segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
110UTB Blue CLimb Blue Adder Climb1,715 ft91 ft2900121253
2WC XC Upper middle World Champs2,103 ft197 ft2800124617
3favorite red decent World Champs2,927 ft222 ft26571141610
4Last Blast Broomstick Blue3,331 ft88 ft259154853
510under part 9 World Champs1 mile407 ft2580109834
6FRC1 a 10 Under the Ben2,403 ft188 ft241578402
7full FRC a1 10 Under the Ben2,897 ft211 ft240778170
8SES 2015Stage 2 Blue Adder2,264 ft236 ft2333110376
910 utb sandy brae The Witch's World Champs (Entrance)1,554 ft186 ft228494414
10World Champ to Puggy Line World Champs1 mile416 ft219069134
11The Big Up Lazy K1,058 ft154 ft217370303
12Fav section of Red Run Top Chief1,386 ft129 ft208065304
13Top of the Worlds World Champs1,602 ft109 ft204362515
14FRC1 b 10 Under the Ben3,528 ft185 ft201554931
15A82 Climb The Witch's World Champs (Entrance)2,617 ft263 ft197565471
1610 Under The Ben Berms? 10 Under the Ben1,084 ft37 ft196455432
1710under part 5 Puggy Line2,701 ft98 ft183747831
18Red Rock Section Top Chief2,175 ft352 ft171545681
19Red DH deer fence to fire road Top Chief2,917 ft405 ft169442920
20The Good Friar Blue Adder545 ft74 ft165158632
21Red DH just after start to windy corner Top Chief3,571 ft474 ft157042480
22Start to end of Boardwalk Top Chief3,692 ft470 ft156842411
23Fort Bill Top Quarter Top Chief5,080 ft637 ft156642200
24DH Jump Line Fort William World Cup DH Track1,384 ft165 ft156452142
25SES 2015 Stage 6 One Dot2,156 ft239 ft155945744
26Nevis Red without Fireroad Top Chief2 miles1,459 ft154439786
27Jump Line Fort William World Cup DH Track1,371 ft156 ft140542714
28Cackle 10 Under the Ben (Upper)1,086 ft120 ft138724715
29Fort William Red DH - first part from the start Top Chief1 mile691 ft138734670
30Cackle and Drop 10 Under the Ben (Upper)1,261 ft177 ft127822232
31Final Blast 10 Under the Ben (Upper)1,257 ft86 ft122122792
32Zig n Zag 10 Under the Ben (Upper)1,603 ft135 ft115119632
33rock gardens Fort William World Cup DH Track1,810 ft401 ft96736831
34start ramp to boardwalk Fort William World Cup DH Track1,848 ft281 ft96437560
35Blue Crane Top Blue Crane1,032 ft156 ft96022614
36flat rock to hoofer Fort William World Cup DH Track1,905 ft366 ft95735452
37Top bit Fort William World Cup DH Track3,413 ft662 ft95636872
38World Cup Bottom Section Fort William World Cup DH Track4,881 ft884 ft93534803
39SES rd1 STAGE 3 10 Under the Ben (Upper)3,002 ft286 ft89517743
4010 U B Fast Woods Section Puggy Line2 miles332 ft7509370
41Quarry Road to MacKenzies Road Descent Broomstick Blue554 ft41 ft73656042
4210 UTB - A Cruel Turn Top Chief96 ft20 ft60612830
43Leidenfrost Effect 10 Under the Ben1,440 ft21 ft60411470
44puggy line Puggy Line3,246 ft130 ft47912271
45Original Allt a' Mhuilinn decent Allt a' Mhuilinn1,754 ft459 ft43910639
46SES stage 4 2017 ( HELL ) Allt a' Mhuilinn2,060 ft493 ft4349950
47Resurection Trail Resurrection Trail1,213 ft202 ft3909357
48A82 Climb Fort William World Cup DH Track1,342 ft281 ft22261
49Unnamed Rd Climb Allt a' Mhuilinn1,298 ft339 ft670
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