvert Little Gem to Claim Boundary2,339 ft159 ft342912Elko
275Brown loop: up, down, up, down Brown's Creek5 miles545 ft33521Reno
276down Brad's Screamer Brads Screamer3,743 ft338 ft33580Beatty
277Up Plutonium Ridge South Plutonium Ridge Loop3 miles544 ft33571Beatty
278WRONG WAY BRO! Break It Till You Make It2,203 ft125 ft33443Henderson
279Jesse Rose Sprint Spanish Springs Singletrack Loop2,119 ft41 ft32981Reno
280Plutonium Ridge South Climb Plutonium Ridge Loop4 miles597 ft32521Beatty
281Sawmill Mini Loop (clockwise) NICA Loop1,588 ft72 ft32680Las Vegas
282Lookout Climb Lookout Trail3,117 ft131 ft324172Logandale
283up screamer Brads Screamer5,037 ft472 ft31410Beatty
284Ridgeline Trail Ridgeline Trail3 miles117 ft30600Beatty
285don't stop get it get it Climbing Trail1,961 ft96 ft30952Caliente
286Wounded Knee Counter Clockwise Stanamal1,413 ft35 ft302000Fallon
287Claim Boundary DH Little Gem to Claim Boundary1 miles331 ft301362Elko
288stupid downhill fire road KOM, ie. Darth Haze probably created it Anthem East Trail4,344 ft469 ft29930Henderson
289captain morgan Intermediate Upper Trail1,311 ft104 ft29912Caliente
290Milk Money Little Gem to Claim Boundary2,941 ft161 ft281190Elko
291UP, UP to Waterfall Jeep Summit Road708 ft67 ft27460Las Vegas
292Senior Moment Senior Moment2,699 ft37 ft26820Ely
293Hidden Wall Highland Trail2,614 ft130 ft26300Reno
294Black Diamond Caliente Advanced Lower Trail2,055 ft198 ft26422Caliente
295Sneaky snake trail clockwise Sneaky Snake3 miles107 ft261622Fallon
296Sweet Single Track? Little Gem to Claim Boundary3,565 ft124 ft25940Elko
297Cold Canyon DH Cold Canyon3,235 ft380 ft24382Reno
298National Forest Development Road 574 Climb High Roller3,686 ft299 ft24411Ely
299Sneaky snake trail counter clockwise. Sneaky Snake3 miles108 ft241453Fallon
300Keepin' it Single Afterthought to Cow Trough1,543 ft48 ft24800Winnemucca
301Gallagher Gap Climb Prison Hill North Loop3,078 ft376 ft23410Carson City
302Muy caliente loop cw Rocky Top2 miles94 ft23292Caliente
303Up Dominatrix Dominatrix4 miles640 ft23451Beatty
304Afterthought Afterthought2 miles232 ft22390Winnemucca
305jagerbomb Intermediate Lower Trail1,313 ft118 ft22712Caliente
306JR Rim Trail Rim Trail4,012 ft120 ft211551Logandale
307Escape Prison Hill Loop Prison Hill North Loop2 miles216 ft20492Carson City
308National Forest Development Road 051 Climb Third Creek Trail (Upper)5,009 ft554 ft20240Incline Village
309Swamp Jumps Swamp Jumps1,676 ft70 ft201452Logandale
310Sidewewinder Sidewinder2,559 ft97 ft191273Logandale
311Prison Hill Loop to Lot Descent Prison Hill North Loop4,086 ft447 ft18400Carson City
312Dynamite Trail Dynamite2 miles245 ft18210Beatty
313Davis Creek down Ophir Creek Trail2 miles654 ft17210Reno
314Down Plutonium Ridge North Plutonium Ridge Loop3 miles472 ft16210Beatty
315Titty Twister Plutonium Ridge Loop3 miles513 ft16210Beatty
316NICA #5 Race Climb NICA Loop1 miles295 ft16432Las Vegas
317Jack's Reward Jack's Reward2,286 ft115 ft161792Logandale
318Plutonium Ridge Loop Plutonium Ridge Loop9 miles711 ft15191Beatty
319Muy Caliente loop CCW Rocky Top2 miles104 ft15201Caliente
320Pony Canyon DH Pony Canyon Downhill #73,762 ft842 ft15171Austin
321Ice Plant Climb to Intersection Upper Slalom4,439 ft226 ft14230Ely
322Eagle's Nest Expert Option2,434 ft143 ft14190Reno
323Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum The Giants Grave3,585 ft177 ft14520Winnemucca
324National Forest Development Road 440 Climb G Loop4,893 ft373 ft13610Ely
325Illegal call Legalize It2 miles121 ft13140Las Vegas
326Donkey Punch Shark Ridge3,373 ft113 ft13841Las Vegas
327Dynamite Trail CW Dynamite2 miles192 ft12160Beatty
328NE Loop CW Highland Trail4,865 ft205 ft11150Reno
329Clockwise Stanamal Stanamal2 miles58 ft11250Fallon
330Warm Up - 6 to 12 (Uphill) Warm Up Loop3,180 ft88 ft111050Logandale
331Unnamed Rd Climb Cow Canyon2 miles1,386 ft10100Reno
332Plutonium Ridge North Downhill Plutonium Ridge Loop4 miles696 ft10120Beatty
333Blue Jay Loop (clockwise) Escarpment Trail2 miles423 ft10150Las Vegas
334Black Lunge Black Lunge1,659 ft173 ft10551Logandale
335Climbing the Pole Shark Ridge148 ft7 ft9150Las Vegas
336Kings Castle Kings TRT: Kingsbury to Spooner4 miles409 ft330My City
337Cottonwood blvd. Middle Fork Trail1 miles115 ft000Las Vegas
338Snakeback DH - middle Snake Back1,716 ft249 ft000Boulder City
339Snakeback DH - upper Snake Back1,329 ft234 ft000Boulder City
340Bursausage Climb Bursage Loop1,303 ft65 ft000Henderson
341Radio Tower Singletrack Ascent Little Jimmy5,047 ft215 ft000Las Vegas
342Classic Keystone DH to Radio Towers Stage Coach4,278 ft243 ft000Reno
343Girlscout DH Girl Scout2 miles311 ft000Boulder City
344Armageddon DH Armageddon1,930 ft269 ft000Boulder City
345Boyscout DH Boy Scout4,009 ft229 ft000Boulder City
346Small para-Caldera - East Inner Caldera1 miles218 ft000Boulder City
347Tunnel Creek Rd Climb Tunnel Creek Road3,283 ft387 ft000Incline Village
348The WHOLE Badger Pass climb Badger Pass3 miles596 ft000Las Vegas
349Flat run to sign Inner Loop3,132 ft46 ft000Las Vegas
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