segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Colorow Flow: Goose Colorflow: Maverick1,357 ft118 ft1676211
2Ole Roller Ole' Roller3,239 ft161 ft1425700
3West Colorow (descent) West Colorow3,628 ft482 ft1182871
4Zeni's Zeni's1 miles171 ft942351
5Jasper (descent segment) Jasper2 miles537 ft831211
6Mansfield DH - Saddle to CR 245 Mansfield Ditch2 miles1,067 ft781532
7stairway downhill Stairway to Heaven2 miles425 ft43862
8Crimson Ride Crimson Ride2,339 ft204 ft42601
9Sweet Mother (up) Sweet Mother1 miles302 ft31371
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