Mountain Bike
'Lectric Slide
1,237 ft-152 ft3 ft
10th and South Street Playground Exit
1,220 ft-129 ft
Cove Trail
1,995 ft-221 ft3 ft
East Ridge Trail Downhill
5,151 ft-336 ft19 ft
Exeter Scenic River Trail
3 miles-48 ft49 ft
Klapperthal Trail
2,014 ft134 ft
Neversink North Trail
1 mile213 ft
Neversink South Trail
2 miles323 ft
Neversink Station Trail
1,066 ft-12 ft
Promenade Trail
2,608 ft-10 ft13 ft
Quarry Trail
909 ft89 ft
Rocky Downhill
308 ft-12 ft
Rocky Slide to City Side
95 ft
St. Lawrence Trail
3,763 ft-24 ft324 ft
The Craig Link
1,217 ft-5 ft
Thun Trail - Gibralter to Reading
6 miles-192 ft168 ft
To playground
1,706 ft-168 ft
Upper Glen Trail
2,638 ft359 ft
West Valley Trail
1,880 ft75 ft
West Woodland Trail - Going Down
2,283 ft-169 ft21 ft
West Woodland Trail - Going Up
1,506 ft146 ft
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